Antonio Cromartie and the 25 Most Intense Twitter Feuds in Sports

Kelsey GivensAnalyst IIMarch 31, 2011

Antonio Cromartie and the 25 Most Intense Twitter Feuds in Sports

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    Twitter seems to be the new medium for celebrity rants and feuds, and the world of sports is not immune to this fad.

    Recently feuds have popped up between the likes of Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart, Shawn Merriman and CM Punk, Chris Kluwe and Peter King and many more. 

    Players, coaches and beat writers alike have all taken to the 140 character blogging service to voice their complaints about other players and the way certain situations are handled in the world of sports. 

    This is a list of the 25 most intense Twitter feuds in sports. 

No. 25 Terrell Owens vs. Tony Romo

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    This seemed to be a mostly one-sided feud brought on by none other than Terrell Owens, a.k.a T.O.

    After feeling forced to leave the Dallas Cowboys, T.O. posted this hard to read tweet, which in summary said it was Romo's fault that he left.

    "neither ws i, blame the OC & romo!! but i'm happy 2 b where i am but i miss the other guys tht were & r true teammates!!"

No. 24 Nick Barnett vs. Aaron Rodgers

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    This past season, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made a comment concerning his teammates on the injured reserve list about those who decided to stay in Green Bay to do their rehab instead of leaving before the season was over, according to

    Linebacker Nick Barnett, who was put on the injured reserve list during Week 4, fired back at Rodgers by posting this tweet in response to his comment according to 

    "Looks like people have something to say about where some people choose to do there rehab,” Barnett wrote. “Try rehabbing with 16 others then 53 more. Doubt you get the full attention needed.. It’s easy to speak about others when you are not in their position.. Talk about ‘union’ ha"

    Shortly after this all occurred, Barnett decided he may have overreacted to the comment and decided once and for all to delete his Twitter account.

    Maybe the old saying is true, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all—especially not on Twitter where everyone and their mother can see it.  

No. 23 Bacarri Rambo vs. Da'Rick Rogers

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    Kids these days just don't know what they should and shouldn't post on the internet. 

    This feud started on the Facebook page of Georgia Safety Bacarri Rambo when he posted a status about his disappointment in all of the Georgia recruits who backed out on the school at the last moment. According to, he vowed to "knock fire" from them when they met on the field.

    Among the recruits who backed out was Receiver Da'Rick Rogers, who had committed to Georgia for seven months before changing his mind and signing with Tennessee.

    In response to Rambo's Facebook comment, Rogers tweeted, "Who is Bacarri Rambo?"

    After several more aggressive tweets were exchanged between the two, the feud seems to have lost most of its steam. The real test will come in October when these two face off on the field.   

No. 22 Florida Panther's President Yormark vs. Beat Writer George Richards

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    Earlier this month The Miami Herald beat writer George Richards was covering the Florida Panthers' trade deadline. As part of this coverage, Richards was including Twitter hash tags such as  #FlaPanthersFireSale and #FlaPanthersSalaryDump. 

    This seemed to really strike a nerve with the team's president, Michael Yormark, who ended the day with a tweet that read, "love george richard's tweets. He just doesn't get it He probably spends too much time in the adt club and not enough time doing his homework."

    In response, Richards retaliated by not only retweeting what Yormark had posted, but also saying, "@NFLFischel the way this thing is going, panthers may not have to worry about anyone covering this team anyway...crickets."

    After a few more jabs at Yormark, Richards' last tweet on the matter read, "Meant to say: @PanthersYormark does not owe me an apology. He was just having fun - and naming a sponsor."

    So, this feud seems to have completely died out, and all parties involved seem to be back on good least for now. 

No. 21 Hulk Hogan vs. Bret Hart

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    This feud seems more like a petty cat fight than a real issue-oriented fight...which is why it's near the bottom of this list. 

    According to, while answering questions via his twitter account, Bret Hart had this to say about Hulk Hogan: "Hogan's nothing but a two-faced, backstabbing, steroid freak who deserved everything he got."

    If Hart thought Hogan wouldn't respond to the jab, he was wrong. Hogan fired back on his Twitter account saying, "Listen to where Bretts speaking from,it's funny he's done everything he's saying I did."

    This fight seems to still be in the works, so we'll all just have to wait and see where this drama-fest goes next. 

No. 20 the Miz vs. Chris Jericho

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    It seems that wrestlers in the WWE have recently discovered the wonderful world of Twitter.

    They have been stoking the fire before their fights by fighting, verbally, with one via Twitter.

    In this case, it seems The Miz may have felt a little left out since everyone was focusing on the feud between The Rock and Chris Cena. So, he started his own with Chris Jericho before their next upcoming fight. 

    According to the Wrestling News Arena, the insult filled feud went something like this...

    Chris Jericho
    @mikethemiz you’re gay

    The Miz
    @IAmJericho u flat iron ur hair n im the gay one?

    Chris Jericho
    @mikethemiz hmmmm good call. Then again u use mounds of sculpting paste to assemble your purple fauxhawk as u admire yourself in the mirror

    The Miz
    @IAmJericho if u looked this good u would do the same. i guess its a rockstar thing.

    Chris Jericho
    if I looked that good I would put a bag on my head

    The Miz
    @IAmJericho i cant do this back n forth my dad always taught my to respect the elderly.

    Chris Jericho
    @mikethemiz Did he teach u to say “do u want fries with that?”…might come in handysomeday.

    The Miz
    @IAmJericho it did come in handy back in 1996 remember those days when u actually had hair. its cool though bald is the new black.

    Chris Jericho
    @mikethemiz Adam lambert called and he wants you back…

    The Miz
    @IAmJericho listen clay jericho i mean chris aiken i mean y2gay ryan seacrest called n he wants his highlights back

    Chris Jericho
    Just heard Miz’s match tonight in Adelaide was cancelled due to lack of interest

    The Miz
    i ate some bad food i have to go take a chris jericho
    as i sit here in the stalls of jericho i cant get this parasite out does anyone have a code breaker?
    code broken i broke the walls down.

    Chris Jericho
    I’m glad Miz thinks of me when he’s taking a dumpski. I think of him when I’m banging his mum…
    @mikethemiz I heard Miz had a barnburner of a match tonight…people ran out and burned their barns in protest.

    The Miz
    @IAmJericho i just talked to my mom and she said not to worry it happens to alot of guys, you were nervous. Also y does she call u pinky

    Those just be some of the best insults ever thrown at an opponent in the history of the WWE...or maybe not. 

No.19 the Rock vs. John Cena

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    Here is another example of WWE fighters using Twitter to spar with each other verbally before they can get at each other physically.

    This fight seems to just be a whole lot of name calling and general boasting about who is going to destroy who when they meet up in the ring.

    Here are a few examples of the types of tweets these two are posting concerning one another.

    TheRock: John Cena - God himself can't save you from the ass kicking I will give you this Sunday at Wrestlemania. TEAM BRING IT.

    JohnCena: CeNation. D Day. No rhymes. No B.S. Dwayne would like me to address him like a man? Well sir. Today u remember the name John Cena.

    And this feud will most likely continue to rule the conversations of WWE until these two can finally meet in the ring and duke it out.   

No. 18 Stevie Johnson vs. God?

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    Here is yet another ridiculous one-sided feud brought on by an angry, temper tantrum-throwing professional athlete.

    During the past football season, Buffalo Bill's player Stevie Johnson failed to catch what would have been the game-winning ball, causing his team to lose to the Steelers.

    After the game Johnson decided missing the catch wasn't his fault it was God's fault, so he took to Twitter to post a small tweet, calling God out on his mistake.

    The tweet read something like this:


    Subtle no? It seems God is taking the higher road, however, and kept all comments and replies off of his Twitter page.  

No. 17 Jalen Rose vs. Doug Smith

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    Former NBA player Jalen Rose is no stranger to putting people on blast via his Twitter account. 

    In this feud, Rose posted a six-tweet long message on his Twitter account about his displeasure in something Toronto Star writer Doug Smith said about him in his blog, according to

    The tweets were as follows:

    "I ran into @smithraps(who I like and respect)and can't believe how he tried to front on me 2day in his blog w/fabricated reporting-so now-

    "I must set him and the record straight-1st off-i was NOT late-I let the powers that be know I had a physical setup at UCLA-2nd I didn't hv

    "on shades but what if I did-it was 10:30am in june(in LA)-also my RRover is a 2006 supercharger(that's not OLD where I'm from)-lastly-he was

    "not drinking coffee or tea from starbucks-he was sitting in front of the bldg-SMOKING a CIGARETTE(at 10:30am)-with the remaining half of the

    "pack wondering if it would be time to restock by Noon-and yes we did talk about why the Raps are not pending contenders for the NBA title-

    "I got love for the TDot-and got lots of friends still there-so @smithraps don't try to take shots and think I won't see it! Headed to game 2"

No. 16 Chad Ocho Cinco vs. Darrelle Revis

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    Chad Ochocinco is just another one of those people who likes to stir up drama just because it's fun.

    In this feud, Ochocinco started trash talking Jets Cornerback Darrelle Revis on Twitter the week before their teams were set to meet up for their final game of this past season.

    Ochocinco start the fight with a tweet that read, "I'm coming to the big apple to give NY what they've never seen, an escape inmate gone wild on Revis Island...try and cover me!"

    As well as several other boasting tweets before Revis responded with this tweet, "good morning world. i just woke up from this crazy dream. @OGOchoCinco came to Revis Island and disappeared."

    The back-and-forth exchange seem to go on all week and then died out once the Bengals lost to the Jets 26-10.

No. 15 T.O. vs. Ochocinco

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    Isn't it just sad when two friends seem to be feuding? That was the case in this fight between former bff's T.O. and Chad Ochocinco.

    Apparently, Ochocinco decided it was all T.O.'s fault that Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer was debating whether or not to leave the team. 

    So Ochocinco started the fight with this tweet, according to "@terrellowens Man its your (blank) fault my QB is retiring, I should whoop your (blank) cause they're blaming me you (blank) Diva!!!"

    Which was then replied to by T.O. with this tweet, "@ochocinco I should whoop ur (blank) 4 asking me 2 come 2 Cincy! Yeh it's my fault tht he's retiring but not if I woulda had 15 TDs instead of 9."

    The feud continued for several more tweets amongst the two before eventually dying out. Hopefully, this litle spat didn't totally destroy the friendship between these two...that would just be very sad.

No. 14 Chris Kluwe vs. Peter King

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    Viking's Punter Chris Kluwe and Sports Illustrated writer Peter King got into a heated discussion via Twitter this past season. Over a tweet, Kluwe posted defending a bad punt made by Giants Punter Matt Dodge in their game against the Eagles.

    King responded to his tweet, according to Xfinity Sports, saying, "Amazing how many are working to find excuses for Dodge."

    Several more tweets back and forth ensued in a discussion about how hard punting really is. King ended the argument by tweeting, "Don't make act of directional punting rocket science." 

No. 12 Conan O'Brien vs. Lance Armstrong

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    This is just a really odd fight that took place on Twitter for a brief time between late-night talkshow host Conan O'Brien and cyclist Lance Armstrong. 

    After a long day, O'Brien tweeted what was supposed to be a funny tweet about it saying, "Yesterday was the longest day of the year, unless you count the time I interviewed Lance Armstrong."

    Armstrong seemed to really take offense to the comment and fired back tweeting, "All you wanted to talk about was riding bikes and shaving your legs. It was, uh, slightly freaky."

    O'Brien was able to peacefully end this feud a short while later tweeting back at Armstrong with "I was drunk. And I wanted some tips for smoother legs. Is that so wrong?"

    It seems that fight that started on Twitter was also able to remedied on Twitter.  

No. 12 WWE’s CM Punk vs. Buffalo Bill’s Shawn Merriman

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    Most of the feuds thus far on this list have been between people in the same sports arenas, but this one has gone above and beyond that by bringing together two athletes from different sports to fight with one another. 

    WWE's CM Punk and Buffalo Bill's Shawn Merriman went at it via Twitter a couple of weeks ago. It all began when CM Punk tweeted, "Watching Shawne Merriman of the Buffalo Bills hit on our divas and strike out. Reminds me of the Bills in the Super Bowl." Ouch.

    Not one to take turn the other cheek, Merriman quickly tweeted back, "I was just giving you guys some hope. Look like you were struggling by the pool."

    To which Punk responded, "If you could get to a QB as fast as you ran after our divas, maybe you'd make headlines being a Pro Bowler and not a creep."

    Which Merriman then responded to in a tweet saying, "How about I come and deliver a nice special Lights Out ass woopin tonight Costa Rican Style."

    Several more fiery tweets ensued, before the feud seemed to die down a bit. It doesn't look like these two will be friendly any time soon.  

No. 11 Darren Sharper vs. Visanthe Shiancoe

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    This Twitter feud escalated quickly.

    It went from a simple tweet of "x marks the spot" by Saints player Darren Sharper, in reference to Brett Favre's ankle injury, to Vikings player Visanthe Shiancoe taking a large print out of Osama Bin Laden and putting Sharper's name on it before using it for practice at the shooting range.

    Things really got out of hand here. The fight seems to have ended with Sharper having the last tweet, which basically said he would bust Shiancoe in the mouth "for America." How patriotic.  

No. 10 Shaq vs. Jalen Rose

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    This fight was short, sweet and to the point. 

    It all started when Jalen Rose made a comment about Shaq that pretty much insinuated that he wasn't as good of a player anymore and wasn't as relevant nowadays. 

    Of course, Shaq wasn't going to take that one sitting down. So, he called Rose out on Twitter saying "Jalen rose cud neva say wht I am or what I am not, he was soft then, he's softer now, respect yur elders, u rememba da finals,I saw yo eyes."

    To which Rose responded by tweeting, "#soft I call it like I see it-U hv an AGAINST the LAW tattoo-but you are a registered police officer & twitter beef is LAME!"

    That was the end of that fight, but as short as it was, it was hard to stop watching it, kind of like a bad car wreck or a really ugly dog. 

No. 9 Ochocinco vs. Mark Kriegel

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    It seems Twitter may be Chad Ochocinco's favorite way of starting beefs with anyone and everyone who does something to irritate him.

    Back in 2009, Fox Sports columnist Mark Kriegel wrote a not very nice column that did more than critique Ochocinco's playing ability. The column pretty much attacked anything and everything it could about the football player.

    Ochocinco, rightfully so, was upset by the column, so he took to Twitter to vent his frustrations. He called Kriegel out tweeting, "Mark Kriegel you're an idiot, you want a Lil fame I'll help, because your story today sucked just like you did in school!!!"

    While not the most prolific tweet to have ever graced the Internet, it got the point across and probably made Ochocinco feel better about the whole situation.  

No. 8 Shane Carwin vs. Roy Nelson

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    Some feuds are just a lot of hot-headed nonsense, and this seems to be one of those fights.

    In 2010, MMA fighter Roy Nelson tweeted, "Just woke up and was reading the mma news websites and only one had real news ufc champ shane carwin steroids court case. I am surprised that athletes in mma do steroids ;( that explains body types."

    This obviously didn't sit well with Carwin, so he fired back tweeting, "I love Roy Nelson trying to elevate his status by talking smacks. Hopefully he is doing so on a treadmil. Some have rolls he has a bakery." Oh, attacking from the weight angle, that's new.

    The fight continued for a short while after via retweets from both parties about what their fans had to say about the fight. 

    Hopefully, these two made nice and learned not to attack the body image of their fellow fighters, especially if one may or may not allegedly be on steroids. 

No. 7 Scott Raab vs. LeBron James

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    Ever seen the hashtag #whoreofakron on Twitter? 

    If so then you probably know its creator, Esquire writer Scott Raab. He's currently in the process of writing a book about the sports in Cleveland and is specifically focusing a lot of time on the former King James.

    His anger and disgust of LeBron James decision to leave Cleveland for Miami is well known, and he isn't afraid to use a few choice modifiers to help truly express how he feels about the situation.

    After the decision, he wrote some very strongly-worded tweets using the #whoreofakron hashtag, which read, "#WhoreOfAkron just woke up. Go f*** yourself, you gutless punk. @ KingJames Sanchez is wearing them down."

    Instead of openly responding via Twitter, James, for his part, has kept silent and let his handlers answer for him. Raab was denied press credentials for all Miami Heat home games this season, making it more expensive and difficult for him to collect information on him for his book.

No. 6 Terrell Owens vs. Rodney Harrison

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    Like his teammate Chad Ochocinco, it seems T.O. loves to vent about almost anything and everything via his Twitter account.

    This feud started when analyst and former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison ripped into T.O. saying that he was "more concerned with his own stats than the team's success."

    T.O was offended by the comment, so like he usually does, he took to Twitter and called Harrison out on his 2007 performance-enhancing drug suspension.

    T.O said in three different tweets, "I could less about Rodney Harrison! Anybody tht using steroids, yes STEROIDS rodney, is a cheater & cheated the game!

    "Is tht Y u used steroids b/c u were worried about ur stats or ws it b/c u were losing it? Lol! U're a loser & a cheater? Got any steroids I cn borrow?

    Hey rodney! Send me sum steroids 2 the Bills facility next week!"

    Maybe these two should just avoid talking to each other if all they can do is bring up the past.  

No. 5 Charlie Villanueva vs. Kevin Garnett

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    This feud simply began in bad form. 

    While on the court during a game between the Celtics and the Pistons, Kevin Garnett was apparently trash talking Charlie Villanueva. When he allegedly accused Villanueva, who suffers from a disease called alopecia universalis, of looking like a cancer patient. 

    This seemed to have really hurt Villanueva's feelings, so he took to Twitter to state his offense to the comment. he tweeted, "I wouldn't event trip about that, but a cancer patient, I know way 2 many people who passed away from it, and I have a special place for those."

    Trash talking is OK and generally encouraged, but taking it as far as Garnett did may have crossed the line. 

No. 4 Antonio Cromartie vs. Matthew Hasselbeck

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    This is probably one of the most intense and threatening feuds on this list. 

    Earlier this year Antonio Cromartie and Matthew Hasselbeck got into fight on Twitter over CBA negotiations between the players unions and the owners.

    Hasselbeck tweeted, "Somebody ask Cromartie if he knows what CBA stands for."

    To which Cromartie responded, "@Hasselbeck hey Matt if u have something to then say it be a man about it. Don't erase it. I will smash ur face in."

    Hesselbeck later deleted his tweet.

    Hopefully they can keep their distance from one another, because these two just can't seem to get along.  

No. 3 Skip Bayless vs. Chad Ochocinco

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    Here is yet another feud on Twitter involving Bengals player Chad Ochocinco. This time it was between him and writer Skip Bayless.

    Bayless decided to tweet at Ochocinco a critique about fellow teammate and friend Terrell Owens. He said, "See what your idol Terrell Owens does when Carson throws YOU the most passes? He quits. You know it and I know it. Some idol."

    Ochocinco fired back in two tweets, which read, "It is pretty easy to take shots sitting at home or from your FirstTake show, i care not to argue with you. YOU WIN... but since you got jokes ,if you look closely in the mirror you'll notice you and Judge Judy look like just alike #justsayin." Oh burn.

    It seems Ochocinco may have come out on top in this fight, all thanks to his joke about Bayless looking like Judge Judy. 

No. 2 Mark Cuban vs. Buzz Bissinger

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    Don't you just love when grown men fight each other over nothing?

    That really seemed to be the case when Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban and sports writer Buzz Bissinger got into a war of words over seemingly nothing.

    It started with a random tweet from Cuban one morning which read, "Buzz Bissinger is a coward."

    And Bissinger, not one of the quietest members of the media, retaliated by going on one of his long drawn-out Twitter rants, which centered around Cuban's sexuality and then went off into a tangent about all team owners and then a few other various unrelated topics, according to Xfinity Sports.

    Apparently the lesson learned here is: Don't insult Bissinger, unless you want him to rant about you before going off on some random tangent.  

No. 1 LeBron James vs. Daniel Gibson

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    This is a feud of epic proportions between the former king and the self-proclaimed new king. 

    Most everyone familiar with LeBron James knows that he was formerly the King of Cleveland. He reigned with his mighty basketball skills over the city of Cleveland until he left them to play in Miami.

    This left a void, so former teammate Daniel Gibson stepped up to fill the role and gave himself the title, the new King of Cleveland.

    James started the fight with a tweet that read, "I wake up this morning to hear somebody got real fly at the mouth at their party lastnight. I see where we stand now even though I sense it!" Which was in reference to Gibson stating he was the King of Cleveland at his birthday party the night before, according to Xfinity Sports.

    The Gibson tweeted, "complaining about someones tweets is like complaining about the channel & you got the remote in your hands." Uh oh, that reads almost like a challenge. 

    Unfortunately, not much more came from this feud on Twitter, and it is reported that the two have since made up. However, this was one epic feud over an imaginary title.