Proposed Christmas Carmelo Anthony Trade to New Jersey Nets Would've Been Awful

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Proposed Christmas Carmelo Anthony Trade to New Jersey Nets Would've Been Awful
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images
Carmelo Anthony

Rumors of a proposed deal that fell apart around Christmas time were reported last night by ESPN's Chris Broussard on The deal was pretty similar to what has been discussed in the past, but had contained several key differences. 

The Denver Nuggets would have sent Carmelo Anthony and Al Harrington to the Nets. Carmelo obviously would be a great addition to the Nets, a superstar that they so desperately need. Al Harrington, on the other hand, would be added baggage that the Nets could live without. 

The Nets would have to send Troy Murphy to Cleveland so that the Nets could get Cleveland's trade exception. I have no problem saying adios to Troy Murphy, his lack of ability and his over sized contract. I do have a problem with what else the Nets would have to give up in order to get this deal done.

The Nets would not only be sending Murphy, the 2010 NBA Draft third overall pick Derrick Favors, and two future first round picks to Denver, but would also be sending starting point guard Devin Harris to the Nuggets as well. One might ask why would Denver want Devin Harris when they already have Chauncey Billups and Ty Lawson as their point guards. Well, Denver would not be interested in keeping Harris for very long.

Denver would use Devin Harris as trade bait to entice the Portland Trailblazers into making a move. Denver wants both Andre Miller and Nicolas Batum. Portland would be more than willing to let Miller go, but they have no intentions of moving the young and talented Batum.

Chris Graythen/Getty Images
New Jersey Nets' Coach Avery Johnson

Overall, out of all of the teams involved in these proposed trades, I honestly believe the Nets would be the worse off. Yes, they would have gotten Carmelo, a bonafide superstar, but they would be giving up a potentially talented Derrick Favors, starting point guard Devin Harris, and two first round picks, for basically 'Melo and a washed-up Al Harrington.

I don't think Carmelo alone would be able to take the Nets to a championship. 

Luckily, the above mentioned deal never happened.

However, I feel like if the Nets could obtain another superstar type player in return in addition to 'Melo, then a similar deal would be a no-brainer.

Two players I'm interested in: Monta Ellis and Gerald Wallace.

Who knows, maybe even the Nets could get New Orleans involved and arrange a package for CP3. We have about six weeks to go until the trade deadline, so let's see what happens.

No matter what, things should get exciting.

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