NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Reasons for Orlando Magic to Trade for Josh Smith

Alexander YoungbloodContributor IIIJune 23, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Reasons for Orlando Magic to Trade for Josh Smith

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    Earlier today, Ken Berger of CBS Sports reported, "A source also said discussions between Atlanta and Orlando with Josh Smith going to the Magic are 'totally legit.' Executives say the Hawks have expressed an eagerness to move Smith and would like to shed salary in the process."

    This is one of the most interesting trades and possibly a way for the Magic to woo Howard into staying in Orlando.

    Here are five reasons the Magic should seriously consider this trade.

Most Athletic and Dominant F/C Combo in the League

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    With Dwight Howard playing at center and Josh Smith playing either the power or small forward position, the Magic would possess the most athletic forward/center combo in the league.

    Teams right now have to worry about just where Dwight Howard is in the paint, but with Smith added into the equation, opposing players would constantly have to know where both are at.

    The shot blocking power of both players under the basket would be phenomenal. 

    The vertical ability of both players would also be a nightmare for put-backs and rebounds.

An Upgrade from Brandon Bass

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    Josh Smith would be a superior player to Bass on both ends of the court.

    Smith's athleticism lends to great defense and allows him to play both forward positions and even defend centers at some points in the game. 

    Brandon Bass, as the backup center for the Magic, was a joke last season and his strong jump shot at the beginning of the season waned later on.

    While Bass has a solid jumper from 16-18 feet, he doesn't do much else for the Magic.

    Smith has a more diverse skill set. Smith has the ability to knock down a three every once in a while, an improving mid-range jumper and isn't afraid to pass the ball.

    Bass would usually have the ball stick to his hands if the ball got to him.

Working out the Kinks with Stan Van Gundy

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    There is no doubt that Smith has had some criticisms to his game.

    Many have said that he tends to take threes too often for his skill set. Another criticism is that he doesn't use his body enough to drive to the basket.

    Within Van Gundy's system, Smith would have to have the discipline to make the extra pass on the perimeter and start driving to the basket more. Hopefully, Van Gundy's tough coaching style will help Smith work out some of his problems.

    Van Gundy has a tendency of making mediocre defenders into good defenders. Smith is already a good defender, so hopefully he will be turned into a great defender within Stan's system.

More Defined Role for Gilbert Arenas?

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    Gilbert Arenas will not be a part of any trades. His massive contract has assured that. 

    It does look like Jameer Nelson could be involved in this trade, which would force Van Gundy to start Arenas.

    Arenas didn't play very consistently during his time at Orlando, but in his defense, he was never able to get consistent minutes.

    Dwight Howard came out recently saying that he was disappointed in how Arenas was being utilized.

    Smith's addition would most likely force Arenas into the starting lineup. A risk, but most likely a risk that will have to be taken if the Magic want to bring in Smith or any other big man to the team.

Immediate Chemistry and a Reason for Dwight Howard to Stay

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    Dwight Howard and Josh Smith go back. Way back.

    They played on the same AAU team together in their youth and have known each other since pre-school.

    Bringing in a player who Howard knows so well can lend to an immediate connection on the court that would not be matched by another player.

    Bringing in Howard's BFF would also possibly keep Dwight more interested in staying in Orlando. Dwight likes to have fun, and what better way to keep him in Orlando than bringing in his childhood friend to play alongside him?