Is Michael Redd the Main Free Agent Target for the Chicago Bulls?

Brian RostaCorrespondent IJune 15, 2011

SHANGHAI, CHINA - AUGUST 05:  Michael Redd #8 of the USA Basketball Men's Senior National Team holds a ball against Brad Newley #8 of the Australia National Team during the USA Basketball International Challenge exhibition game at the Qizhong Arena on August 5, 2008 in Shanghai, China.  (Photo by MN Chan/Getty Images)
MN Chan/Getty Images

This summer, Chicago Bulls fans can expect any front office activity to revolve around three words that describe the philosophy of Gar Forman.

Cheap. Conservative. Unimaginative.

Dwight Howard is making overtures that he is not signing an extension with the Orlando Magic. The Bulls possess the young players (Omer Asik, Taj Gibson, Joakim Noah, etc.) and the draft picks (No. 28 and No. 30 this year, plus a future lottery pick from Charlotte) to swing a trade for a viable shooting guard, and the Bulls front office is planning to consider some very high-risk, high-reward, low-compensation free agents.

At the top of their list? Milwaukee Bucks SG Michael Redd—aka The Wounded Deer.

Where has Mr. Redd, the consummate sharpshooter, been for the past three years?

He's been making an annual salary of $18 million while sitting in the best seats the Bucks can offer—right at the end of the bench. His injuries have kept him on the shelf, but he is reportedly healthy and the Bulls are ready to pounce.

Where have we heard this story before? The Bulls sign an aging, injury prone player as a fix to errors made in the past.

Can you say Carlos Boozer?

The only difference with Booz was that the Bulls had to pony up $80 million to gain his services as a bench player who will be on the annual DNP list.

Michael Redd is attractive to the Bulls for two reasons: 

1. When healthy, Redd has never shot less than 44 percent from the field. He is an automatic 15-point scorer the moment he steps on the floor.

2. He will come cheap. Probably in the $3 million-$4 million range and won't cost the Bulls any of their "beloved" Bench Mob or draft picks.

Redd doesn't play defense. He does provide another "coach" on the floor and a positive influence in the locker room.

Of course, most of the time he is wearing "street clothes" in the locker room.