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During my time with Bleacher Report, I've completed two writing internships and worked as a Featured Columnist with the college football, NCAA Basketball, Tennis and—most notably—NBA teams. I also worked as a Feedback Editor for the Advanced Program in Sports Media.

As you can probably tell, my focus now lies squarely within the NBA world.

I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Georgia with a triple major in Classical Culture, Latin and Psychology and was given the Classics Prize, awarded annually to the department's top graduating student. During that chapter of my life, I was named the NBA's top writer of the month multiple times, was selected to the inaugural class of the Internship Hall of Fame and was named the site's Featured Columnist of the Month.

After graduating, I moved from Athens to Denver, where I currently reside.

My expertise within the game of basketball lies in three areas: prospect evaluation, the sport's history and the statistical aspects of the sport. I've developed several metrics during my time with Bleacher Report and plan to continue doing so.

I've followed sports my entire life, so whether it's basketball or some other sport, never hesitate to hit me with a question, comment or discussion topic.

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  • Magic fan For life posted 53 days ago

    Magic fan  For life

    I dont know if anyone has done this this season, but you should do a 2014 NBA redraft.

  • Magic fan For life posted 53 days ago

    Magic fan  For life

    I don't know if anyone has done this this year for the NBA, but I would like to see the a 2014 redraft.

  • kings fan posted 54 days ago

    kings fan

    hey adam, vivek didnt fire malone. do your homework

  • George Roditis posted 56 days ago

    George Roditis

    OK ADAM, just keep disrespecting John Wall, and the Wizards. It just shows that someone with degrees from all over the country.......means NOTHING. You can pull all the figures and statistics out of your ass, and you still are clueless. What you can't measure is HEART, which Wall, and the Wiz have. So pull out as many stats out of your ass you're still a DUMB SHIT!!!

  • Laura McCoy posted 65 days ago

    Laura McCoy

    I don't mind Rondo being aboard.

  • Josh Pugsley Account 3 posted 76 days ago

    Josh Pugsley Account 3

    I hate your articles. I really just hate them. I don't know if you're stupid or just put no thought into your articles but they are of the lowest quality. They are the 76ers of articles.

  • j s posted 85 days ago

    j s

    I really do not think that Rajon Rondo belongs on this list. For example, Rudy Gay deserves it more. Rondo's inability to shoot consistently from distance is so depriving to an offense. I would trade Rajon for Rudy andy day. Rudy can spread the floor more and attack way better than Rajon Rondo. Rudy Gay gets to the hoop and does great things... he has been drawing some of the most shooting fouls in the league.

  • Georgia Sports Fan posted 99 days ago

    Georgia Sports Fan

    What do you think of the Hawks start of the season?

  • The Durantula posted 100 days ago

    The Durantula

    Adam do u think Love will leave next season? Maybe team try a new big 3 in LA where he himself would be the number 1 option. (I'm not a Laker fan BTW) but he has been terrible in Cleveland

  • Jihoon Nam posted 101 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    Adam, what the heck do you think is happening to the Nuggets? I mean, they're stacked. They've got great depth and individual talent in Lawson, Afflalo, Chandler, McGee, Hickson, Faried... Their 3rd string PG is Randy Foye for crying out loud... 3rd string big man is JJ Hickson..

    Do you think it's a coaching thing? Beacuse I think Brian Shaw's got his rotations horribly wrong (hence the strange minute-management and stats distribution ESPECIALLY on Faried)... I mean, Faried just sat out the whole fourth quarter of one of their games last week...

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