NBA Draft 2011: 9 Undrafted Free Agents Who'll Find a Home in the NBA

Matt SmithContributor IIIJune 24, 2011

NBA Draft 2011: 9 Undrafted Free Agents Who'll Find a Home in the NBA

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    Nearing the end of the draft on Thursday, we kept hearing international name after international name being called.

    The announcers were shocked, saying that you can't draft these players if there are other quality players on the board.

    In every draft there are those who fall down the draft boards and don't see their names called.

    But just because their names aren't called on draft day doesn't mean they aren't talented.

    Though it is unlikely that these nine players will become starters, they definitely deserve a spot on an NBA roster. 

Tu Holloway, G, Xavier

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    Throughout the college season, I felt that Holloway was one of the most underrated players in the country.

    Averaging about a 20-5-5 stat line, the Xavier guard didn't get anywhere near the recognition he deserved.

    Though he is undersized at 6'0", Holloway makes up for it by being an all-around player.

    Holloway was a great free-throw shooter, going a stunning 87 percent from the free-throw line.

    He won't be a starter, but Holloway could be an important bench scorer for a team that needs depth.

Ben Hansbrough, G, Notre Dame

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    Ben was hoping to follow his brother Tyler's path into the NBA, but so far it hasn't worked out as planned.

    The Big East POY (no, it wasn't Kemba) saw his draft stock take a slight hit when Notre Dame made an early exit in the NCAA tournament from the upset-ridden Southwest region.

    Though his team bowed out early, that shouldn't prevent Hansbrough from being drafted.

    Hansbrough is a tough competitor who has range, evidenced by his 43.5 percent from three-point range.

Chris Wright, F, Dayton

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    For those of you who don't know how big of an athlete Chris Wright is, watch this.

    Wright is one of the most athletic players in the entire draft and has earned his label as a high flyer.

    He lacks range and is atrocious from the free-throw line, but other than that, Wright has proved that he deserves a spot in the NBA.

    The Dayton guard can guard multiple positions and thrives in transition.

    He may need to spend a year or two in the D-League, but in a couple of years he could be an exciting player off the bench.

Malcolm Thomas, F, SDSU

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    Malcolm Thomas made some big plays for one of my favorite teams last season, San Diego State.

    Thomas has an enormous wingspan of 7'2" to complement his 6'8" body, allowing him to be an undersized PF.

    Thomas' strongest asset by far was his shot-blocking.

    He attended the Portsmouth Invitational and had a nice showing there, something that could convince a GM to add him to their roster.

Jamie Skeen, F, VCU

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    Jamie Skeen was one of the top players on everyone's favorite Cinderella team.

    He played an important part in leading VCU to upset after upset after upset to reach the Final Four.

    Skeen does not possess the skill to become a starter but has several traits that could make him a part of a team's rotation.

    The VCU forward shot over 50 percent this past season and was known for his three-point shooting prowess.

    Skeen isn't a great defender, but his offensive game isn't lacking in many departments.

David Lighty, G, Ohio State

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    With a 6'5", 220-pound frame, Lighty has the size necessary to play the 2-spot.

    Lighty is that jack-of-all-trades player that works hard and earns the respect of his teammates.

    The centerpiece for Ohio State, Lighty was the team leader for a college ranked No.1 in the country at one point.

    Though he won't be a spectacular player, Lighty will make a career off of his work ethic and well-rounded game.

Gary McGhee, C, Pittsburgh

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    Out of all the players on this list, McGhee will probably last the shortest.

    With the NBA shifting to a point-guard-driven league, the NBA center has seen his value decrease over the past several years.

    McGhee does not have much of an offensive game, making his spot on a roster primarily defensive.

    Don't expect him to put up big offensive numbers, but if he makes an NBA roster it will be due to his tough defending and solid rebounding.

Matthew Bryan-Amaning, F, Washington

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    Matthew Bryan-Amaning has thrown down his fair share of dunks during his career at Washington.

    Bryan-Amaning is an excellent athlete with a combination of speed and jumping that should land him in the NBA.

    The Pac-10's Most Improved Player improved greatly at his position, but didn't improve in the free-throw shooting aspect of his game.

    Bryan-Amaning is better known for his defense, but he isn't an offensive liability like some of the others on this list. 

Demetri McCamey, G, Illinois

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    I was absolutely shocked when I didn't hear McCamey's name called on draft day. Unlike the other players on this list, I believe McCamey will one day become an NBA starter.

    McCamey averaged 14 points and six assists as a senior, which was worse than his stats as a junior.

    Though he gets ripped on by some for inconsistency, he deserves more credit for that than he gets.

    McCamey is a fantastic passer with great vision and even showed off his range, shooting 45.1 percent from long range during his senior season.

    His point guard skills should make the Illinois product ready to contribute as a starter in a couple years.


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