Kobe Bryant Can Do No Wrong: Why the Black Mamba Will Slither Away Unscathed

Dan CondieContributor IIIMay 9, 2011

Kobe Bryant
Kobe BryantKevork Djansezian/Getty Images

It's astounding.

The Los Angeles Lakers were just taken out behind the wood shed by the Dallas Mavericks and given a 122-86 shellacking to seal a four-game sweep of the defending champions.

The Lakers had no answer for anything Dallas did all series long. They couldn't keep large, late-game leads, couldn't hit winning shots at the buzzer, couldn't play like champions.

The same criticisms could be found when talking about the Cavaliers' playoff shortcomings against the Magic in '09 and again last year against the Boston Celtics

Funny thing is, when it came to finger-pointing with the Cavaliers, the only person accountable for the Cavaliers' success was LeBron James.

James was almost harassed for his postseason play last season and, again, ripped apart for not shaking hands with the Orlando Magic players after a loss in the '09 series.

Kobe Bryant is only one of maybe four or five different people accountable for the success of the Lakers and, therefore, is rarely ever blamed for Lakers' struggles, losses, etc.

When things are good, Kobe is king. Kobe finds himself among "best of the best" talks. Comparisons of his legacy are made with all time greats and the masses sing his praises on the rooftops.

When things are shaky for the Lakers, there has to be something going on with Pau Gasol's toughness. There must be another injury bothering Andrew Bynum. Phil Jackson's last year is really just getting to this team psychologically. The bench is giving the starters any production.

The list of excuses really does go on and on while Kobe sneaks out the back door.

Wait a second! Who took the final attempts against the Magic and Celtics, missed them and was ripped to shreds for it with the point: LeBron will never be great because he isn't anywhere near the level of closer Kobe is.

So, who was taking the final shot for LA to beat Dallas in Games 1 and 3, missed all attempts at game-winning shots and has not been the least bit marred by it?


So go on, Black Mamba. Slither away out the back door, but I have your number.