NBA Trade Scenarios: 10 Potential Deals for the Hornets' Chris Paul

Alex MonacoContributor IIApril 15, 2011

NBA Trade Scenarios: 10 Potential Deals for the Hornets' Chris Paul

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    The New Orleans Hornets are set to make another playoff run thanks to the leadership of Chris Paul.  However, a lot is to still to be determined with the future of the Hornets star-studded point guard.  Paul this season is averaging a remarkable 16 PPG, 9.9 APG and 4.1 RPG.  Paul's in his sixth year with the team and under contract for one more season until the summer of 2012 where he becomes a free agent.

    Paul, as much as he is deemed "interested" in other teams, remains committed to what he's a part of in New Orleans.  However, if anytime before the summer of 2012 Paul hints that he's not going to stay with the Hornets the team may opt to trade him.

    If that's the case, let's take a look at some of the possible teams that New Orleans may make a deal with for the highly touted CP3.  

10. Sacramento Kings

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    Proposed Trade

    Beno Udrih, Francisco Garcia, Donte Greene, and two first-round picks for Paul

    With the Kings likely moving to Anaheim, a fresh start is certainly in order for the franchise.

    Tyreke Evans and DeMarco Cousins seem to be two guys that the team is going to build around for the future.  Paul would be the veteran to this trio but would bring an electrifying edge that the Kings are in desperate need of at the point guard position.

    The Hornets may consider this trade for two reasons.  Firstly, they are receiving a 1, a 2, and a 3 in Udrih, Garcia, and Greene.  Secondly, they are inheriting two first-round picks that could turn into who knows what.  The Kings get they want for now, and the Hornets salvage a Paul trade with some Kings' role players and a couple of draft picks. 

9. Detroit Pistons

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    Proposed trade

    Will Bynum, Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva, and a first-round pick for Paul.

    The Pistons are a team that needs to start over. They have made some mistakes in free agency and need a fresh start like a trade for Paul would be.

    Detroit has a lot of interesting pieces that I'm sure intrigue other NBA teams. The Hornets would stack up at guard and add a power forward in this hypothetical trade.

    Paul to the Pistons would make for a rather unpredictable team and for that reason this proposal is exciting. 

8. Atlanta Hawks

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    Proposed trade

    Jeff Teague, Kirk Hinrich, Zaza Pachulia and two first-round picks for Paul.

    The thought of Paul headed to Atlanta is a bit of a stretch. However, he would certainly add to already one of the most athletic starting fives in the NBA. Without a doubt, Paul would elevate Joe Johnson, Jamal Crawford, Josh Smith and Al Horford's already tight-knit chemistry. 

    The Hornets would be getting a couple of role players and a couple of first-round picks to dabble with in this potential trade. It may not be the best move for New Orleans, but it is a smart move getting Paul out of the West. 

7. Dallas Mavericks

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    Proposed trade

    Jason Kidd, DeShawn Stevenson, and Brendan Haywood for Paul.

    The Mavericks in this trade would be getting younger—there is no doubt about that. They would be turning the page on the Jason Kidd chapter and trying to mix and match one more Dirk Nowitzki and point guard combo fit for an NBA title.

    If Paul played for the Mavericks he would get all the money in the world and Mark Cuban would do everything in his power to make sure he was happy in Dallas. 

    The Hornets would be getting a Hall of Fame point guard at the end of his career and two productive role players if this deal were to get done. Both teams would benefit and it would definitely shake up the West. 

6. Portland Trail Blazers

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    Proposed trade

    Andre Miller, Wesley Matthews, and Rudy Fernandez for Paul.

    The Blazers always seem to be one player short by the time the playoffs come around.  They have made too many moves and gone through too many injuries to not win a championship with Brandon Roy and company.

    Paul would bring a certain swagger that Portland seems to be in need of. Paul, Roy, and LaMarcus Aldridge would be a trio that would not be taken lightly. 

    The Hornets in this trade would be getting three solid players that could contribute on just about any team. The deal makes sense it is just a stretch because of all of the other options that Paul has.

5. Los Angeles Clippers

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    Proposed Trade

    Eric Bledsoe, Mo Williams, and Ryan Gomes for Paul.

    This trade depends a lot on the future play of Bledsoe, Williams, and Gomes. However; Bledsoe is young and has the capabilities under the right system to be a premier guard in this league.  Williams has proved time and time again that he is a reliable scorer when called upon. These two guards alone, if given enough minutes, can make up statistically what Paul produces in one game.

    For the Clip Show, they add a vital piece for their up and coming squad. Paul would raise the play of Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, and everyone else running with CP3 on that Clippers team. 

4. Orlando Magic

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    Proposed Trade

    Gilbert Arenas, Chris Duhon and Brandon Bass for Paul.

    The Magic are a team that seems to have all of its pieces put in place. However, they have seemed to fall short the past several seasons despite all of the moves that they have made.

    We thought that Arenas was going to be the answer at the guard position but it hasn't quite worked out that way.

    The Magic who were once in the top two in the Eastern Conference, have now taken a backseat to the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, and Chicago Bulls.

    A move like this puts them back in serious contention.

    If this were the deal that went down, the starting lineup for the Magic would read: Paul, Jameer Nelson, Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu, and Dwight Howard.

    That right there is a championship starting five. 

3. Miami Heat

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    Proposed trade

    Chris Bosh, Joel Anthony and Mario Chalmers for Paul and Carl Landry.

    This move may shock most people, but it's a high-risk high-reward kind of move for the Miami Heat. So far in one season, the "Big Three" in Miami have experienced a lack of leadership at the point-guard position.

    Because Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are who they are, someone to be able to facilitate an offense that they're both in can only make them that much better. Paul is that answer in this predicament.

    We all know the Heat invested in Bosh, but he's not the leader that Paul is. Also, the Heat in this hypothetical trade still get an extremely productive power forward in Landry.

    The Heat may seriously want to consider a move like this. 

2. Los Angeles Lakers

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    Proposed trade

    Steve Blake, Ron Artest and Shannon Brown for Paul.

    We all know that the point-guard position for the Lakers is a ticking clock that's about to run out. Assuming the Lakers re-sign Brown, a three-for-one trade in this instance could make both parties improve drastically.

    Paul would get a chance to play for the best of the best. Meanwhile, Blake and Brown would get a chance to shine in New Orleans.

    Even though the NBA is a business, the Lakers could be improving both Blake and Brown's careers as they continue to move forward in the NBA.

    The Lakers are getting older and the NBA is getting younger. You'd like to think that the Lakers would find a move like this necessary to keep them in the elite of the NBA. 

1. New York Knicks

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    Proposed trade

    Landry Fields, Toney Douglas, Jared Jeffries and a future first-round pick for Paul.

    We all know the Knicks are a team that's going to continue to make acquisitions until they feel they're championship ready. A big piece to their puzzle in the making is Paul.

    What Paul brings to the Knicks is a sense of stability at the point-guard position. Paul, who has played with both Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire, would be the perfect addition to this already big two. 

    In turn, the Hornets would be getting three potential starters and what could be a very pivotal futuristic first-round pick. 

    The deal makes sense for both sides and Paul to the Knicks could be one of those trades that goes down in history.