Pacific Northwest Applauds Another Late-Game Comeback by the Dallas Mavericks!

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Pacific Northwest Applauds Another Late-Game Comeback by the Dallas Mavericks!
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By the time it was over last night, white-clad Miami Heat faithful were silently shuffling out of the silent cathedral that had viewers across the country wondering if they weren’t instead tuned into a Kevorkian funeral event.

Meanwhile in Seattle, jilted Supersonic fans were enjoying a surge in revenge that they hadn’t seen since their team had been ripped off three years prior via unscrupulous means.

On Wednesday, the day prior, a mere three hours north saw the NHL continuing to convert former Pacific Northwest NBA fans into die-hard professional hockey groupies, as the Vancouver Canucks pulled off an improbable Game 1 Stanley Cup finals victory with a scant 18 seconds left. 

Broadcast to all of Seattle, by the same sports station that used to host the NBA’s Supersonics. 

All this while David Stern was still groveling in a corner somewhere while patting himself on the back, for teaching those terrible Washington State legislators a lesson as they dared to NOT build a new billion dollar arena a decade after they built the last one!

And then a mere day later, the hated evil empire of the Miami Heat was embarrassed on their own court, as popular Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban danced courtside in his tee shirt. His boys in blue had just stunned the superstar bullies on national television during the NBA finals, with a late 22-5 run.

If you recall, Mark Cuban and Paul Allen were the only two NBA owners with the stones to oppose the unlawful heisting of the Supersonic franchise from a four-decade loyal fan base in Seattle, moving it the tornado-infested confines of Clay Bennett’s flat-topsville barn in Oklahoma City in a back-room buddy payoff.

David Stern’s blessing of corrupt team thievery was enough to cause the most apathetic citizen in Washington State to rush to the rest room with diarrhea-induced bowl pains, knowing the dirty deeds of the Oklahoma clan were being aided by his pompous highness.

And now three years later, the corruption was being rewarded as accumulated lottery picks were producing fortune for the bad guys.

Hence Cuban’s vote opposing the shenanigans, still has folklore status in Seattle, even though his opposition had more to do with the Thunder swiping away Maverick fans than it did with his admiration for the Pacific Northwest.

Still, watching the Heat get dismantled by the same Dallas team, in a similar fashion to what the Thunder suffered in game four of the Western Conference Finals a week prior, tempted the most ardent NBA-hater to smile, if even just for a little bit.

And the fact that this was happening against the Evil Empire of knucklehead LeBron James with his two pals didn’t hurt either! 

Here were the three fashion show punks of last summer being whip-lashed into submission by a pack of mostly unknowns, herded together by the same Mark Cuban. It was the best news in Seattle since the Celtics fleeced the now-hated Thunder for lottery-pick Jeff Green.

Could it get any more beautiful for fans in the Pacific Northwest?

So here we are in June, with the Vancouver Canucks on the verge of their first Stanley Cup ever, at a time when the NBA is most vulnerable to fan conversion. The dreaded lockout looms, the league is a fiscal mess and some two dozen teams are hemorrhaging money like untapped Gulf oil wells.

But nary a word of dismay from anyone in this corner of the continent, since these two former-NBA markets are skipping down the block with hockey happiness!

And now this. 

Mark Cuban’s team slapping all that is wrong with the current NBA right in the choppers! 

Late-game heroics by a techie hero, in a techie market, as the season-long rain is dissipating in the Pacific Northwest with warm sunny skies forecast for the weekend.

It’s enough to have Seattle fans wondering if there truly is a displeased basketball god out there somewhere dealing karmedic justice?

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