NBA Draft 2011: Why the New York Knicks Should Move Up to Get Bismack Biyombo

Jed PContributor IIIJune 18, 2011

Reports have said the New York Knicks are expressing interest in power forward/center Bismack Biyombo, also known as the "B-Smack".

Biyombo will work out with the Knicks on Sunday following a workout in Toronto, and preceding one in Detroit on Monday. This means that the big man could be taken as early as the 5th pick by the Raptors.

Biyombo is without a doubt a strong, athletic, explosive beast, compared to a worse version of NBA center Dwight Howard. There were even some whispers that Biyombo was in the age group of 23-26; that's how developed he really is.

Biyombo is a beguiling prospect. So why would the Knicks seek interest in him?

He is a vicious, defensive and energetic center. It sounds like the perfect fit for the Knicks. In the Spanish ACB league, Biyombo was a true star. He even set a record there, recording 10 blocks in one game.

Who will the Knicks be willing to deal for Bismack Biyombo?

The Knicks will seek to trade their own draft pick and a player (no one was mentioned yet, though Landry Fields could be a possible name, as he was in a deep struggle in the second half of the season). Toney Douglas, coming out of his sophomore year, could be a possibility.

What's the Knicks plan, and how late can they get him?

He will most likely be in the range of the fifth pick to the 11th pick, unless he completely messes up in workouts and brings himself down, out of the lottery. That is unlikely, though, and if the Knicks are greatly considering the 6'9" center, it's doubtful they would rely on a chance like that.

What will be his role in the rotation?

He will most likely be the starting center in the lineup, unless his current status changes. He is an excellent ball-handler, shooter, and defender, and could probably fill in an empty spot next to Amar'e Stoudemire.

If the Knicks aren't successful on landing him after already trading up for the draft pick, what's the plan?

Tristan Thompson and Donatas Motiejunas are always backup plans. Yes, they aren't listed as centers, but at their heights they could likely fit in at center. There is also a possibility the Knicks can go for a point guard; Kemba Walker can be an option.

Knicks fans, start getting excited because B-Smack can soon be a Knickerbocker.