2011 NBA Playoffs: Big Decisions Loom for the Los Angeles Lakers

C. J. KrasykCorrespondent IMay 9, 2011

Lakers need to make some tough choices for Bryant to get ring #6
Lakers need to make some tough choices for Bryant to get ring #6Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Now that the Lakers have been swept by the Dallas Mavericks, the big question that seems to dominate with them is who will be the coach in LA?

While that is a huge question mark right now, some bigger questions need answers too. I personally believe that Brian Shaw will be named the next coach. Mainly because he has spent so much time being groomed for the job. Plus, the other big names that have been mentioned are probably not going to want to leave their current jobs.

For me the big questions have to do with the roster.

Obviously, Kobe will be back and be the unquestioned leader of the team. Pau Gasol should be safe just like Bryant. Both of them looked tired and have logged lots of minutes. Just think about it. They both played in the Olympics and three straight trips to the Finals. That is a lot of basketball.

Derek Fisher should retire. His best basketball is behind him. He can't keep people in front of him anymore. Matt Barnes is a tough one. He was hurt most of this year so I could see giving him one more year or using him as trade bait.

Andrew Bynum should be gone. The ejection from Game 4 can't be defended. I understand frustration and have been there before, but you can't do that and wear a Lakers uniform.

Mitch Kupchak needs to trade Bynum for Dwight Howard. I know that a straight up deal is probably not going to happen. So package together something that works and get it done.

Lamar Odom might have to be a part of that package and so be it. Odom was a huge part of the title run last year, but more than likely the Magic are going to want him with Bynum for them to send Howard out west.

Steve Blake needs to be let go too. Just admit that it was a mistake before it costs you even more. Then go out in the draft and find the point guard of the future. It is kind of slim pickings, but a guy like Shelvin Mack from Butler should be there in the second round when they pick. If not then find one either by trade or free agency.

A massive overhaul is not needed, but the Lakers definitely need to make some tweaks.