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During my time with Bleacher Report, I've completed two writing internships and worked as a Featured Columnist with the college football, NCAA Basketball, Tennis and—most notably—NBA teams. I also worked as a Feedback Editor for the Advanced Program in Sports Media.

As you can probably tell, my focus now lies squarely within the NBA world.

I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Georgia with a triple major in Classical Culture, Latin and Psychology and was given the Classics Prize, awarded annually to the department's top graduating student. During that chapter of my life, I was named the NBA's top writer of the month multiple times, was selected to the inaugural class of the Internship Hall of Fame and was named the site's Featured Columnist of the Month.

After graduating, I moved from Athens to Denver, where I currently reside.

My expertise within the game of basketball lies in three areas: prospect evaluation, the sport's history and the statistical aspects of the sport. I've developed several metrics during my time with Bleacher Report and plan to continue doing so.

I've followed sports my entire life, so whether it's basketball or some other sport, never hesitate to hit me with a question, comment or discussion topic.

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  • Harrison Hamm posted 11 days ago

    Harrison Hamm

    I think I'm the only one that liked your top 100 players of all-time. Good job on that.

  • Enrico Palazzo posted 16 days ago

    Enrico Palazzo

    Your top 50 isn't as bad as your 100-51, but still several glaring mistakes. Hakeem behind the Admiral is pretty funny considering one of those guys won 2 straight finals MVPs and dominated their playoff match ups. Bird only 9th is ridiculous. For 8 straight years Bird never finished worse than 3rd in the MVP voting. Duncan hasn't been an MVP candidate for the past 10 years. He's successful b/c of the team and the system these past several yrs. Russell is clearly not better than Wilt, unless you drink the Bill Simmons kool-aid. Also Dirk and Malone were FAR more productive PFs than KG. KG has played the past 5 seasons as an irrelevant player. Both Dirk and Malone never had even 1 such season. Both guys carried their team's on offense. KG hasn't done that in over 10 years and could never close games. How's KG better than Moses, a 3x MVP? Why is Drexler better than Isiah, Frazier, Cousy? Elgin at 22 LoL? Dude only put up seasons of 35-20-5. Stockton's better than Dr. J LoL? Paul Pierce is 36th?! Why? He never won anything until Ainge traded for 2 first ballot HoFers in their prime. Get real. Mind boggling.

  • Enrico Palazzo posted 16 days ago

    Enrico Palazzo

    LMAO at Rick Barry being ranked outside the top 50. Have you any basketball sense at all? Why would Shawn Marion even be in the top 100, let alone ahead of immortals like Mullin and Cunningham? Not sure what your fascination with Schrempf is, but he's way overrated. Bobby Jones was a hell of a player but no one would ever agree that he's better than Chris Mullin, you know the guy that had 6 straight seasons of 25 a game and shot .51/.38/.87 for his entire career. I'm afraid to keep reading b/c I'll end up writing a novel like the guy below.

  • Hamed Haddadi IS BACK posted 19 days ago

    Hamed  Haddadi IS BACK

    Hey Adam. I've had the displeasure of reading your work for the past 3 years, and your ranking of the top 100 players--while no easy task--is just terrible. In fact, forget the top 100, your top 20 is just laughable. Out of curiosity, when did you actually start following basketball? Let me guess, the early 2000's? Well, do you think that makes you the right person to rank players you've never even seen play before? Here are some of my criticisms of your list:

    Your ranking of Lebron at #7 all time is just an absolute disgrace. The fact that Lebron had to join D-wade--who was the 3rd best player in the world at that time behind Kobe and Lebron--and Bosh--who was a top 5 big man--is just laughable, especially when he did it in the weak east. You argue that "Lebron carried his team to the finals". Ya, well what do you expect? When you're in the weakest East era ever and you historically have 2 of the worst finals performances of all time, you aren't a top 10 player. In 2007, he got swept and just played terrible basketball. But since it was his first finals performance, I'd let it slide. But no, in 2011, Bron averaged 2.2 points in the fourth quarter, Jason terry outplayed him and Dwade and bosh played much better than him. You cannot rank a player who's 2-3 in the finals as a top 7 player.

    And why on earth didn't you rank Kobe in the top 10? You literally didn't provide any justification on why he missed the top 10. Kobe's 5-2 in the finals, is one of the greatest scorers our game has ever seen and his "ultimate season" is one of the greatest seasons ever. If you think that Shaq carried him or whatever your sadly misinformed. While Shaq's 2000 season was historical and he was surely dominant that year, 2000 was the only year that he played exceptionally well and the finals MVP was well deserved. 2001 and 2002 was BOTH Shaq and Kobe's year. They both got those two titles TOGETHER and their numbers are very similar. In 2003, Kobe played better than Shaq in the playoffs, especially against the Spurs where they eventually lost. They WOULD HAVE WON THAT SERIES IF SHAQ PLAYED BETTER AND THEY COULD HAVE WON 4 TITLES IN A ROW. In the first game, SHAQ FOULED out and Kobe was forced to carry the load, scoring the Lakers last 11 points to end they game where they lost by a few points. In game 3, Kobe scored upwards of 30 points despite having Bruce Bowen guard him. In game 4, Shaq shot 6-17 from the FIELD! That's unacceptable for a big man that size. And people complain about Kobe's field goal percentage which is really good throughout his career for a guard.

    And lastly, Duncan is NOT A TOP 5 PLAYER. I know you didn't have the pleasure of watching Magic, but Duncan has become the most OVERRATED PLAYER OF ALL TIME after being an underrated player for a very long time. He finally just got 5 rings, has had Parker and Ginobili for the majority of his career and has had a top 3 coach--and you even consider Pop the best coach of all time--for his ENTIRE career.Duncan's absolute peak hasn't been near MJ's, Kobe's Kareem's, Magic's, Robertson's, etc and his longevity is massively overrated. Duncan was literally declining for a while, and somehow he started to play a lot better in 2012. Duncan is one of the most consistent players of all time, but he is not a top 5 player. I have him at number 9 in case you're wondering.

    I want a response Mr. Fromal. I know you only respond to people who compliment you, but I've written too much to not get a reply.

  • Max Brooks posted 19 days ago

    Max Brooks

    You suck go kill yourself if you think LeBron is number 7 all time. The guys 2-3 finals. Carried by a stack team. Plays in the weakest competition with no competition. You are disrespectful to leave Oscar, Hakeem, and Kobe out of the top 10. Just quit

  • Adam Mclaughlin posted 20 days ago

    Adam Mclaughlin

    Liked the top 100 PFs & Cs list you did. Really looking forward to a Top 100 PGs list that i hope comes soon

  • Wyatt Tramburg posted 22 days ago

    Wyatt Tramburg

    Glad you did the top SF article but it's too bad you said Melo was the one to pass Bernard King's MSG record....did someone forget about the Mamba's 61? P.S. You did not say the "SF scoring record at MSG" or "Knick record at MSG"...MAMBA DEFENDED

  • Charles Bennett posted 28 days ago

    Charles Bennett

    I'm glad your doing a NBA legends series. I would've done one myself if they hadn't taken away my writer privileges in 2013. When's the SGs list coming out?

  • james johnson posted 30 days ago

    james johnson

    If I had a dollar for every one of your articles that I hate, I would have 2,805 dollars. (Accurate as of 3-21-15)

  • Magic fan For life posted 99 days ago

    Magic fan  For life

    I dont know if anyone has done this this season, but you should do a 2014 NBA redraft.

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