Derrick Rose: 3 Steps He Can Take To Ensure He Repeats as NBA MVP

Hayden CoombsCorrespondent IIIJuly 27, 2011

Derrick Rose: 3 Steps He Can Take To Ensure He Repeats as NBA MVP

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    Casual NBA fans, sportswriters and league officials alike were not too sure about the legitimacy of Derrick Rose's MVP candidacy at the start of last season.

    By the All-Star break some people were thinking about it.

    Toward the end of the regular season, less than half of us thought he'd actually get it (even though we really wanted him to).

    When he finally did get his hands on the Maurice Podoloff Trophy, some said he didn't deserve it, while some saw it as the Chicago Bulls' first steps to their return to glory.

    At the end of the Eastern Conference finals, many scoffed at it.

    But quite frankly, the fact of the matter is that Derrick Rose did win the MVP. He has established himself as an elite player. And most importantly, he has a lot of work to do if he wants to do it again.

1. Stay in Top Shape

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    Nothing could be worse than seeing your favorite player waste away during a lockout.

    Derrick Rose has a great head on his shoulders, so this one shouldn't be a problem. Still, going into an NBA schedule immediately after the lockout has been lifted is dangerous for anyone.

    Good conditioning, healthy eating and staying active will be essential if he wants to repeat as MVP in a shortened season.

2. Improve His Shooting Ability

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    Rose was proven to be human during the fourth quarter of just about any of the Eastern Conference finals games.

    His shooting percentage was fairly poor.

    Some consistency and confidence would make Rose nearly unguardable, even for LeBron James.

    If there is anything we've learned about Rose, it's that he will find a way to get better and improve his shot. He knows what he needs to do to help make his team better.

3. Push the Bulls to the Next Level

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    Being the best player on the NBA's best team will always make you a front-runner for the MVP award.

    The Chicago Bulls boasted the NBA's best record last season and advanced to the Eastern Conference finals. But that won't be enough for the voters this year.

    For Rose to repeat as MVP, he will have to push the Bulls to another level entirely. Winning (and performing well) in the season series against Miami, Orlando and Boston would do wonders for his MVP candidacy.

    He would be rewarded the trophy before the playoffs were finished, but pulling the Bulls through the Eastern Conference and winning an NBA title would certainly be a nice thing to have in the minds of voters during the 2012-2013 season.

    Forget a repeat. How about he starts working for a three-peat?