NBA Finals 2011: Cowboys and Aliens Looks Like Dallas Mavericks vs Miami Heat

Andy Bailey@@AndrewDBaileyFeatured ColumnistJune 8, 2011

Like millions of NBA fans around the world, I'm having a blast watching the 2011 finals.  The Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat are going at it like the heroes and villains in a Hollywood epic.

Which guys are good and which ones are bad is, of course, a matter of opinion in the world of sports.  If you always liked LeBron James, Dwyane Wade or the Heat, then I can't blame you for seeing them as the good guys.

But for me, it's impossible to view Dirk Nowitzki as anything but the hero in this story.  Humility, a determination developed through prior hardships and some kind of superpower are all prerequisites that we can check off the list for Dirk.

For the Heatles, how do they not fit the mold of the villains?  Betrayal, arrogance, their own superpowers and an evil genius (Pat Riley) behind it all.

I don't know if Jon Favreau's new movie Cowboys and Aliens conforms to these cliches, but the previews suggest that we'll at least have good guys and bad guys—and I have a feeling we'll be rooting for the cowboys.

The analogy between that upcoming blockbuster and these NBA Finals is there for the taking.

The movie follows a quiet, mysterious cowboy with powers no one can explain as he battles an invading horde of extra-terrestrial foes.

The Mavericks are obviously the cowboys (the terms are almost synonymous).  Dirk Nowitzki is the protagonist—quiet, mysterious and possessing powers no one can explain.  If Daniel Craig plays the part as well as Dirk, movie-goers are in for a treat.

Harrison Ford is also in the film and his role could be likened to the veteran Jason Kidd.

Obviously, the Heat are the aliens—out to destroy the basketball world. Their coming together was heralded in the media as though it were some kind of cosmic invasion.  And of course, Chris Bosh bears a striking resemblance to the Predator.

The Mavericks (good guys) have already overcome scores of obstacles in this story and will surely face more before a climax or conclusion is reached.

I just hope this doesn't turn out to be more like some kind of Greek tragedy or dark, low-budget indie than a summer blockbuster.

For the sake of the preservation of humanity and all that is decent in the sports world, the good guys need to come out on top in this story.  And I believe our hero, Dirk Nowitzki, will make it happen.


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