NBA Playoffs 2011: Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia 76ers Game 4 Report Card

Peter HillCorrespondent IIApril 24, 2011

NBA Playoffs 2011: Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia 76ers Game 4 Report Card

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    Coming into Game 4, the Philadelphia 76ers had their back against the walls down 3-0. Pride was on the line and Philadelphia responded with a much needed win at home.

    Led by key players Andre Iguodala, Lou Williams and Elton Brand the 76ers were able to pull off the key victory. 

    On the other hand, the "Big Three" of Miami had their ups and downs on the road.

    Let's get right to it. Here are the grades for each key player in Game 4 of this series. 

Chris Bosh

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    Bosh never really got into the flow of this game, mainly because of the defense played against him. Elton Brand and Spencer Hawes did a great job on Bosh, limiting him to 12 points on five of 12 shooting.

    Bosh did have a pair of huge blocks towards the end of the game, reminding viewers that he was indeed still playing. 

    The versatile lefty did a good job defensively on Brand. Brand came out on fire in the first quarter, helping put the 76ers up 14. After Bosh made some adjustments in how he was guarding him, Brand was nowhere to be seen in the second half. 

    Bosh's biggest issue was his lack of rebounding. He finished with just five boards and none of them came on the offensive end. If Miami plans on advancing deep in the playoffs they need at least eight rebounds out of Bosh every night.


    Final Grade: C-

Dwayne Wade

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    Dwyane Wade had a great game on Sunday. He was effective in every aspect of the game, contributing his efforts across the board.

    He finished with a stat line of 22 points, eight rebounds, four assists, five blocks and three steals. Talk about "doing it all".

    Easily the best part of his game Sunday was his defensive efforts. Wade was constantly in the right place at the right time, interfering with everything Philadelphia tried to do on offense. 

    The one knock on Wade was his slight lack of scoring. In the last few minutes of the game Wade was nowhere to be found, leaving the notoriously un-clutch LeBron James to try and win the game.

    Overall Wade had a very sound and impressive game. If he had scored 30 points or more it would have been his best playoff game this year.


    Final Grade: B+

LeBron James

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    During certain points in the game it seemed like we were watching LeBron James vs. Philadelphia. LeBron was the only player making plays on offense and did so at a high degree. 

    Like he usually does, LeBron was able to get into the lane and finish with contact. LeBron went to the line 11 times, making nine of those attempts.

    LeBron's final line looks pretty. James posted 31 points, seven rebounds and six assists in 44 minutes. 

    However, LeBron could not hit from deep. He finished the game with zero makes out of four attempts from three, allowing the 76ers to sink back into the paint and make LeBron beat them with his shot. 


    Final Grade: A-

Elton Brand

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    Brand finished with his most effective game of this year's playoffs. The 32-year-old forward finished with 15 points, 11 rebounds and two blocks.

    Even though Brand has had better games statistically, the way he defended Chris Bosh makes this one special. He was able to take Bosh out of the game, constantly preventing him from getting the ball.

    Unfortunately for Brand, most of his work was done in the first half. Brand started off hot in the first quarter and progressively cooled down as the game wore on. 

    Brand may not get a lot of credit for his work down low but Doug Collins surely appreciates it. Collins loves smart players who play within themselves, something Brand did very on Sunday.


    Final Grade: B+

Andre Iguodala

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    Like his teammate Elton Brand, Iguodala started off hot before cooling down quickly. 

    Iguodala finished the game with 16 points, five rebounds and four assists. His overall effectiveness and work with the ball made this a solid game.

    He was constantly handling the ball and making good decisions finding open teammates. Iguodala has changed his game over the past few years and it worked out well for him Sunday. 

    One thing Iguodala could have done better was shoot more and get to the line at a higher rate. Andre only took 13 shots and attempted just four free throws. 

    Philadelphia will need more scoring out of Iguodala if they want to continue this playoff series.


    Final Grade: B-

Lou Williams

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    Lou Williams was the savior for Philadelphia on Sunday. His work in the fourth quarter single-handedly won them the game.

    Williams came up big time and time again, eventually nailing the game winning three pointer with eight seconds left.

    Williams is generally only good for scoring, something he did well on Sunday. Williams went six for 14 from the field, including two for six from three. He finished with 17 points and contributed the majority of those in the fourth quarter. 

    Philadelphia needs a "X" factor player like Williams to win games. Look for Lou to keep shooting in Game 5. 


    Final Grade: A-