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During my time with Bleacher Report, I've completed two writing internships and worked as a Featured Columnist with the college football, NCAA Basketball, Tennis and—most notably—NBA teams. I also worked as a Feedback Editor for the Advanced Program in Sports Media.

As you can probably tell, my focus now lies squarely within the NBA world.

I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Georgia with a triple major in Classical Culture, Latin and Psychology and was given the Classics Prize, awarded annually to the department's top graduating student. During that chapter of my life, I was named the NBA's top writer of the month multiple times, was selected to the inaugural class of the Internship Hall of Fame and was named the site's Featured Columnist of the Month.

After graduating, I moved from Athens to Denver, where I currently reside.

My expertise within the game of basketball lies in three areas: prospect evaluation, the sport's history and the statistical aspects of the game. I've developed several metrics during my time with Bleacher Report and plan to continue doing so.

I've followed sports my entire life, so whether it's basketball or some other one, never hesitate to hit me with a question, comment or discussion topic.

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  • Mohandas Gandhi posted 35 days ago

    Mohandas Gandhi

    Hello Adam, I like the way you wrote about you, I'm gonna follow you here
    india's independence day 2016

  • Mohandas Gandhi posted 35 days ago

    Mohandas Gandhi

    Hello Adam, I like the way you wrote about you, I'm gonna follow you here

  • Hector Herrera posted 282 days ago

    Hector Herrera

    hey adam can you help me get some fans. i just can't seem to know how to get fans

  • Brian Hamilton posted 286 days ago

    Brian Hamilton

    Just finished reading your article on the NBA trades that need to happen this early in the season & your first trade I agree with whole heartedly. Danny AInge obviously got all those assets to make a big move at some point & there may not be a bigger move to make than getting Cousins.

    As far as the Spurs trade, while I know it is centered around them getting a piece to backup Leonard, the idea of the Knicks being included is a bit of a stretch. After watching them so far this year it is pretty obvious to me that their biggest area of need is actually the SG position. Starting Sasha Vujecic is a clear indication of that.

    What I don't understand though is why it seems so many of the media continue to harp on the idea of them having some desperate desire for a dynamic PG when the Triangle (granted they've run it far less than anyone seems to acknowledge so far this year) doesn't feature a traditional PG. Besides that, while most NYers cringe at the idea of Jose Calderon finishing his contract in NY, the bottom line is between Langston Galloway & Jerian Grant, they potentially have their future PG on the current roster & Calderon has been playing much better as of late, finally looking like the guy they traded for.

    Again, I do agree with the idea of the Spurs landing a guy like Johnson but I would exclude the Knicks from such a deal, especially one that helps the team at the top of their division in any way for a guy they don't really need.

  • ATL Faithful posted 352 days ago

    ATL Faithful

    Just read your article on Korver and Curry. Just wanted to make sure you saw my comment!

    Fantastic read as usual, Adam. I remember watching that game against the Bulls and almost falling out of my chair every time Korver sank a three. I'm sure you'll get some backlash from people on here who didn't read the entire article and think you're saying they're comparable players. Obviously Steph is a much better player overall and it's very difficult to compare players who have such different playing styles. I've been a huge Korver fan even before my Hawks signed him so I'm going to have to go with KK26 on this one. His form is a thing of beauty. I'll be showing my son Korver footage when I'm teaching him how to shoot one day.

  • Mendez D posted 390 days ago

    Mendez D

    Just read your article about fan loyalty... what's with the astricks on the San Antonio Spurs? Are you a writer or an just an asshole fan?

  • alicia charles posted 407 days ago

    alicia charles

    love yr articles adam....btw need u to write more on the clippers

  • Ebe Ipsi posted 411 days ago

    Ebe Ipsi

    I think you should do a slideshow projecting next season depth charts

  • Kent BAZEGOD posted 423 days ago

    Kent BAZEGOD

    Go Hawks! Love all of your articles Adam!

  • jett bosnak posted 443 days ago

    jett bosnak

    ur buggin out bro. stick to 2008 and up.... lmfao