Derrick Rose: 5 Reasons People Mistake Rose as a Deserving MVP

Jeremy FiorettiContributor IIIApril 29, 2011

Derrick Rose: 5 Reasons People Mistake Rose as a Deserving MVP

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    Disclaimer: This is not a hate column, but the opinions of an NBA enthusiast who feels like the MVP award loses legitimacy when somebody like Derrick Rose wins it over players who really should.

    For the better half of the NBA season, Rose has somehow managed to defy logic and become the favorite for what seems to be an inevitable and unlikely MVP win.

    To those of you who think there are more deserving candidates, you're right.

    Rather than profiling each player who deserves it more, let's take a few moments to think critically as to why something so erroneous is about to take place.

    Because everything happens for a reason, here are the top five for why people [mistakenly] think Derrick Rose should win MVP.

No. 5: Best Player/Best Team Theory

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    Derrick Rose is undeniably having a great season, but it's really being magnified by the success of the Chicago Bulls. They finished the regular season with the No. 1 seed in the East and sported the best record in the NBA.

    Are the Bulls truly the best team? It's debatable. But Rose scores the most points for what is arguably the best team, so people assume that he is the most valuable player in the league, even though the most valuable asset to his own team, happens to be the defense.

    Even in close games when the Bulls defense carries them down the stretch, the perception is that Rose led them to victory, so he continues to get all the credit, even though he simply doesn't deserve it.

No. 4: Highlight Reel

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    You can count on one hand how many players can match Derrick Rose in the athleticism department. There's no question he's a freak. His size and ability to get to the rim are rare for a point guard. He is able to manipulate his body and finish better than anybody in the league.

    It seems like a game doesn't go by that Derrick isn't featured on SportsCenter's Top Plays. He is as entertaining to watch as anybody.

    But with that being said, his athleticism should not excuse some of the poor decisions he makes, which the casual fan doesn't see on ESPN. And as a Bulls fan, it sure is easy to ignore three missed shots when the fourth one is a dunk.

    As long as the Bulls keep winning, Rose's flaws will continue to go unnoticed.

No. 3: Misleading Stats

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    Most "Rose For MVP" pundits frequently point out that he is the only player in the league who is top 10 in points and assists.

    What nobody cares to mention is that no other point guards shoot at the alarming rate that Rose does.

    The central job of a point guard is to distribute, but Rose leads the NBA in percentage of team's shots taken.

    With Rose's athleticism, he could easily lead the league in assists, and similarly, some of the top assist point guards could easily jump into the top ten in points if they were only more selfish. As a "shoot-first" primary ball-handler, it only makes sense for him to have high averages in both points and assists, but neither of the two are done efficiently.

No. 2: Media Buzz

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    There has recently been a typhoon-sized wave of reports coming from across the country that Derrick Rose is the leading candidate for Most Valuable Player.

    What is the reason for this?

    Think about it from a media standpoint. Rose is the captain of a surprise championship contender, he would be the youngest MVP ever at age 22 and he would be the first Bulls MVP since Michael Jordan.

    In fact, M.J. himself even gave Rose a vote of confidence by saying he'd pick Derrick for the award. What would make better news than Chicago's basketball legacy being restored by a young kid who grew up in Chicago?

    Journalists everywhere are salivating at the idea.

    The only problem is that Rose isn't producing like an MVP should. There are several better candidates to this point who are producing like MVPs on teams that are just as good as the one Rose is on.

    Hopefully the hype didn't inhibit voters from thinking clearly.

No. 1: Shock Value

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    If you asked any sane person prior to this season who would win the Eastern Conference, without hesitation their answer would be the Miami Heat. There was a smorgasbord of All-Star free agents signing everywhere but Chicago during the only summer where acquiring Carlos Boozer goes unnoticed.

    The Bulls probably weren't even projected to be second or third on your list. After all, they were a combined 82-82 in two seasons prior. A surge from eighth to first in the conference in a year's time is an epic leap that nobody expected.

    For some reason, it helps Rose's MVP chances that our expectations were so low and it hurts a guy like LeBron James, who's able to play at an MVP level perennially, that our expectations were so high.

    Just because we're used to it doesn't mean we need to start looking elsewhere for a new best player. Rose was a cute flavor of the month, but realistically, he's got a long way to go.