Andre Iguodala Trade Rumors: Who Can the Sixers Get In Return to Improve?

John SmithContributor IJanuary 11, 2011

Andre Iguodala Trade Rumors: Who Can the Sixers Get In Return to Improve?

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    There were rumors this offseason that Andre Iguodala wanted out of Philadelphia.

    He was tired of losing.

    With the Sixers seven games below .500 and Iguodala out two weeks with an achilles injury, the trade rumors are starting to swirl again.

    Philly managed to go 3-4 in his absence, but endured losses to the Golden State Warriors and the Detroit Pistons.

    What if the 76ers were to trade Iguodala? Where would he go? Who would they get? It's impossible to say for sure, but we can make a few guesses.

    Here are 10 possibilities...

10. Iguodala To Cleveland For J.J. Hickson

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    Cleveland needs a three who can score. Clearly they've been missing it since their one, two and three left in LeBron James.

    I would look for Philly to try to pick up J.J. Hickson and picks or cash. The 6'9" forward moves extremely well. He only averages 10.9 points and 5.5 rebounds per game, but he could develop into a marquee guy.

    It is doubtful the Cavs will give him up, though. They wouldn't even give him up in a deal that would've dealt them Amar'e Stoudemire last year.

9. Iguodala To Oklahoma City For James Harden, Morris Petersen and a Draft Pick

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    This has been mentioned before, but isn't very likely.

    People saw Iguodala's value as a third option, rebounder and defender at the 2010 FIBA World Championships. Put him on a team where he isn't "the man," and he would thrive.

8. Iguodala to Clippers For Chris Kaman

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    This trade would fill the hole in the five spot for Philly, dump the $50 million-plus left on Iguodala's contract and provide the Clippers with a scoring threat at the three spot.

    It would leave them extremely thin at center, but could be worth it.

    Los Angeles may not be willing to pick up this contract when they already carry Baron Davis', but the trade makes sense.

    And if any front office is dumb enough, it's the Clippers'.

7. Iguodala To Houston For Expiring Contracts, Draft Picks

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    Iguodala plays very good defense. The Houston Rockets don't.

    Philadelphia wants to start from scratch and Houston has four players with expiring contracts and an extra first-round draft pick this year.

    This would be a good move for both teams.

    Iguodala would instantly make this team better by allowing Luis Scola to roam down low and collapsing the defense for Kevin Martin.

6. Iguodala to Dallas For Draft Picks, Young Talent

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    I would look for Philly to try and grab some draft picks or some of Mark Cuban's young talent.

    Philadelphia is poised to make a run at this year's title, which means Cuban could make an irrational move for the future.

    With Caron Butler down with a season-ending injury, Cuban will be looking to move quickly so his team can get acclimated by the time the playoffs role around.

5. Iguodala To New York For Wilson Chandler, Eddy Curry Contract

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    New York is looking to make a legitimate playoff run and dump Eddy Curry's contract.

    This trade allows the Knicks to add a stud in Iguodola, who can score in a variety of ways and play great defense.

    Chandler has gotten better every year in the league and would help kickoff a new start in Philly. Curry would just need to stay out of the way and collect pay checks until they don't have to pay him any longer.

4. Iguodala To Bulls For Luol Deng, Draft Pick

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    This is extremely unlikely, but worth mentioning because he is from Chicago and there were talks of this in the offseason.

    But the truth is, Philly seems to want a fresh start and Deng is making money similar to Iguodola.

    Chicago fans loathe Deng and would love to have Iguodala, but not at the expense of his contract.

    This would be too lateral of a move for both teams I would think, and defeat the purpose of dumping Iguodala if you're Philly.

3. Iguodala To New York For Gallinari, Curry

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    The New York Knicks could very legitimately want Iguodala.

    It makes sense if they don't get Carmelo Anthony. Danillo Galinari would be a young, quality player being paid $3 million a year.

    The $11 million owed to Curry would be a fee to dump Iguodala's $12 million a year over the next four.

2. Iguodala To Golden State For Biedrins, Wright

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    This trade makes sense in the youth movement for the 76ers.

    Biedrins and Wright have PER (Player Efficiency Rating) of 13.1 and 15.4 respectively, and would bring some size to the City of Brotherly Love.

    Wright, 23, and Biedrins, 24 are both good, young players to build with.

    This makes sense for Golden State in the fact that Iguodala would be able to collapse the defense and allow Stephen Curry to get some better looks.

1. Iguodala To Memphis For O.J. Mayo and Zach Randolph

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    With the recent fight on the airplane with O.J. Mayo, it is safe to say he may not be happy in Memphis.

    Understandably, the feelings may be mutual. He would be able to get a fresh start in Philadelphia and Iguodala would have to go to Memphis to continue not winning.

    That is one reason he wouldn't want to go.

    The 76ers would have to give up Spencer Hawes and Darius Songaila's expiring contracts as well. It would be a youth movement, because they would be getting rid of Randolph's huge contract in one year.

    This trade is a long shot, but it works for the franchises, just not Iguodola.