NBA Finals 2011: Predicting the Rest of the Heat and Mavericks Series

John SheltonContributor IIIJune 8, 2011

NBA Finals 2011: Predicting the Rest of the Heat and Mavericks Series

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    The 2011 NBA championship series has turned out to be a classic already.

    With the Heat and Mavericks having already met in the finals in 2006, resulting in a win by the Heat in six games, what will be the outcome of this series?

    In 2006, the Mavericks held a 2-0 lead before losing four consecutive games, the final game being played at home in the American Airline Center. 

    However, if the Heat want to be champions again, they will have to do it in their "house."

    This years trend is turning out to be a great one.

    The teams have traded games one through four, both having wins on the road.

    Dallas Mavericks 84, Miami Heat 92

    Dallas Mavericks 95, Miami Heat 93

    Miami Heat 88, Dallas Mavericks 86

    Miami Heat 83, Dallas Mavericks 86

    With only two wins needed and a possibly three games remaining, who will be victorious in this hard fought series?

Game 5 @ Dallas Mavericks

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    Game 5 is shaping up to be a good one.  With the series tied 2-2, this game should tell who has the series in hand.

    In a best-of-seven series, the team that wins Game 5 after being tied 2-2 goes on to win the series 83 percent of the time. With percentages like that, no wonder why this game is so important.

    With a come from behind victory in Game 4, the Mavericks have a little momentum to ride into Game 5 with.

    Also, the great defense played by the Mavs in Game 4 that held LeBron James to eight points should follow over into Game 5.

    I feel like it will be another "shoot out" game.  A lot of lead changes, hard playing and a great defensive battle.

    The Heat will take a big lead like they did in Game 2, however, this is too big of a game for the Mavericks. 

    To go back to Miami and have to win one game is already hard enough, but if they have to go back and win two games, forget about it.

    Maverick pull out Game 5, with help from the Mavs big guy Dirk Nowitzki.

    Miami Heat 85, Dallas Mavericks 89

Game 6 @ Miami Heat

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    With Mavericks leading 3-2 after a big Game 5 win, it will be time for the Heat's Big 3 to make their mark.

    With the game being played at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida, the Heat will not allow the Mavericks to have an easy time, especially in front of the Heat's own crowd.

    With LeBron's points down in the series at just 17.3 p/pg, I think King James will step up in a big way.  Something nice and smooth around the stats of 28 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists.  

    As for the other two monsters on the Heat:

    Dwayne Wade will continue his terror on the Mavs with his 29.8 p/pg and big guy Chris Bosh will continue his steady play.

    In addition, with the help of defensive star Udonis Haslem, the Heat will take Game 6 with ease.

    Dallas Mavericks 84, Miami Heat 92

Game 7 @ Miami Heat

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    After evening the series at 3-3 with a Heat win in Game 6, the series will finally come to a close with one final game at the American Airlines Arena.

    And believe me, the game will be even better then you could imagine it to be.

    I feel like lead changes will be a very big part of the entire game. Contributing with the hard nose defense from both teams, we will be looking at a low scoring game. 

    With both the Heat and Mavericks averaging 102.1 and 100.2 p/pg in the regular season respectively, this game will be a completely different story.

    However, even though the Heat have the Big 3, I feel like the pressure put on by Maverick players Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, Jason Terry and the 2011 NBA Championship MVP Dirk Nowitzki will be too much for the Heat's Big 3.

    A hard fought game will come down to the final seconds with Dirk doing what he's known for doing, driving.  A game winning layup will finish the series for the Mavericks.

    Dallas Mavericks 82, Miami Heat 80

2011 NBA Champions, Dallas Mavericks

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    With a stunning season and series, the Mavericks will be the 2011 NBA Champions.

    The 4-3 series win will be the first championship for the Dallas Mavericks.

    And we all know that Mark Cuban will be going nuts, sitting on the sideline watching the team that he created.

    It will also be a huge turn around for the Mavs, considering that only five years ago in the 2006 NBA championships the Miami Heat won the clincher at the Mavericks home.  This will be the biggest series that the Mavs will ever have played in.

    All the focus around the "Hollywood" Heat with the Big 3 and the Dallas Mavericks beating them, what a headline that will be. 

    However, after the game on June 14 at 9:00 pm the new NBA World Champions will be the Dallas Mavericks.