Portland Trail Blazers: 10 Ideal Replacements for Rich Cho as GM of the Team

Wesley HodgesContributor IIIJune 7, 2011

Portland Trail Blazers: 10 Ideal Replacements for Rich Cho as GM of the Team

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    The revolving door position that is known as the General Manager of the Portland Trail Blazers opened up again this past week. Rich Cho was let go after less than one year on the job.  Unlike last year, with the firing of Kevin Pritchard, this move was not expected by many and certainly not this soon.  

    During Cho's brief tenure, perhaps the best remembered move is the trade that brought Gerald Wallace to Portland in exchange for essentially bench players and future draft picks. But apparently even a trade of that caliber was not enough to appease Paul Allen, who, despite his deep pockets, has become one of the scariest NBA owners to work for.

    With that being said, the Trail Blazers organization is a proud one with a lot of history therefore a lot of high profile candidates are expected to be interviewed for the position.  

    Here we'll look at a few of the more commonly mentioned ones, as well as others which may have an outside shot. 

1. Danny Ferry

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    Danny Ferry was mentioned as a candidate for the job last year. This summer his name is coming up again.  

    He is currently employed as the vice president of basketball operations with the San Antonio Spurs. However the allure of being the top man in Portland—outside of Paul Allen of course—could prove to be too much to pass up if offered to him.

2. Donnie Walsh

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    It's easy to nitpick with Walsh because the Knicks missed out on LeBron James last summer and will still only be a fringe playoff team going into next season.  

    But the truth is that they are in a much better place now than they were when he went to them and are at least going to be entertaining to watch going forward. Portland might be a place where he can try his hand at being a GM over a team that already has most of the necessary pieces in place to compete.

3. Otis Smith

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    Many in Orlando aren't happy with the way the Magic seem to be heading.

    This should worsen with the noise surrounding the free agency of Dwight Howard only expected to steadily increase over the next year. Smith has taken on some bad contracts in trades that didn't work out and spent a lot of money on players that weren't quite worth it.  

    In Portland he would get a chance to start over, working with Paul Allen's money and a roster whose core is young and ready to be competitive for the next several years.

4. Rick Adelman

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    Adelman is well known in Portland already from his days as a coach of the Trail Blazers several years back. He would be a good fit for the team because of his familiarity with the system as well as his many years of experience in the NBA.  

    He has shown that he has what it takes to help build a winner as a coach. It is reasonable to think that, at this stage of his career, his talents may be best suited to building winning teams from the front office.

5. Joe Dumars

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    Dumars is not as popular in Detroit as he once was.

    He will always be beloved for his time there as a player and for helping to bring them a championship in 2004 but things have not gone well since that time.  Drafts, free agent signings, and trades; nothing has really worked out well for Dumars in recent seasons.

    While he has shown in the past that he has what it takes to build a team that can contend for several seasons, maybe it's time for a change of scenery.

6. Chris Dudley

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    Chris Dudley recently ran for Governor of Oregon. While he hasn't publicly expressed any interest in the GM position, he is very popular among the locals and would be a great choice.  

    He is an experienced business man who played with the Blazers for many years and would be familiar with Paul Allen and his ways of running the team.

7. Danny Ainge

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    It seems unlikely that Danny Ainge would leave the comfort of what he has built in Boston to come to a perennial playoff but no championship team in Portland.  

    However the stress on him has been evident over the past couple of seasons, and a change of scenery could be just what he needs.

8. Terry Porter

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    Terry Porter is another candidate who, according to Joe Freeman of the Oregonian, has expressed interest in the vacancy.  

    He doesn't have any experience with this type of position but has coached at the NBA level before and is well liked among fans.  His time as a player for the Blazers would help him to understand what the team needs going forward as it continues to build towards being a championship contender.

9. Kevin Pritchard

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    The question here is whether or not Paul Allen would be willing to step back from his unpopular firing of Pritchard last summer and bring him back for one more round.  

    Pritchard is still under contract with the Blazers and is well liked among the fans. More importantly he has shown the ability to both draft and trade with success.

    If it doesn't work out, Allen could always fire him again...

10. Paul Allen

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    Does this mean that Paul Allen would hire himself as the new general manager?  

    Not necessarily. But as we've seen from this whole ordeal that has played out clear since last summer, Allen wants to be in charge. While he doesn't necessary want to be the public figure that Mark Cuban is, he wants a GM that will be his public face and say all the right things.

    Hiring a "puppet" GM would let him control the action behind the scenes.