NBA Trade Rumors and Speculation: Players Potentially Available for Each Team

Nigel Broadnax@@BroadnaxWritesCorrespondent IJune 3, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors and Speculation: Players Potentially Available for Each Team

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    It is never a complete offseason without a constant stockpile of rumors from left and right. Every single summer, different potential trade scenarios are said to be in works on a daily basis. Let this be a kickoff to a couple of months of speculation.

    Here are some trades that could go down in the near future.

Dwight Howard to the Lakers, Bulls, Nets

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    Dwight Howard is the next big name free-agent-to-be, of this new era speculation where they are constantly under a microscope of foreshadowing by the media. Over the few seasons leading up to last summer, teams like the Cavaliers and the Raptors were faced with distraction as they dealt with talks of the then-faces of their franchise. The Nuggets were forced to trade theirs, as the rumors got too heavy. The Magic could be headed down the same road.

    The Lakers have been known for acquiring elite centers from other teams since the late 60s. They will certainly be in play for Howard after a disappointing showing in the playoffs. They want some fresh blood on the roster and giving up two of the three in Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum will definitely have to occur attain the three-time reigning Defensive Player of the Year.

    The Bulls will also have a shot at landing him. They look to be one standout player aside from Derrick Rose away from championship favorites. Howard would certainly be that player. They would love to get rid of Boozer, but Orlando would not want his contract. Luol Deng and/or Joakim Noah would have to be the centerpiece of the deal.

    The Nets would love to upgrade their center position over Brook Lopez, who had a down season. Lopez would be one of the best players Orlando could get in return, however.

Monta Ellis to the Bulls, Celtics, Hornets

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    The Bulls and Hornets are in need of a legit shooting guard. The Celtics may look to shake up the position as Ray Allen ages. Warriors guard, Monta Ellis could be available this summer. Management may feel that a backcourt of him and Steph Curry will be successful moving forward.

    The Bulls found it really hard to score in the Eastern Conference finals. That's what Ellis is bred to do. He can definitely help spruce up their offense.

    The Hornets need an improvement at shooting guard even more. Marco Belinelli and Willie Green served as their shooting guard committee after they shipped out Marcus Thornton. Not quite a dream rotation on the wings.

    The Celtics have thought about moving Ray Allen for Ellis in the past. They need to get younger and Eliis is 10 years Allen's junior. The sharp-shooting 35-year-old has been great in his four years with Boston, but they want to mixed things up this season before they completely fade away.

Devin Harris to the Knicks, Magic, Rockets, Heat, Mavericks, Trail Blazers,

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    With the third and 12th picks in the draft, the Jazz are in a great position to land a good point guard. They will probably want to have one younger than Harris, making him expendable.

    Several teams will most likely show interest.

    The Knicks, Mavericks and Blazers all have highly serviceable point guards in Chauncey Billups, Jason Kidd and Andre Miller. All of them were born in the early or mid-70s however. These teams won't want to be left in the dust when the aging point guards significantly decline. Especially with this new breath of great young point guards league-wide. Harris isn't super young, but he has much more left in the tank than these three.

    The Magic and the Rockets have decent point guards in Jameer Nelson and Kyle Lowry, but Harris is a step up from those two. Orlando desperately need to improve to keep Dwight Howard pleased so he will want to stay. And Houston just wants to get back to the playoffs.

    Even though the Heat are currently in the finals, their play at point guard has been shaky. Mike Bibby and Mario Chalmers aren't quite starting material. Harris is much better. Improving there couldn't hurt.

Rudy Gay to the Pistons, Clippers, Bobcats, Warriors

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    The last few years, Rudy has always been seen as a large part of the Grizzlies' future. That changed a little as Memphis made the playoffs for the first time since Gay arrived, and they had a pretty good showing. It could be in their best interest to shed his contract and get some value at other positions.

    Both the Pistons and Bobcats are in serious need of some talent in any capacity on their roster. Gay obviously serves as that. Neither team will have spectacular seasons this year, but acquiring the right talent will be a nice step into a positive direction. 

    The Clippers, however, seem to be on the rise. Adding Gay could potentially thrust them into the playoffs.

    The Warriors may look to add a player who will fit into their run and gun offense. Gay is cut from the same cloth that many Warriors have had over the last few years.

Chris Kaman to the 76ers, Cavaliers, Hawks

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    With DeAndre Jordan emerging as a stout center for the Clippers, Chris Kaman becomes expendable.

    Sixers, Cavs and Hawks all need some production at the five spot and could look into getting Kaman.

Tyreke Evans to the Bucks, Jazz, Timberwolves

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    Marcus Thornton arrived in Sacramento in midseason and lit it up the rest of the way. This could spell the of Tyreke Evan's time there. There have also been talks of his teammates not being too fond of him. So there's a good chance he will be shopped.

    The Bucks acquiring Evans would allow Brandon Jennings to focus more on scoring. Evans likes to handle the ball and could serve as more of a facilitator.

    Adding him to the Jazz or T'Wolves would give them another talented young player to help in their rebuilding.

David Lee to the Suns, Pacers, Hornets, Nuggets Kings

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    No one is safe in Golden State at this time. They will make any move that they feel will improve their team. Some value could be received for David Lee.

    The Suns, Pacers, Nuggets, Kings all need a power forward right now. The Suns will desperately try to make moves to get back into the playoffs after missing out this season. Lee brings them rebounding and familiarity with their fast-paced offense.

    The Kings are still looking to make the jump into relevancy. Lee could help.

    The Pacers and Nuggets want to take the next step as a contender. Bolstering the four spot could help them do that.

    The Hornets could potentially lose their current power forward, David West to free agency. Lee could be an option for them if that happens, and he is a great replacement.

Luc Mbah a Moute to the Thunder, Grizzlies

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    Like the Warriors, almost no one is untouchable for the Bucks. Mbah a Moute certainly isn't untouchable. He's not a sexy name; a few teams could have interest in him this summer.

    Both the Grizzlies and Thunder had great seasons. One thing they may want is another backup big. Mbah a Moute is a serviceable hustle player who plays gritty defense. He would fit right into either team.

    The Spurs had a disappointing end to their season. After winning 60 games though, not a whole lot needs to be done to the roster. Mbah a Moute fits the role of what the Spurs have been about over the last decade and a half, playing wise.

Josh Smith to the Wizards, Raptors

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    The Hawks may need to shed some salary in the coming months, and Josh Smith may be the easiest big contract to move. They may also want to get a little fresh blood on the team as well.

    The Wizards could use a small forward to fit in with their athletic group they have. Smith is arguably the best athlete in the league.

    The Raptors just need some kind of excitement on the floor. Smith has had a career of jaw-dropping plays.