LeBron James Will Always Be King of the NBA

Mark BurlinContributor IJune 3, 2011

PHILADELPHIA, PA - APRIL 21: LeBron James #6 of the Miami Heat reacts after a play against the Philadelphia 76ers during the first half of game three of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals at Wells Fargo Center on April 21, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Rob Carr/Getty Images

Welcome to America, where history is written by winners. 

With the NBA finals about to enter into the third game of the series, the Miami Heat are looking better then ever and now is definitely the time. All season long we’ve heard how no one knows who will take the last shot or who’s team it will be, or how the chemistry will never work. All seems a bit laughable now, right?

The Miami Heat, the resilient Miami Heat, have come to prove all the doubters wrong and are now just three wins away from claiming the Larry O’Brien trophy that so many told them was never attainable in a series that just "Heat"ed up.

The LeBron haters being the leaders of this pack are really starting to have less and less to talk about. Listening to all the radio shows, reading all the articles, scanning all the blogs and following all the tweets, it’s been the same excuses over and over again. It’s getting rather pathetic and get ready, because he's ready to win.

As a disclaimer, I am neither a Miami Heat fan nor a Dallas Mavericks fan, I am solely a LeBron James, King James, Chosen One, Akron Hammer and my favorite BRON BRON fan.

Do me a favor and for a second think about the most exciting player that has entered the NBA in the past 10 years?*   *Cleveland fans exempt.

LeBron James is clear above the rest.  

How many people own his jersey for the sole fact of him and not the team he is a part of?

I'm one of them.  

He injects adrenaline into any game he appears in, whether it be the unbelievable dunks, the game winning buzzer-beaters or the pre-game antics. A game James plays in is always talked about the following day across the board.

"The Decision" left a scar on his name for a bit of time and aside from the Cleveland fans who I can understand were hurt, it is even sadder to see a city that is solely defined by one single man.  

Yes, he is a superstar and with that he brings the superstar power with him.  

One thing people forget is that in the great scheme of things James is the sun and Cleveland is the star that was starting to burn out.

He chooses where the light and his infamous "talents" go and how bright they shine. He's been in Miami for a season and everybody has already said that in reality, this is his team and it shows.

I would easily compare him to Brett Favre. James has many more years left in the league, but LeBron experiences greatness for a number of years in a city that cherishes him more then he ever seemingly reciprocated. 

Now the only disparity in the comparison I can see would be that Favre left and moved around for a personal vendetta against his former team. LeBron left for the simple reason of chasing down the championship that everyone wanted for him at one time that would never come in Cleveland. 

James gave seven years to his beloved city and I give him points for having the courage to leave the state and city that made him who he was.

Favre undeniably tarnished his legacy in my eyes with chasing after his blatant hate and vengeance against the Packers. Regardless, Favre is one thing, a winner. He is a champion, competitor and infinite record holder. He still left his mark on NFL history regardless of how fans feel about him.

It isn't LeBron's fault for craving to be a part of an actual winning and championship contending organization. 

LeBron keep doing what you're doing. You're an unbelievable talent that people won't ever get tired of watching. Haters keep it up, please! Keep giving him the fire to drown you out as he sinks shots and dunks his way to win his first championship.

LeBron keep writing history because we are still all witnesses. Myself included.