Chicago Bulls Offseason: Trade for Collison; Sign Gasol or Stuckey, or Wait

Del ChocContributor IIJune 5, 2011

AUBURN HILLS, MI - MARCH 23: Rodney Stuckey #3 Detroit Pistons gets in for a dunk between Chris Bosh #1 and LeBron James #6 of the  Miami Heat at The Palace of Auburn Hills on March 23, 2011 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Miami won the game 100-94. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
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Chicago Bulls - Nick Collison

2010-11 Roster:

PG: Derrick Rose, C.J. Watson
SG: Keith Bogans, Ronnie Brewer, Kyle Korver
SF: Luol Deng
PF: Carlos Boozer, Taj Gibson, Kurt Thomas
C: Joakim Noah, Omar Asik

2011-12 Roster:

PG: Rose, Malcolm Lee(28th pick/Antonio Daniels)
SG: Rodney Stuckey (RFA), Bogans
SF: Deng, Jereme Richmond (30th pick/Matt Barnes)
PF: Boozer, Collison(13M-2010-11;2M-2011-12)
C: Gasol (RFA), Noah

Acquiring Nick Collison for essentially Ronnie Brewer, Kyle Korver, C.J. Watson, Omar Asik and Taj Gibson isn't what most Bulls fans would openly approve of. But if each fan were told they could get Rodney Stuckey and/or Gasol as a result of doing such a deal, then I'm sure they all would voice their endorsements.

Fact is, Bulls should consider acquiring Collison as oppose to raw-cap after seeing the way Carlos Boozer perform this past season, even if you have to make Luol Deng the principle in such a deal. By acquiring Collison, Bulls would put themselves in a position to go out and sign two relatively young players who'll likely put the franchise over the top and into the NBA Finals next season because of the way Collison's deal is constructed.

No question about it. Stuckey will give Rose that player he has been yearning for, a player which he can defer to. Stuckey is as close as you'll get to comparing any player in the league to Dwyane Wade. And Marc Gasol, lets just agree he would be as much of a threat offensively in the Eastern Conference as Dwight Howard is. Needless to say, either addition would immensely help Chicago out; like, for starters, it'll convince Derrick Rose long-term that, yes, Chicago is where he wants to be.

76ers - Westbrook, Korver, Watson, Brewer

2010-11 Roster:

PG: Holiday, Williams
SG: Meeks, Turner
SF: Iguodala, Nocioni
PF: Brand, Young
C: Hawes, Speights

2011-12 Roster:

PG: Westbrook, Lou Williams, Watson (EXP)
SG: Turner, Brewer(EXP), Meeks, Korver (EXP)
SF: Young, Nocioni
PF: Markieff Morris(16th/Al Harrington), Brand
C: Hawes, Speights

Like Philly fans, put me in the same boat: I'm not sure why Rod Thorn is still hanging onto Iguodala. He's pretty much shown his worth to a franchise that just not too long ago maxed Elton Brand out. They're in a chokehold financially and are unable to make any major additions as a result.

They also have invested their recent top-three pick in a player who, well—how can I say this?—doesn't know how to be Scottie Pippen to Andre Iguodala's Michael Jordan. And that's understandable after all. Perhaps it is just time to make a bold move at the expense of Iguodala and get back what you can, like some expirings and a cornerstone-type player.

Here's my theory as to what they should do: make a play for Westbrook. Westbrook would be a nice addition to a city which loves its' underdogs in Philly. Maybe he's not A.I. but he could be now out of the equivalent-of-celibacy in OKC. Also with the arrival of Westbrook, Turner could then find himself by subsequently being forced into a crucial role of the offense; he could be Eric Snow to Westbrook's Allen Iverson. Just a quick theory.

Thunder - Iguodala, Holiday

2010-11 Roster:

PG: Westbrook, Maynor
SG: Sefolosha, Harden
SF: Durant
PF: Ibaka, Collison
C: Perkins, Nazr Mohammed

2011-12 Roster:

PG: Holiday, Maynor
SG: Iguodala, Harden
SF: Durant, Sefolosha
PF: Ibaka, Gibson
C: Perkins, Asik

OKC is obviously the winners in this trade and rightfully so. Sam Presti has done quite a job. Him getting Iguodala and Holiday will not only guarantee his OKC a drastically better, improved defense on the perimeter, but it also becomes quite inevitable to him that the chances of another team making it out the West next season are definitely a lot slimmer.

OKC will have acquired two solid creators in the half-court on offense in Iguodala and Holiday, and they also will have gotten two solid defensive bigs in Gibson and Asik, two who'll contribute mightily to much of OKC's fastbreak points by bringing Thibodeau's principles to fruition in Coach Brooks' scheme, which are contesting shots, commitment to being audible on the front-line, and giving a steady output of each of their all.


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