What Did Chris Bosh Ever Do to you?

Aurin SquireContributor IIFebruary 16, 2011

What did I do now?
What did I do now?Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Did he steal your girlfriend?

Does he talk about your mom?

Is he just the goofy third wheel that's easy to knock?

What did Chris Bosh do to you? Halfway through the NBA season and the Bosh'ster has become a punchline to some people. Granted, there was that famous "Like a Bosh" web video when he was struggling with the Miami Heat offensive game plans. But the man gets it done like few other players in the league.

Let's look at the real story: Bosh is a prototypical 20 and 10 guy who has two MVPs on his team and his ppg has only dropped off two points despite getting significantly less looks at the basket. In the Heat's biggest games this year (Lakers, Knicks, Boston) he's been incredibly efficient, getting into the 20-point range while only shooting the ball 12-15 times.

He's a quick, tall, fluid power forward, who can shoot from three-point range and drive to the basket. When Bosh has been matched against the best forwards – Kevin Durant, Amar'e Stoudemire, Pau Gasol, Kevin Garnett – he always comes through with the focused rage and basketball intelligence few possess.

What did he do wrong? Admittedly, there was the "we wanna chill" line that was a post-game comment he tossed off in a two-minute interview (after a great 30-point game, by the way). But nobody really believes athletes of his quality, who have continually performed for seven-plus years, really just want to chill, right? Sportswriters have to know the amount of practice, film study, and time it takes to be an All-star forward.

Then there's the constant shots taken on his fame and statistical stature in comparison to Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. They say the Miami Heat's only 2 kings or as Scottie Pippen has said recently "2 1/2 kings." The NBA's nice guy Kevin Durant calls him a "fake tough guy." He's greeted with chants of "overrated" in Madison Square garden (while outplaying Amar'e by a long shot).

Yes, Bosh can be "goofy" looking. But that never stopped Pippen from pretending to be tough. And most of the sportswriters tried to back-up this myth until two seasons of playoff failure and the return of Michael Jordan shifted the spotlight away from Pippen and back to its rightful place. 

Bosh's greatest crime is that he "appears" to be tagging along. If this was another player, we might call this versatility: the willingness to work with others, being adaptable to a team's demands, not taking 30 shots a game to score 20 points (Kobe!) and picking his places to post-up and shoot.

Toronto's GM Bryan Colangelo said he quit on their team. The truth is Colangelo quit on the team by putting together a roster that makes the Washington Generals laugh. And in doing such a bad job – possibly the worst in the league – Colangelo needs a scapegoat...like a Bosh. When Durant went cold against the Heat in one of the year's biggest games he needed an excuse...like a Bosh. When Shaq looks on with envy at the burned bridges he left in Miami he needs a person to vent on...like a Bosh. 

The only thing we need now is a snarky backhanded comment from Phil Jackson about Bosh reminding him of Kwame Brown. The fans will snicker and ESPN will replay and analyze the comment endlessly while giggling at another Bosh joke. The only person you don't hear talking about Bosh is, well, Chris Bosh. I guess he's too busy anchoring the Heat's inside game, being the backbone of the No. 2 defense in the league and playing...like a Bosh.