Chris Bosh Unhappy with Lack of Touches in Miami: Does He Have a Point?

Justin BoninAnalyst IMarch 9, 2011

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Following Miami’s fifth straight loss, which came yesterday as they were defeated by the Portland Trail Blazers, CB4 did not hesitate to make his feelings known about his poor showing that game, or his team’s current losing streak.  He came out and said some pretty significant things.

Heat fans, you can take a deep breath and relax for the remainder of this article because I promise you I do not intend to blow these comments out of proportion and use them in an attempt to extinguish the fire that is the Miami Heat.

That being said, I now intend to look at one of the statements Chris Bosh made last night and I will attempt to analyze it to find out where he may in fact be right.

Here we go…

Chris Bosh is unhappy with the lack of touches he is getting in the low post, as demonstrated in the following quotation by CB4 himself:

"It is common sense, we can talk about it, but I think it's evident," Bosh said. “I just have to get it where I'm effective. I'm a big man. I can shoot the ball but I'm a big man. So I have to get it where big guys get it. Then I feel I can start helping out this team more."

There are four crucial parts to this statement. Firstly, Bosh is correct. In order for him to be successful, he needs to get the ball where he is effective.  The heat must spread the ball around and find a way to get Bosh more looks in the low post.

Secondly, as Bosh stated, he is able to shoot the ball, quite capable of draining the mid-range jumper like no other big man’s business.  That being said, his above average mid-range game for a big-man is not supposed to be his first option on offense.  His excellent mid-range shot is his second option on offense, and needs to use it as a complement to his low post game and his ability to drive to the hoop. 

Thirdly, as Bosh sates, he needs to get the ball where big guys get it.  This means he should not be getting the ball at the top of the key where he can play face up ball for most of the game and then end up going say, 3-11 from the field for seven points as he did last night.

If Miami does in fact want to consider Bosh part of the big three, then it is absolutely imperative that they get Bosh the ball in the low post.  This is the only way he can play as a star since his entire offensive game is built around him making a couple baskets down low and then building off of that in order to keep the defence guessing.

Finally, I don’t think anyone needs to worry about Bosh’s willingness to play for the Heat.  He doesn't want to go anywhere else and although some of the comments he made last night may upset his teammates, coaches and fans, this will all blow over and the Heat will move on and get past this rough patch.

Why do I think this? Because Chris ended his rant with, “Then I feel I can start helping out this team more."

What does this tell me?

It tells me that although he is frustrated, he will not give up on his team. 

He didn’t make these comments because he is jealous and wants to be able to pad his own stats; he said this because he sees that his team is slumping and he feels partially responsible for this.  Naturally, he wants to do whatever he can to improve his game and contribute more in order for his team to get back to their winning ways.

The responsibility falls on both sides and essentially two people:

1. Eric Spoelstra:  He needs to get CB4 more looks in the low post so he can help this team.

2. Chris Bosh: He needs to back up his statements and prove that he can succeed when he gets the ball where he is effective. 

Also, in the future he may be better off discussing issues like this with his coach and teammates before he talks to the media.

But honestly, that’s a whole nother can of worms.