NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony To Los Angeles Lakers and 5 Dream Deals

Andy Bailey@@AndrewDBaileyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 9, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony To Los Angeles Lakers and 5 Dream Deals

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    Rumors of trading Carmelo Anthony for Andrew Bynum started yesterday, and they're not going away.  Whether or not the deal actually goes down remains in question, but it definitely has people talking.

    I love to speculate over potential trades as much as anyone, and when the trade deadline rolls around, my mind goes a little crazy.

    As if the latest Melo rumors weren't wild enough, I've been thinking of a few other deals that would be awesome to see.

    Some of these trades haven't even been rumored, but most of the players involved are supposedly being shopped.

    So, without further ado, here are six completely awesome trade scenarios...

Carmelo Anthony for Andrew Bynum Trade

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    The Deal

    Denver Gets: Andrew Bynum, Shannon Brown, Luke Walton, Reggie Evans, Julian Wright, Draft Pick from LA

    Los Angeles Gets: Carmelo Anthony, Jose Calderon, Linas Kleiza, Chris Andersen

    Toronto Gets: Kenyon Martin, Derek Fisher, Ron Artest


    Why It Works For Denver: 

    The biggest plus for the Nuggets in this scenario is the fact that the Melo drama is over.  

    As for the players they receive, Andrew Bynum possesses skill and potential to be a franchise center (extremely rare in today's NBA).

    Reggie Evans and Julian Wright are both on expiring contracts, so no big deal with them.

    Luke Walton's holds a contract difficult to unload on anyone. However, it's one year shorter than the stinker that Chris Andersen's contract.

    Shannon Brown could combine with Ty Lawson to form a young and exciting backcourt (you'll see why I said Lawson in a couple slides).


    Why It Works For Los Angeles:

    This isn't a surefire hit for the Lakers.  No one knows if Carmelo Anthony will mesh with Kobe Bryant or the triangle offense.  However, he's a monumental upgrade over Ron Artest.

    The other players in the deal add team depth.  Jose Calderon is much better than Derek Fisher, and he's slightly bigger.

    Linas Kleiza is a solid forward, and Chris Andersen would be a strong defensive presence behind Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom.

    Which brings me to another point, putting Odom back into the starting lineup benefits the Lakers.

    Consider this: a starting lineup of Jose Calderon, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol, with Steve Blake, Matt Barnes, Linas Kleiza and Chris Andersen coming off the bench.


    Why It Works For Toronto: 

    Kenyon Martin and Ron Artest are both big upgrades over the pieces Toronto is moving.

    The Calderon for Fisher swap saves the Raptors around $20 million, and he'll be a good veteran mentor for the up and coming Jerryd Bayless. 

Four-Team Megadeal for the Jazz to Land Danny Granger

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    The Deal

    Utah Gets: Danny Granger, O.J. Mayo, Troy Murphy and Hasheem Thabeet

    New Jersey Gets: Francisco Elson and Mike Dunleavy

    Indiana Gets: Andrei Kirilenko, Tony Allen and a Draft Pick From Utah

    Memphis Gets: Mehmet Okur, C.J. Miles and a Draft Pick From Utah


    Why It Works For Utah:

    Utah needs to shake things up, and it has a great trade chip in Kirilenko's expiring contract.

    Danny Granger is one of the most well-rounded (and underrated) players in the league.  He and Deron Williams would be a ridiculous one-two punch.

    O.J. Mayo has a ton of talent, but he's run his course in Memphis.  If anyone in the league can squash his discipline problems, it's Jerry Sloan.

    Troy Murphy is a versatile big man, and it's hard to understand why he instantly found himself in the dog house in New Jersey.

    He's good enough to start in Utah and move Paul Millsap back to his role as a sixth-man (a role he fills as well as anybody in the NBA).


    Why It Works For New Jersey:

    Since the day Troy Murphy arrived, Avery Johnson's been looking to get rid of him.

    They get two expiring contracts in return, and Mike Dunleavy can contribute immediately.  He may not be as good a defender as Travis Outlaw, but he's much better on offense.


    Why It Works For Indiana:

    This was much more plausible a couple weeks ago when reports of Granger's availability first surfaced.

    Now, they have an interim head coach that seems to have lit a fire under the Pacers.

    However, the deal still makes a lot of sense from an economic standpoint. Their incoming salaries in this deal are around $27 million while their outgoing salaries total over $50 million.

    They would have a ton of flexibility to work with the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, in place after this offseason.


    Why It Works For Memphis:

    Memphis could really use a decent reserve big man behind Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph.  Once Okur gets healthy,  he can really help the possibly playoff-bound Grizzlies.

    C.J. Miles is a solid young wing.  Since he's facing an expiring contract, Memphis can let him walk if they're not satisfied.

Steve Nash Reunites With Dirk in Dallas

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    The Deal

    Dallas Gets: Steve Nash and Grant Hill

    Phoenix Gets: Rodrigue Beaubois, DeShawn Stevenson and Caron Butler


    Why It Works For Dallas: 

    They're giving up a potential star in Beaubois, but the return is worth it.

    Adding Steve Nash and Grant Hill to this veteran team makes them legitimate title contenders this year.

    Although not tangible, the excitement generated from Nash's return cannot be understated.

    Then there's Grant Hill.  Even at 38, he's been about as productive this year as Caron Butler was prior to his injury.


    Why It Works For Phoenix:

    Stevenson and Butler are both on expiring contracts.  So, Phoenix can proceed with a full-fledged rebuilding in the offseason (something everyone knows they should do).

    Rodrigue Beaubois is bursting at the seams with potential.  In Phoenix's fast-paced system, he could be one of the most productive point guards in the league.

New York Gets Their Backup Point Guard in Aaron Brooks

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    The Deal

    New York Gets: Aaron Brooks, Jared Jeffries and Brad Miller

    Houston Gets: Eddy Curry, Toney Douglas and a 2nd-Round Pick


    Why It Works For New York:

    They've been looking for a good backup point guard for a while now.  Once they lose out on the Melo sweepstakes, they'll pursue that goal more aggressively.

    Aaron Brooks is rumored to be available and would be a great sixth-man for New York.

    Jared Jeffries is on an expiring contract, and Brad Miller could be what the Knicks have been searching for all year (a real center to play alongside Amar'e Stoudemire).


    Why It Works For Houston:

    Eddy Curry is on an expiring contract, and would probably be bought out as soon as he arrived in Houston.

    Toney Douglas may not be as good as Aaron Brooks, but he'd be a more than competent backup to Kyle Lowry.  He's just in his second season, so he'll likely improve over the next few years. 

Denver Cuts More Salary, Chicago Gets a SG, and Atlanta Becomes Elite

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    The Deal

    Denver Gets: Marvin Williams, Jamal Crawford, Jeff Teague and Brian Scalabrine

    Chicago Gets: J.R. Smith and Maurice Evans

    Atlanta Gets: Chauncey Billups, Al Harrington, Ronnie Brewer and James Johnson


    Why It Works For Denver: 

    After they deal Melo, Denver will almost definitely look to shed some other big contracts. This deal saves them millions and grants offseason flexibility.

    Three of the four players they get in this deal are on expiring contracts.  They'll probably let Scalabrine and Crawford walk in the offseason, and if Teague shows any promise they can resign him.

    Marvin Williams has not lived up to the hype that surrounded him at North Carolina, but a fresh situation could help kick start his career.


    Why It Works For Chicago:

    This team has one hole in its starting lineup, and J.R. Smith could fill it.  He and Derrick Rose would be one of the most electrifying guard tandems in the NBA.


    Why It Works For Atlanta:

    Well, duh. This trade could move Atlanta out of the kiddie pool filled with Eastern Conference wannabes.

    They would likely start Billups at the point, Brewer and Joe Johnson at the wings, and Josh Smith and Al Horford up front.

    Plus, Mike Bibby and Al Harrington would be great bench players.

Detroit Finally Moves on From Rip

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    The Deal

    Oklahoma City Gets: Richard Hamilton and Chris Wilcox

    Detroit Gets: Morris Peterson, Daequan Cook and Nenad Krstic


    Why It Works For Oklahoma City:

    This would actually be a very risky deal for the Thunder.  They'd be giving up three expiring contracts to take on an older player with three years left on a huge deal.

    One of Oklahoma City's biggest strengths is the great chemistry they have with each other. Hamilton may throw that off, but he could also be a strong veteran leader that could take them to the next level.

    He's an obvious upgrade over Thabo Sefolosha, and Chris Wilcox can be every bit as serviceable as Nenad Krstic.


    Why It Works For Detroit:

    This would be a huge score for the Pistons.  Getting out from under Hamilton's contract in exchange for three expiring ones would be huge.