NBA Free Agents 2011: The Forward Every Team Should Consider Signing

Aaron MContributor IIIJuly 12, 2011

NBA Free Agents 2011: The Forward Every Team Should Consider Signing

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    While the NBA is in the midst of a nasty lockout and the upcoming season remains uncertain, there are many free agent forwards who would be an excellent fit while playing for the right team.

    Every team must have a few names for consideration, and here are the names of the right unrestricted free agent forward that every team should consider signing.


Atlanta Hawks: Rodney Carney

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    The Atlanta Hawks were tied for 27th in the league year in the rebounding department and 26th in points per game. They could use the help, but unfortunately, they do not have much cap room.

    Regardless of the new CBA, they will need to buy cheap.

    Rodney Carney will come at a cheap price and provide both points and rebounds in limited minutes. The 6'7" forward averaged almost five points and two rebounds per game last season in limited minutes.

    Efficient and cheap.

Boston Celtics: Shelden Williams

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    Shelden Williams has bounced around his entire career but played for the Celtics during the 2009-10 season. He is familiar with their system and they are familiar with him as a player.

    The Celtics lost Shaq to retirement and looked completely different after they traded Kendrick Perkins. Shelden Williams comes at a cheap price and will give you approximately five points and five rebounds in limited minutes.

    Emphasis on cheap.

Charlotte Bobcats: Tayshaun Prince

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    Looking at the figures, the Bobcats could afford Tayshaun Prince. They could certainly use his veteran experience and offensive skills.

    He would be great around the younger players, and he brings a little bit of everything to the table.

    Why not?

Chicago Bulls: Grant Hill

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    He is 38 years old and has had an injury-plagued career for the most part, however, Grant Hill is playing his best basketball these days.

    The Chicago Bulls could use a veteran like him. He played 30 minutes a game last season and will come cheaper than most expected because of his age.

    The perfect fit for a contending team.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Joey Graham

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    The Cavaliers have two bright young prospects in Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson, so they do not need to go out and spend lavishly. 

    Joey Graham gave them five points a game and shot .458 percent last season, he was not good and not bad.

    At $1 million or under, it is a smart re-signing where you hope he could put his athleticism to good use.

Dallas Mavericks: Jared Jeffries

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    Jared Jeffries gets a bad reputation from the always critical New York market, but he would be the right fit for the current NBA Champions.

    There is plenty uncertainty surrounding the Mavericks. Do they re-sign Chandler and Butler? What about J.J. Barea?

    Jeffries is capable of providing some depth and comes at a very cheap price.

Denver Nuggets: Reggie Evans

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    Plenty of uncertainty surrounds the Denver Nuggets. What do they do about Al Harrington and Kenyon Martin?

    At a reasonable price they could get Reggie Evans who averaged almost 12 rebounds per game last season for the Toronto Raptors.

    He was also great defensively, which is exactly what the Denver Nuggets need as they ranked 21st in the league last year on defense.

    The only downside? He is injury-prone and will be a risk.

Detroit Pistons: Kenyon Martin

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    The Detroit Pistons must have Kenyon Martin on their radar. If Tayshaun Prince does not get re-signed then they will certainly have the cash to spend.

    Martin will give you 30 minutes a night and provide a balance of rebounds, assists and points.

Golden State Warriors: Josh Howard

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    The Golden State Warriors have the flexibility to sign a player like Josh Howard. Another player who will not be very expensive and help with depth among other things.

    He will give you a solid night on the glass and is solid defensively, exactly what the Warriors need.

Houston Rockets: Caron Butler

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    The Rockets could afford him, and they could use the efficiency he gives. The risk is that he only played 29 games last season due to injuries.

    However, averaging 15 points and four rebounds in just 30 minutes per game, Butler would be a huge improvement to this Rockets team

Indiana Pacers: David West

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    The Pacers have the money and desperately need a power forward. Who else but David West, who will provide an instant solution to problem of lacking a solid power foward?

    Perfect fit.

Los Angeles Clippers: Jamario Moon

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    The Clippers should re-sign Jamario Moon. He gave them some much needed depth, and while his numbers were not stellar, he is explosive and with time, could prove to be a better fit.

    They need a permanent small forward, but he is indeed a solid backup. 

Los Angeles Lakers: Darius Miles

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    The Los Angeles Lakers have indeed worked out Darius Miles, who has not played in the league since 2008-09.

    However, he will come at a cheap price and could be a nice hidden gem this year, perfect for helping the Lakers get back to their form.

Memphis Grizzlies: Vladimir Radmanovic

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    The Memphis Grizzlies are in desperate need to find a three-point shooter. Vladimir Radmanovic would provide exactly that shooting a career .381 percent from beyond the arc.

    He will give you a solid 10 to 15 minutes and be an asset, especially on the glass.

Miami Heat: Re-Sign James Jones

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    He has proven that he could hit the three-point shot, and he comes at a very cheap price.

    He is familiar with the system and could only get better. The Heat should definitely be focused on re-signing James Jones.

Milwaukee Bucks: Al Thorton

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    The Bucks need someone who could score as they rank last in the league offensively.

    While Thornton will not help out defensively, he would be a great addition offensively scoring 7.4 points per game in under 20 minutes last season.

    He has the capabilities to provide some points for a team that is desperately seeking offensive help.

Minnesota Timberwolves: Shane Battier

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    Shane Battier is capable of giving 25 to 30 minutes per game while helping on both ends of the floor. He would help take the work load off Kevin Love and provide some much needed veteran leadership.

    However, he has stated he wants to play for a contender, and Minnesota would have to sell this to him.

New Jersey Nets: Andrei Kirilenko

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    Anyone could figure out why Andrei Kirilenko would be on the Nets radar this season. He is a Russian player, and the Nets have a Russian owner.

    That's really all that needs to be said.

New Orleans Hornets: Carl Landry

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    The Hornets should focus on re-signing Carl Landry.

    He was exceptional during the playoffs and picked up the slack when David West went down with an injury. He would continue to be a huge asset and appears to the right fit for the team.

    Very dangerous player who has plenty years left in him, just what they need.

New York Knicks: Shawne Williams

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    Williams provided just enough during the playoffs to justify why he should be re-signed. He played 25 minutes, was progressively getting better defensively and was great from beyond the arc.

    The Knicks have plenty other areas to focus on, but re-signing Shawne Williams should be a top priority.

Oklahoma City Thunder: Glen Davis

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    Big Baby would be a perfect fit for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He has played with Kendrick Perkins before and would help the backcourt greatly.

    His playoff performance this past season was quite disappointing, but he has what it takes to make the Thunder better.

Orlando Magic: Peja Stojakovic

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    The Magic need to try everything they can to keep Dwight Howard happy. It means taking gambles and this is one they should consider.

    While very inconsistent, Peja Stojakovic was tremendous during the Western Conference semifinals where he added 12.5 points per game and shot over 50 percent throughout the series.

    He is capable of helping the Magic instantly though it does come with a risk as he is inconsistent.

Philadelphia Sixers: Thaddeus Young

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    The Sixers need to re-sign Thaddeus Young. He is a great asset to the squad adding 13 points and five rebounds in all 82 games, and he is only going to get better.

    When focusing on a forward, Thaddeus Young should be the primary focus for the Sixers.

Phoenix Suns: Kris Humpries

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    Ever since Kris Humpfries began to date Kim Kardashian, he has been playing significantly better.

    He would instantly help the Suns in rebounding, something they desperately need, and his defense has significantly improved.

Portland Trail Blazers: Keleena Azubuike

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    Though Kelenna Azubuike has not played a game since 2009, he would be a great addition to the Trail Blazers who need help offensively.

    He would come at a very cheap price price and would certainly help with shooting, something the Trail Blazers lack.

Sacramento Kings: Troy Murphy

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    The Sacramento Kings could use Troy Murphy, as he would help them instantly.

    His numbers have fallen off in recent times, but he could definitely provide rebounding and help with depth. He would be a great addition to a team that desperately needs an asset like Troy Murphy.

San Antonio Spurs: Rasual Butler

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    Even though the team has aged greatly, there are many weapons on the team.

    Butler could potentially be another three-point threat if potentially left wide open. He hits just under 40 percent of all three-point shots and could be left open at times.

    Ambitious but possible.

Toronto Raptors: Josh McRoberts

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    The perfect fit if you lose a guy like Reggie Evans.

    Josh McRoberts had a solid season. He was excellent on the glass and shot the ball well, just seems like the right type for Toronto.

Utah Jazz: Damien Wilkins

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    A cheap player who will provide depth for a team who needs a lot of everything.

    Damien Wilkins should be on the Jazz' radar. He comes cheap and could put up good numbers in limited minutes.

Washington Wizards: Jawad Williams

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    The Wizards are another team that struggle in many areas, Jawad Williams provides efficiency in limited minutes.

    In the right system, he could flourish and at the price, it is not really a game. You take his four points per game and hope for nine.