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NBA Playoffs 2011: Is This Miami's Last Chance for a Championship?

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NBA Playoffs 2011: Is This Miami's Last Chance for a Championship?
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Whoa! That's all I can say.

If I were a Miami Heat fan, I would be praying they manage to steal Game 2. Because if they can't, it may be the end of the Heatles.

As I watched tonight's game, I couldn't help but wonder where the Bulls second team would end up if they played all together in another city. So many terrific young players.

I figured at the start of the season that the Heat needed to get by the Lakers and the Celtics to win this year if they were going to have a real championship due to the infusion of great young talent around the league. I knew that teams like the Bulls and the Thunder were going to be great sooner than later.

But I'll admit, I didn't see this coming.

The rest of the league needs to admit the Bulls and the Thunder are the future of the league.

And the future is now.

We're still a long way from a Bulls versus Thunder finals.

The Bulls haven't beaten the Heat yet. LeBron and Wade are proud warriors who aren't about to roll over. And the Thunder have an even tougher road with the way the Dallas Mavericks are playing.

But both of these teams are young, talented, athletic and they're well coached.

That's why they will dominate for the next decade.

No matter how much it upsets LeBron James and people of Miami.

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