NBA Finals 2011: Top 10 Reasons Why LeBron James Will Have the Last Laugh

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NBA Finals 2011: Top 10 Reasons Why LeBron James Will Have the Last Laugh
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After observing and contemplating the press clippings and reaction following Game 5, one would think the Miami Heat had already lost the 2011 NBA Finals.

Where once it seemed the pundits and experts were saying the Heat were superior, now there is widespread belief that the Mavericks are the better team.

Perhaps there are only a few Miami/LeBron James optimists left.

Maybe just a few fools that think James is confident and crazy enough to have manipulated the series to go seven games.

Apparently he felt as though after Games 1-3 that he could toy with and beat Dallas whenever he wished. Sort of like watching a buzz saw do its thing but knowing you have the power cord in your hand.

That may seem far-fetched, but there is no rational explanation for his play the last few games; it is something that defies logic.

How can a guy that has gotten to the basket at will his entire career suddenly find it near impossible to drive and finish? Even worse has been his inability to get to the free throw line, too.

This is not a result of the Mavericks defense. James has shown us for eight seasons that he can score on anyone—including defenses and players much better than what Dallas has.

So it creates a slew of controversy and questions regarding his disappearance from the series, especially during fourth quarters.

The complexities and greatness of his mind and talents are up for debate.

At the moment it seems the vast majority of the public have already labeled him as overrated and a choke artist.

Still, there are some like me who fully expect a 180 degree change, both in the way of this NBA Finals, as well as in the way LeBron James is perceived, interpreted and reported by the time tonight's game ends.

Will the real LeBron James please stand up?

Here now we will see the 10 reasons LeBron James has saved the best for last and will still win his first NBA title this upcoming Tuesday night.

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