NBA Draft 2011: Will Jimmer Fredette Win NBA Rookie of the Year in 2012?

Andy Bailey@@AndrewDBaileyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 27, 2011

NBA Draft 2011: Will Jimmer Fredette Win NBA Rookie of the Year in 2012?

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    Kent Horner/Getty Images

    Jimmer Fredette should be taken in the lottery of this year's draft, and could make a run at NBA Rookie of the Year in 2012.

    He led his BYU Cougars over fourth ranked San Diego State on Saturday.  He did so as much with his passing as he did with his scoring.

    He demonstrated that he's not only an elite scorer, but a true point guard as well.  

    Despite leading his team in assists all year long, plenty of critics have questioned Jimmer's point guard skills.  He answered the questions by breaking down numerous double-teams and dishing out nine assists.

    And he did so against a team that most experts said possessed the kind of athleticism that the too slow and too white Fredette couldn't deal with.

    Fredette has already played his way into the lottery for the 2011 NBA Draft.  If he continues to play like this through the Mountain West tournament and into the NCAA Tournament, he could be a top-10 pick.

    If he does slide to the middle or end of the first round, don't be surprised if he makes every team that passed on him very sorry.

    Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors faced a lot of the same criticism that Fredette is dealing with now.  He went on to put together a serious case for Rookie of the Year in 2010.

    Fredette could be on track for a similar run.

    He's not the only player with a shot at the award, though.  This slideshow will rank the top 10 Rookie of the Year candidates for 2012...

10: Nolan Smith

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    2010-11 Stats: 21.4 points, 5.3 assists, 4.9 rebounds, 38 percent from three-point range


    Why He Can Make an Impact as a Rookie

    After freshman Kyrie Irving went down for Duke, Nolan Smith slid over to point guard and has been fantastic in that role.

    Duke may have lost to Virginia Tech on Saturday, but they've been great all year long.  And Smith has been great for them.  In fact, he's been the best Blue Devil this season.

    His shooting and quickness will translate to the NBA.  Plus, the basketball knowledge he's acquired from Mike Krzyzewski over the last four years won't hurt.

9: Jordan Hamilton

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    Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    2010-11 Stats: 18.8 points, 7.5 rebounds, 41 percent from three-point range


    Why He Can Make an Impact as a Rookie

    Hamilton is a great outside shooter, averaging 2.6 threes made per game.

    Year after year, we see that the skill that most easily translates from college to NBA is shooting.  Plenty of teams would love to have his range on the roster.

    If he can knock down two or three treys a game in the NBA, he could have a solid scoring average in his rookie year.

8: Kemba Walker

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    Andy Lyons/Getty Images

    2010-11 Stats: 23 points, 5.3 rebounds, 4.5 assists


    Why He Can Make an Impact as a Rookie

    Kemba Walker can score.  He can score a lot.

    He's a volume shooter, and doesn't hit at a high percentage from the field or three-point range.  However, he does have some offensive skills that will translate to the NBA.

    He's very quick, and he'll be able to create shots for himself and his teammates at the next level.

7: Perry Jones

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    2010-11 Stats: 14.1 points, 7.1 rebounds, 56 percent from the field


    Why He Can Make an Impact as a Rookie

    Based on potential alone, Jones could go as high as the top overall pick in 2011.  Quite often, players drafted on potential don't make an impact in their first season in the NBA.

    However, Perry Jones does offer a bit more than his potential.  He's been a very important player for the Baylor Bears this year.  He's second on the team in both points and rebounds.

    He'll be a nightmare to match up with, even at the NBA level.  He's a 6'11" player with legitimate small forward skills.

6: Terrence Jones

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    Andy Lyons/Getty Images

    2010-11 Stats: 17.6 points, 9.1 rebounds, two blocks


    Why He Can Make an Impact as a Rookie

    Jones has been very effective all season long.

    Even as a true freshman, he clearly has an NBA body.  He's 6'8" and can play small forward because of his ball handling and decent shooting touch.  

    He can also slide over to power forward because of his strength and athleticism.

5: Alec Burks

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    Jamie Squire/Getty Images

    2010-11 Stats: 19.2 points, 6.1 rebounds


    Why He Can Make an Impact as a Rookie

    Alec Burks could play shooting guard for several NBA teams right now.  He's 6'6", and can score in a variety of ways.

    His size and production are very reminiscent of a healthy Brandon Roy (a former Rookie of the Year winner).

4: Jared Sullinger

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    Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

    2010-11 Stats: 17.8 points, 9.9 rebounds, 56 percent from the field


    Why He Can Make an Impact as a Rookie

    Sullinger may be a bit undersized in the league, but players like DeJuan Blair and Paul Millsap have shown how smaller power forwards and centers can be successful.

    If he can follow the blueprint those guys have drawn up, he could be pretty effective in the league.

    He has great lower body strength, and knows what to do with the ball around the rim.

3: Derrick Williams

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    2010-11 Stats: 19.3 points, 8.2 rebounds, 62 percent from the field, 63 percent from three-point range


    Why He Can Make an Impact as a Rookie

    He doesn't shoot a ton of threes, but 27 out of 43 is absolutely ridiculous. 

    Derrick Williams has shown this year that he is an incredible scorer (and he rebounds very well, too).  

    He may have a tough time finding a position in the league, but whether he ends up at small forward or power forward, he'll be able to put in some buckets.

2: Kyrie Irving

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    Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

    2010-11 Stats: 17.4 points, 5.1 assists, 53 percent from the field, 45 percent from three-point range


    Why He Can Make an Impact as a Rookie

    Kyrie Irving has been limited to eight games this year, but he could still be the top overall pick in 2011. He's a true point guard, and many teams are building around that position in today's NBA.

    He has the ball handling and explosiveness of many of the league's young point men.  And it looks like he might be able to shoot better than most of them.

1: Jimmer Fredette

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    Kent Horner/Getty Images

    2010-11 Stats: 27.4 points, 4.2 assists, 3.4 rebounds, 1.4 steals, 46 percent from the field, 41 percent from three-point range, 90 percent from the free-throw line


    Why He Can Make an Impact as a Rookie

    If you're one of the many people who gobble up what many of the experts feed us about Jimmer Fredette, you may not like this slide.

    Over and over, we hear that Jimmer doesn't have the quickness or general athleticism to compete in the NBA.

    Can he create his own shot?

    Can he play point guard?

    Can he defend anyone at the next level?

    These questions and many more are constantly asked about Fredette and I find it hard to believe that anyone asking them has actually watched much BYU action this year.

    Many of the same questions were raised a couple years ago about Davidson's Stephen Curry.  He responded in fine fashion, and I expect Fredette to do the same.

    Although he gets to the rim more than Curry did, he has a game that is very similar to the Warriors' point guard (and a body that is very similar to Deron Williams). 

    Rather than try to convince you of Fredette's legitimacy through logical arguments (which I've done in several other articles), I thought I'd provide some video evidence that may help you form an opinion of your own.

    Drops 49 on Arizona

    42 against Colorado State

    47 on Utah

    43 on San Diego State...They were supposed to overwhelm him with athleticism right?

    There's plenty more evidence of that variety, but I think this should do the trick...

    Teach Me How to Jimmer

    In all seriousness, this guy has the talent to average around 15 points and five assists as a rookie in the NBA.  The only question is: Can he overcome the stigma that the culture of basketball has applied to white American guards?

    If he's on the floor, and getting an opportunity to handle the ball, he'll be extremely productive.


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