Shaquille O'Neal Retires: Video Highlights of the Top 15 Dunks of His Career

Ethan Norof@ethan_norofCorrespondent IJune 1, 2011

Shaquille O'Neal Retires: Video Highlights of the Top 15 Dunks of His Career

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    With the news that Shaquille O'Neal is set to retire, it's only proper that we highlight the most impressive rim-rattling jams from his illustrious career.

    O'Neal was able to do things on a basketball court that men of his size simply shouldn't be able to, and that's exactly what made him one of the most influential centers to ever play on the NBA hardwood.

    Just sit back, relax and enjoy these very impressive 15 dunks courtesy of Shaq Daddy that will undoubtedly get the hair on the back of your neck to stand at attention.

15. Shaq Delivers Message to Andrei Kirilenko

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    Clearly frustrated by his inability to get what he wanted in the low post, Shaq decided to send a message with this rim-rattling jam.

    The ejection was probably unwarranted, but O'Neal's epic freakout after he gets tossed makes this highlight one worth watching on a loop. 

14. Shaq Dunks on Robert Parish

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    While all of these dunks are certainly great, there's something about the throw down on Robert Parish that makes No. 9 in the video very special.

    There's no doubt that the veteran was thoroughly embarrassed after he let a young Shaq deliver a big-time message.

13. Dale Davis Has No Chance Against Shaq

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    Unfortunately for Reggie Miller, when he finally did make it to the NBA Finals, he had to contend with a loaded Lakers team.

    The Diesel proved to be a match for Dale Davis or anyone else that attempted to defend him, as he carved up the interior like an electric knife going through a freshly-cooked turkey on Thanksgiving.

12. Shaq Goes 360

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    It takes incredible balance and athleticism to perform a 360 spin dunk in mid-air, and the fact that O'Neal was able to execute this at 300-plus pounds is just downright impressive.

    Although it came toward the end of his prolific career, it doesn't make this move any less special. 

11. Shaq Tells Greg Oden to Move over

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    In a classic case of young vs. old, The Diesel puts a young Greg Oden rightfully in his place.

    He just backs down until he gets where he wants, turns around and slams it all over Oden's grill like he wasn't even there.

10. Shaq Rises Up over Muresan

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    It clearly doesn't really matter how tall the defender in the middle is, because Shaq slammed it in over just about anyone.

    Remember the 7'7" Gheorghe Muresan? Despite standing nearly 10 feet tall with his arms straight up, there was no defender too tall for O'Neal to rise over.

9. Shaq Takes on 4 Jazz Players by Himself

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    When you can take on an entire club by yourself, that's grounds for some serious applause.

    But when you can take on the entire team by yourself in the lane AND throw it down in everyone's face, that calls for a downright explosion in the stands. 

8. Shaq Breaks Ankles

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    Make no mistake about it: Shaq Daddy had some pretty solid handles for a guy of his size.

    He left his defender in the dust and gave the crowd something to rise to their feet about as they clamored for an encore for the rest of the night.

7. Shaq Facials Shawn Bradley

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    Shawn Bradley was a favorite target of many dunkers alike, but perhaps nobody made him look as bad as Shaq did in this one.

    For some reason, Bradley actually thinks that he's going to be able to swat this shot away from the rim. Shaq clearly had fun with that notion.

6. Shaq Absues David Robinson

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    Shaq has a simple message for David Robinson: get out of my way.

    Whether or not he had his outstretched arm attempting to protect the cup, O'Neal was determined to let nothing stop him from throwing it home. 

5. Shaq Gets Nasty on David Robinson Again

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    Shaq apparently had a thing for embarrassing David Robinson, and The Admiral probably wishes that he wouldn't have challenged O'Neal on this one.

    Granted that it occurred in an All-Star game, but it doesn't make it any less of an incredible posterization. 

4. Shaq Gets Up on Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen

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    In one of the best dunks that nobody ever talks about, O'Neal gets up over both Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen during his early days with the Magic.

    There aren't many centers who can say that they did that.

3. Shaq Embarasses Chris Dudley

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    Shaq's dunk on Dudley's head is certainly a great feat of strength, but it's the defender's reaction that makes this clip worth watching.

    Dudley is apparently so offended by getting slammed to the ground that he retaliates by throwing the ball at Shaq while his back is turned. 

2. Shaq Delivers a Facial

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    This is often labeled Shaq's best dunk of his storied career, and it's pretty easy to see why that's the case.

    He jogs up the floor and absolutely destroys the interior defense of the Portland Trail Blazers with relative ease.

1. Shaq Breaks Backboard

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    In one of the most infamous dunks to ever be dunked in NBA history, Shaq literally pulls down the backboard with him on this slam-a-jamma.

    There are no words that can accurately describe just how incredible O'Neal's strength truly is when he brings down the house.