Deron Williams Trade Speculation: 10 Teams He Would Fit Better on Than the Nets

Mike Foster@michaelsfosterCorrespondent IMay 4, 2011

Deron Williams Trade Speculation: 10 Teams He Would Fit Better on Than the Nets

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    Deron Williams was supposed to be a marquee player who would bring relevance and excitement to the New Jersey Nets organization.

    So far things have not panned out for Williams, who was a former superstar with the Utah Jazz.

    The Nets desperately need solidity and an identity within their walls. Williams has said that he likes his situation with the Nets currently, according to Sporting News, but does he like it enough to sign a contract extension after next season, when his current deal runs out?

    Williams is a proven big-time player who theoretically would find comfort within most NBA teams' confines.

    Here are 10 teams that could use the help of this point guard looking for a new home.

Portland Trail Blazers

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    This pick might be the biggest stretch. Portland has a very productive point guard in Andre Miller, who averaged over 14 points and five assists per game for the Blazers in 2010-11.

    But Portland could use a media darling like Williams to really bring the team back into the spotlight. Plus, in the competitive Western Conference, the more marquee names, the merrier.

Denver Nuggets

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    Denver has two talented guards in Raymond Felton and Ty Lawson, who've both been productive, but neither of them is close to NBA superstar status.

    With the loss of Carmelo Anthony, all eyes suddenly dropped off the Denver Nuggets and focused east on the Knicks.

    Denver could use Williams as its new feature player and possibly have the best offense in the NBA considering how productive it was in 2010.

Miami Heat

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    Could we really have a "Big Four" in Miami?

    Eh, it's hard to comprehend the financial allowance of this event, but the NBA is "where amazing happens."

    Have we not seen that enough with the Heat franchise already? Who knows—maybe even a trade could take place that could put Williams down south.

    Mike Bibby is not a long-term solution at point guard, and the Heat will be looking for a solid point player as they move forward after this season.

    Maybe this sounds crazy, but the Heat already functioned in 2010 with three All-Star players. We can't claim that Williams' presence would hurt them yet. It's fun to speculate about how dominating they could be.

Detroit Pistons

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    Will Bynum only played in 61 games in 2010, but he still failed to produce.

    As the Pistons' main ball-handler, Bynum scored 7.9 points per game and only averaged three assists.

    For a lonesome franchise like Detroit, any major addition would be music to fans' ears. Deron Williams would make perfect sense for a Pistons team in desperate need of a fresh, market-friendly face.

Minnesota Timberwolves

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    This might be the most obvious pick of them all.

    Luke Ridnour was as average as he could be for the T-Wolves this year. Minnesota has talent but still has not been able to contend in the Western Conference.

    Getting a big-play point guard could go a long way in its immediate development into a contending team. It takes serious command at key positions to become a playoff contender in the West, and Williams would no doubt heavily improve Minnesota's prospects of making the postseason.

Houston Rockets

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    Kyle Lowry wasn't that terrible for the Houston Rockets in 2010. He averaged double digits in scoring and more than five assists per contest.

    But Houston definitely has a problem.

    The Rockets don't have one star player on their entire roster. 

    That has to change if Houston wants a chance at competing in the Southwest Division.

    Sure, Houston led the league in assists this year, and it needs interior help as well, but getting Deron Williams would be a nice start in the bulking of their lineup.

Los Angeles Lakers

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    Everyone loves Derek Fisher, especially the Laker fans.

    But it's pretty evident Fisher's time has come.

    He has 14 years of playing experience in the books, but his production at the point position has been pretty lacking.

    He scored 6.8 points per game and dished just 2.7 assists per game to boot.

    Think about how dominating the Lakers could be with Deron Williams running the ball up the court.

    The Heat would definitely meet their match when it comes to star-studded clubs.

Cleveland Cavaliers

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    Baron Davis is a nice player—a very nice player.

    But Cleveland really needs a dashing point guard.

    Heck, the Cavaliers just need a player with serious pedigree. Let's face it—they might never heal from the wounds left from the departure of LeBron James, but the presence of Davis, Ramon Sessions and Anthony Parker in the backcourt doesn't exactly serve as balm for the cut.

    Deron Williams could get this Cleveland fanbase energized once again. If any NBA franchise needs a boost in morale, it's definitely Cleveland.

New York Knicks

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    The Knicks took a step closer to being contenders in the Eastern Conference with Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony at the helm.

    This is a franchise deep within a market that would flourish with a "big three" cast, much like Miami's. And there is no doubt the addition of Deron Williams would make the New York Knicks extremely relevant and media-friendly in 2011.

    Toney Douglas has been a decent point guard but could also play at the 2 position if he had to. Williams would easily fit into this system and create a penetrating aspect to an offense that needs a strong presence in the backcourt.

Atlanta Hawks

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    Two things are certain in Atlanta.

    One, Kirk Hinrich is not considered to be a long-term option at point guard for the Hawks. Two, Jeff Teague is extremely raw, albeit talented.

    Atlanta needs a penetrating and quick point guard, but also needs an experienced one, and that's where Teague's presence lacks.

    The Hawks have been straddling the line between contender and pretender now for a few years and always seem to be lacking a piece here or there.

    They definitely need a presence at the 5 spot, but they just as badly need solidarity at point guard. Rick Sund has played musical chairs with temporary options at point guard for the past five years now, which has had Hawks fans shaking their heads.

    If the Hawks could actually land Deron Williams, they could become serious contenders, though Joe Johnson's gigantic contract might not allow that move to happen.