New York Knicks-Atlanta Hawks Brawl: Watch Marvin and Shawne Williams Tangle

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With the Atlanta Hawks leading the New York Knicks by 10 points and 43.7 seconds left in the game, an all-out brawl nearly broke out at Phillips Arena in Atlanta.

Marvin Williams took exception after getting bumped and shoved Shawne Williams in retaliation as the two were heading back to the other side of the court after a Knicks possession.

The Hawks' Williams appeared to initiate the altercation and video replay shows that he threw some punches in the direction of Shawne, who started at forward for the Knicks over Wilson Chandler.

"When I played the Lakers, Ron (Artest) put his arms around my neck and I didn't swing," Shawne told the New York Daily News. "I'm not stupid. I know the boundaries. I know it's not good for NBA players to be on the court fighting when there are thousands of kids in the stands."

Shawne is beginning to earn a reputation around the league for being a pest under the basket and has shown a knack for getting under the skin of his opponents.  Although video shows Marvin threw punches, Shawne contends he never did.

"Cocking your fist and throwing a punch are totally different," Shawne said. "I know for a fact that he threw a couple of punches at me."

The NBA could levy much stiffer and lengthier penalties if upon investigation they discover that more punches were thrown.  Both Williams were ejected from the game after the altercation.

"Any person would be worried (about a suspension) but I have full confidence in the replay," Shawne Williams said. "They can see I really didn't throw no punches or nothing like that...that I think. I don't know."

For now it appears that only Marvin could be suspended for at least one game for possibly instigating the fight and appearing to throw a pair of punches.

"I was coming across halfcourt, he bumped me, I bumped him and he mushed me in the back of my head," he added. "I wasn't really going to fight or nothing. I was going to let him know that I'm going to stand my ground.

"For him to swing, at me, that's a different story. But I feel like I didn't swing back. Felt I restrained myself, but really, I was just protecting myself."

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