NBA Trade Speculation: 5 Teams Monta Ellis Could Give a Huge Boost To

Kasey ScottAnalyst IAugust 23, 2011

NBA Trade Speculation: 5 Teams Monta Ellis Could Give a Huge Boost To

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    With many teams looking for scoring help, Monta Ellis would give any team an obvious boost as he ranked eighth overall in scoring in 2010. 

    Now there is no guarantee that the Warriors will trade Ellis, but there certainly is a chance. Ellis will be the talk of the town if and when the NBA lockout is lifted. 

    Remember that this is all pure speculation, and some of the teams may not even be interested in Ellis or able to trade for him. 

    Ellis would instantly be an upgrade on nearly any team as he is a top-10 scorer in the NBA. Here are the five teams who would benefit the most from getting Monta Ellis. 

5) Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Could you imagine a Big Three of Durant, Westbrook and Ellis in OKC? Just thinking about the scoring possibilities is mind-boggling. 

    The Thunder would instantly have three top-10 NBA scorers. 

    Kevin Durant finished No. 1 among scorers in 2010 with 27.7 points per game. Russell Westbrook finished 13th with 21.9. 

    This Big Three would have averaged 73.7 points per game together in 2010 and would be one heck of a tandem. This Big Three would be very comparable to the Heat's Big Three because of their scoring ability. 

    Can Oklahoma City nab Ellis? Probably not. The Warriors would likely look to get Serge Ibaka, Nate Robinson and a first-round pick to even consider trading Ellis to OKC. 

    If the Thunder can land Ellis, they would automatically become favorites in the Western Conference. 

4) Dallas Mavericks

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    The 2010 NBA champs will surely be busy this offseason as they have six unrestricted free agents set to hit the market.

    Tyson Chandler and Jose Juan Barea headline the Mavs' offseason free agents, and if the Mavs want to defend their title, they will need to get creative. 

    Mark Cuban has made some big moves during his time in Dallas, and landing Monta Ellis would be huge for the Mavericks

    During the Mavericks' championship run in 2010, they had DeShawn Stevenson starting at shooting guard. No offense to Stevenson, who did great during the playoffs in 2010, but he is no Monta Ellis, and it's not even close. 

    The Mavericks are certainly getting older, and Ellis could be a young spark plug they could rely on to score about 25 points per game. Ellis, Nowitzki and Kidd would be one heck of an all-around Big Three. 

    If the Mavericks were to work a trade out to get Ellis, they would more than likely have to include Tyson Chandler as part of a sign-and-trade. They would also have to throw in a first-round pick as well. 

    Ellis would give the Mavs a great opportunity to repeat. 

3) Los Angeles Lakers

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    While a trade between the Warriors and their rivals seems impossible, the Lakers do have a trade piece the Warriors would love in Andrew Bynum. 

    Kobe Bryant is a shooting guard, but Ellis could play point guard. A starting lineup of Ellis, Bryant, Artest, Odom and Gasol would have any team shaking in their boots. 

    That starting five would have averaged 83.3 points per game together in 2010. 

    The Lakers' focus of the offseason will likely be on their bench, which is poor. If they were to make a big move, Andrew Bynum would likely be the target of many teams. 

    If the Lakers are willing to move Bynum, the Warriors could bite at that opportunity. They may not want to fuel the Lakers, but Bynum would instantly make the Warriors a playoff team. 

    With Kobe Bryant being 33, the Lakers should do everything in their power to win now. 

2) New York Knicks

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    While the Knicks are rumored to be looking to acquire point guard Chris Paul, Monta Ellis would be an excellent backup plan for the team. 

    Like the Thunder, Ellis would give the Knicks three top-10 scorers in Ellis, Stoudemire and Anthony. The three would have combined for a whopping 75 points per game in 2010. 

    The Knicks should focus on defense, but if they were to acquire Ellis, they would have the best Big Three in the NBA. 

    Obviously, the Knicks do not have what the Warriors would be looking for in a trade. The Knicks would be able to offer young stud Landry Fields and a first-round pick, but would likely not have enough for Ellis. 

    The likelihood of Ellis landing in New York is slim, but crazier things have happened. An Ellis-to-the-Knicks trade would one-up the Heat's Big Three. 

1) Chicago Bulls

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    The Chicago Bulls defense in 2010 was second overall only allowing 91.3 points per game. On the other hand, they struggled scoring as they ranked 20th with 98.6 points per game. 

    Ellis would be an obvious upgrade for the team at shooting guard. Keith Bogans was the starting shooting guard in 2010 and only averaged 5.1 points per game. 

    Bogans is solid defensively, but falls way short in comparison offensively to Ellis. 

    Ellis would add to a combination of Carlos Boozer, Luol Deng and Derrick Rose. Those four would have combined for a total of 80.7 points per game in 2010. 

    If you haven't figured by now, center Joakim Noah would be a part of the trade for Ellis. The Warriors could also ask for a first-round draft pick. 

    The move would place Taj Gibson in the starting lineup. Gibson plays solid defense, and his offense appears to be coming along. 

    After falling short of an NBA Championship in 2010, the Bulls should add Ellis in order to give the team a consistent No. 2 scorer.