Steve Nash Trade Rumors: 10 Reasons He Could Win an NBA Title With the LA Lakers

Ross ColemanAnalyst IJanuary 29, 2011

Steve Nash Trade Rumors: 10 Reasons He Could Win an NBA Title With the LA Lakers

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    The Phoenix Suns are currently out of the playoffs in the Western Conference and it looks like it's time for a rebuilding project.

    While the Suns would probably desire to ship Nash to the Eastern Conference, a trade to the Lakers would give Nash a shot at an NBA championship before the end of his career.

    Here are 10 reasons Nash would win an NBA title if he was shipped to LA.

    Obviously this is an extreme hypothetical, but isn't that part of the fun?

    Let us know what you think about a Nash-to-LA trade.

10. Intangibles

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    Steve Nash is a natural-born leader. He is best known for making his teammates better, and currently the Lakers don't have someone like that on their roster.

    Sure, the Lakers are a great team with a ton of talent, but if they had someone on the roster to make each individual just a little bit better, they would be hands-down the best team in the league.

    Nash also has been around long enough to not be surprised by anything any more. He has the intangibles you would want from a starting point guard.

9. Gives the Lakers a Consistent Shooter

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    Another thing the Lakers have been missing is a guy who will consistently knock down open three-point shots. Nash can not only knock down open threes, he can also knock down contested threes.

    With the frontcourt players that the Lakers have, Nash could be a fantastic weapon finding his spots on the outside to hit open threes.

    Obviously, Nash would provide more than just shooting for the Lakers on the outside, but that would be a huge addition to Los Angeles that they are currently missing.

8. Derek Fisher to the Bench

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    Bringing in Steve Nash would not be an indictment of Derek Fisher, but it would move the five-time champion to the bench to help give the Lakers more stability in the bench mob.

    The Lakers bench is already a great collection of talent but Fisher would be adding defense and leadership to the collection of young talent on the bench.

    Nash would be all about adding depth to the Lakers.

7. Can Maneuver Trade Without Using Andrew Bynum

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    For the Suns to give up Steve Nash, the Lakers would need to sweeten the deal with as many draft picks as possible.

    Also, because the Lakers are lacking on expiring contracts, there aren't many guys the Suns would really want back.

    While it seems like a deal can only get completed if the Lakers included Andrew Bynum in the deal, it is possible for a deal to get done without the injury-prone center.

    Obviously a deal without Bynum would not be as attractive for the Suns, but it is still possible if there are enough draft picks included.

6. Lakers Can Include Ron Artest in Deal

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    It is shocking to see how much Ron Artest has dropped off this season. The former defensive player of the year has become a liability for the Lakers on the offensive end.

    However, Artest's contract could be used in a deal for Steve Nash. The Suns might not want to bring in Artest, but it isn't out of the realm of possibility.

    Sending Artest to the Suns might help change the identity of the Phoenix roster and make them more defensive-oriented, and during a rebuild that could help them immensely.

5. Lineup Flexibility

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    The lineups and mismatches that the Lakers would be able to create with Nash on the roster are pretty amazing.

    They would likely start Nash, Kobe Bryant, Matt Barnes (when he gets healthy), Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. The could go big, substituting Lamar Odom for Barnes, or they could go small with Odom or Gasol playing the 5, Barnes at the 4, Kobe at the 3, and Nash and Shannon Brown at the two guard spots.

    The level of athletes at every level would be great.

4. Shake Things Up

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    With the Lakers facing struggles so far in the first half of this season, Los Angeles could help themselves by shaking up the roster.

    I am not saying they should do something as drastic as what the Orlando Magic did a few weeks ago, giving their entire roster a makeover, but adding a few different pieces could help the Lakers get back on track.

    Nash is the kind of guy to come in and make an impact immediately for the Lakers.

3. Nash Makes the Offense Unstoppable

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    Currently the Lakers are seventh in the NBA in points per game and ninth in assists per game. Nash would help take the Lakers offense to levels it has been unable to reach yet.

    Nash is all about offense. His addition to the Lakers would make them the most explosive scoring offense in the NBA and it would allow them to run really any style.

    Nash is not a typical triangle offense point guard, but he could run it. He could also help the Lakers in the transition offense.

2. First Elite Point Guard Since Magic Johnson

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    The Lakers have not had an elite point guard since Magic Johnson called it quits. 

    Nash would be the best point guard since the Hall of Famer hung it up. If he came to the Lakers he would give them top-10 players at four of the five starting spots.

    Bringing in Nash would also give the Lakers someone who could give the world champs good, consistent looks at the hoop.

    Currently, Fisher doesn't do that with much consistency.

1. Lakers Could Win Without Nash

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    The Lakers are back-to-back world champions with just about the same roster they have won with in the past.

    They have a chance to win a third straight title with the roster they currently have.

    So do they need Nash? No. Would he help? Absolutely.