NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Deals That Must Happen This Summer

Nigel Broadnax@@BroadnaxWritesCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Deals That Must Happen This Summer

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    With the NBA currently being locked out, any player transactions cannot be made. Hopefully the Collective Bargaining Agreement talks will be resolved soon, so some moves can be made.

    If a deal between the owners and players is reached before the fall, there are some trades that teams should definitely look to make this summer. Here they are.

Dwight Howard Out of Orlando

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    It's looking more and more like Dwight Howard will choose to leave the Orlando Magic next summer as a free agent. He refused to sign an extension a few weeks ago, and he's counting on a management that has made some questionable moves to build a championship team.

    With the way their roster is currently constructed, it will be hard to make them a whole lot better than they were last year. There are some nasty contracts, as well as little to no quality trade pieces.

    Unless Orlando gets extremely lucky in some kind of a deal, they are not realistically going to compete for a title next season.

    It is a lot more safe to trade Howard for some value when they get the chance than to risk him walking in a year. Shipping him out removes the pressure of potentially loosing him for nothing.

    They'll be in a tighter situation if he signs elsewhere than they are now. So they might as well build for the future and get what they can get for him while it is still an option.

Monta Ellis Out of Geolden State

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    The Golden State Warriors' starting backcourt has consisted of Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis for the past two seasons. Both are roughly 6'3, 185 pounds and natural scorers.

    The players' DNA being so similar is an observation that is brought up quite frequently. The only recognizable differences are that Ellis is a more elite all-around scorer, and Curry has some point guard skills as well as a better jump shooter.

    It would probably be wise to trade one of them to reduce the redundancy.

    Since Curry is younger, Ellis should be the guy on the move. The Warriors could fill some other needs on the team in return. They have enough scoring.

    A traditional sized shooting guard would be a safer formula for success.

Tyreke Evans or Marcus Thornton Out of Sacramento

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    There is an immense amount of perimeter players on the Sacramento Kings' roster. They currently have seven wing players. That is certainly too much for all of them to get enough time and shots.

    Obviously they need to cut down on that number.

    Either Tyreke Evans and Marcus Thorton, who both play shooting guard, should probably be the one to go. Both of them are starter worthy and can be turned into value through a trade. Once one of them is gone, the Kings will be a little more balanced.

Richard Hamilton Out of Detroit

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    Richard Hamilton's departure from the Detroit Pistons is long overdue. He's almost in his mid-30s, and the Pistons aren't competing for anything in the near future.

    He still has something left to give on the basketball court, and it is going to waste in Detroit. Hopefully this will be the summer they finally absolve him of the dysfunction that is Detroit Pistons basketball. They owe it to him.

    Hamilton would be a good piece to add to a contender to help get them over the hump. He also has only one season left on his contract, which makes him an even more attractive trade asset.

    By shipping him out, the Pistons could receive pieces that could help them build for the future better than they have of late.