Brett Keisel, Bill Walton and The Most Glorious Beards In Sports History

Andy Bailey@@AndrewDBaileyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 1, 2011

Brett Keisel, Bill Walton and The Most Glorious Beards In Sports History

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    There seems to be little doubt regarding the reason for the Steelers being in this year's Super Bowl.  It is of course, Brett Keisel's truly unbelievable beard.

    Keisel is a great player, but his facial locks have transcended his game.  Anyone who sports what looks like a legitimate lion's mane on the lower half of his face, is bound to make some headlines.

    Keisel's beard has become its own Super Bowl XLV storyline.

    His beard may be the greatest in sports history, but it's certainly not the only one.

    I Want You to Determine Who Will Be In This Slideshow

    I want this slideshow to be more of a starting point than a complete article. 

    I will detail a few of the greatest sports beards of all-time, and you will tell me in the comments section who else belongs in the slideshow.

    Tell me who you think had great sports beards, and I'll add a slide for him!  This should lead to an article that consists of well over a hundred athletes!

    Try to limit your selections to three beards so everyone can get in on the fun.

Bill Walton

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    That was in the NBA!

    In his Blazer days, Bill Walton looked more like a Cro-Magnon warrior than a starting center.

Baron Davis

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    Sculpted, thick, regal.  These are just a few of the words that aptly describe Baron Davis's beard.

Brett Keisel

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    This long, flowing beard has taken on something of a life of its own.

    If the Steelers win the Super Bowl, the beard should be the game's MVP.

Phil Jackson

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    He's had his fair share of great facial hair looks as a coach, but nothing compares to this.

Kyle Orton

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    Contributor: Zac Man

    Affectionately known by its fans as the neck beard, this scruff doesn't seem to want to come out and play.

Brian Wilson

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    Contributor: Jordan Huggins

    Brian Wilson insists that thing is all-natural.  Whether or not that's true is beside the point.  It clearly led the Giants to a World Series title.

Brock Lesnar

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    Contributor: Adam Dye

    As if the beard wasn't enough, nothing says man like hiking uphill, through the snow, with a deer on his back (all while wearing camo with an orange hunter's vest and hat).

Scott Spiezio

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    Contributor: The Duke

    It's obviously not a full beard, but you have to admire Spiezio's dedication to team spirit, and the way he displays that dedication via soul patch.

Aaron Rodgers

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    Contributor: Zac Man

    The wild west gunslinger look is very fitting for Rodgers.

Dan Fouts

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    Contributor: Patrick Smith

    Not even an NFL helmet can contain this, and don't get me started on the chin strap.

James Harden

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    Contributor: Matt Permenter

    In the tradition of Baron Davis, this baller beard is as respectable as any across the sports landscape.

Bruce Sutter

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    Contributor: King Kaufman

    It's hard to imagine anyone being able to focus on the incoming pitch when it's coming from the same vicinity as that beard.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

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    Contributor: Conor Fox

    From the mind of the contributor himself, Fitzpatrick is described as, "THE BUFFALO LUMBERJACK".

Kimbo Slice

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    Contributor: Adam Fromal

    I can't imagine trying to grapple with this guy.  Just think about the likelihood of getting a face full of that beard.

Mike Commodore

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    Contributor: Adam Fromal

    This picture is almost too good to be true.  He looks like something out of a hockey spoof movie.

Johnny Damon

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    Contributor: Adam Fromal

    It's a shame Damon ever left the Red Sox.  His game, as well as the locks on his head and face were a perfect fit in Boston.

Jim Neidhart

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    Contributor: Bruce Miller

    I knew we'd get some professional wrestlers in here eventually.  Does anyone think this face would look nearly as menacing without that goat?

John Matuszak

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    Contributor: Bruce Miller

    He played Sloth in the movie "Goonies".  Do I really need to say anything else about this guy?

Sebastian Chabal

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    Contributor: Bruce Miller

    I can't even begin to tell you all how grateful I am to Bruce for introducing Sebastian Chabal to this discussion.

Will Goggans

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    Contributor: Vinny Puma

    This defies explanation.  Some team should draft this kid in the first round of the NFL Draft based solely on that growth.

Drew Gooden

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    Contributor: Elliott Baas

    Drew Gooden has fashioned several different looks out of his facial hair, but this one has to take the cake.

Franco Harris

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    Contributor: Elliott Baas

    The tradition of luscious Steeler beards did not begin with Brett Keisel. 

Hunter Hearst Helmsley

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    Contributor: k swet

    Triple H is no stranger to the "Friendly Mutton Chops" look.  He pulls it off as well as anyone.

Alexi Lalas

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    Contributor: John Williams

    Alexi Lalas was one of the best players in United States soccer history.  Is there any question why?

Scott Niedermayer

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    Contributor: k swet

    Nothing quite like a mature, dignified NHL Playoff beard.

Pau Gasol

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    Contributor: Jon Sainz

    The Lakers are in a bit of a funk right now.  To break out of their funk, they don't need a trade, they need the return of this beard.


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    Contributor: John Williams

    This is as perfect a look as possible for international competition.

Ben Roethlisberger

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    Contributor: Jon Sainz

    Keisel's not the only Steeler trying to bring some facial hair magic to this game.

Todd Helton

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    Contributor: k swet

    He's got more hair in his goatee than most men have in full beards.

Jacob Pullen

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    Contributor: Kevin Hatfield

    Pullen's neck beard is making more noise than Kansas State's basketball team this year.

Brian Winter

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    Contributor: John Williams

    Playing basketball with that kind of beard is no small feat.  He could probably use a sweatband down there.

Lanny McDonald

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    Contributor: Andrew Allen

    I had a very hard time deciding between a full-beard picture, or his straight mustache look.  This is the definition of a win-sin situation.

Kris Draper

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    Contributor: k swet

    Dare I say... Chuck Norris?

    The man responsible for this selection also wanted me to throw this in for comparison's sake.

Jayson Werth

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    Contributor: Eric Casperson

    That baseball cap can't even begin to contain everything that's going on there.

Give Me More!

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    Like I said at the start of this slideshow, I want you guys to comment and tell me who else belongs in this article.

    When you tell me a legitimate, glorious beard, I will add a slide for that player.

    Let the games begin...