Nick Gilbert: The Scoop on the Cleveland Cavaliers' Newest Good Luck Charm

Ethan Norof@ethan_norofCorrespondent IMay 18, 2011

Nick Gilbert: The Scoop on the Cleveland Cavaliers' Newest Good Luck Charm

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    Nick Gilbert worked perfectly as the good luck charm for the Cleveland Cavaliers at the 2011 NBA Draft Lottery.

    Owner Dan Gilbert's son represented the team on Tuesday night, and it's a good thing that he did. The LeBron-less Cavs limped through a very rough season in their inaugural campaign without King James, but now that they hold the first and fourth overall picks, they have the chance to right the future of the franchise.

    So let's all learn a little bit about the Nick Gilbert, the harbinger of hope for Cleveland.

Who Is He?

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    Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

    Nick Gilbert is one of Dan Gilbert's (team owner) children, and was given the opportunity to represent the team at the lottery due to his unique condition.

    He's also looking to become the youngest lottery representative to bring his team instant success in the history of the NBA.

He Has Neurofibromatosis

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    Nick has battled neurofibromatosis since birth, a disease that causes tumors to grow at any point in any place on the body.

    It's no wonder that his father Dan called him his hero considering everything that he's been through.

    This 14 year-old boy has already endured serious adversity in his personal life all while maintaining a very positive lease on life, and he's brought that optimism back to the Cavs with the lottery results.

He's as Smooth as the Other Side of the Pillow

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    He was dressed to impress and had the vernacular to match at the NBA draft lottery.

    Gilbert is going to be the face of a turning point for the Cleveland franchise in the post-LeBron era, and his ability to deliver when it matters most sets the tone for how the team hopes the next season will fare.  

Inside the Numbers

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    Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

    Nick Gilbert is just 14 years old, and he netted the Cavs the first and fourth picks in the 2011 draft.

    Let's take a closer look: 1+4=14? Maybe that equation doesn't make sense in traditional math, but it would certainly add fuel to the fire that there is some funny fixin' among those ping pong balls in the lottery machine.

Post-LeBron Era

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    Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

    LeBron is still in the hunt for the hardware with his new team in South Beach while the Cavs are celebrating winning the draft lottery.

    The acquisition of two top five picks will allow the Cavs to re-shape their franchise in a drastic way, which is good considering that they need to distance themselves as far as possible from this season.

Live TV and the Cavs

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    Larry Busacca/Getty Images

    Months ago, the franchise wagged their finger vehemently at LeBron's choice to do "The Decision" on such a grandiose scale.

    But then, they secured the top pick and they understood what excitement was all about once again. The Cleveland draft party celebrated live on national television and even had members of the Cleveland Browns coming to join them.

YouTube Reaction

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    If you think that the players aren't paying attention to how the ping pong balls come out of the chute, you'd best think again.

    Just take a look at this YouTube video and see some of the more priceless reactions from draft lottery night. I think it's safe to say that they weren't expecting the Cavs to claim the top spot.

Is Cleveland Back?

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    Can the Cavaliers turn this good fortune into long-term success?

    Although there will be dissenting opinions regardless of the two players that the Cavs select on June 23, the front office needs to do their homework and make sure to smack a grand slam rather than strike out swinging with the bases loaded.

    The team has the chance to return to prominence after just one season in the doldrums, but they've got to draft with the proper logic.