1. Devin Harris with the steal and score on the break. He's been the lone bright spot for the @dallasmavs early. #DALatNOP

  2. Devin Harris Preps for New Role with Mavs

  3. Devin Harris inside to Pachulia to bring the @dallasmavs within one, 37-36. #DALatNOP

  4. #Mavs are minus-24 with D-Will on the floor, and minus-17 with Wesley Matthews on the floor, plus 3 with Devin Harris, plus 1 with Felton.

  5. Ryan Anderson has made Mavs pay for having smaller Devin Harris on him a few times, tipping in rebounds. Ryno 12 pts in 3Q. NOLA 80-61

  6. Wesley Matthews (2005) and Devin Harris (2001) are 2 of 3 "Wisconsin Mr Basketball" winners in the NBA along with Sam Dekker (2012). #Info

  7. Justin Anderson is pretty fired up as Devin Harris earns a trip to the FT line. Still, the @dallasmavs trail 38-36 with 8:34 in the half.

  8. Devin Harris is going now, a theft of Jordan at one end and takes it to rim at the other. Will have a chance to tie things at line. 38-36

  9. That lob to DeAndre over Devin Harris brought back out the boos. #DALvsLAC

  10. Offensive foul! Who drew it? Yep, NBA league leader in drawn charges Devin Harris.

  11. Devin Harris with a corner three off stellar ball movement, and the @dallasmavs lead 90-85. #DALvsLAC

  12. The Mavs' analytics gurus have both Dwight Powell and Devin Harris at +14. They've changed the feel of the game.

  13. Devin Harris has been maybe the best at drawing charges in the league this season. Seems to force one every game.

  14. Charge!!! Guess who drew it? Yep, Devin Harris.

  15. Nice closing minute for Devin Harris. Great way for the Mavs to end the half.

  16. Lakers give up layup to Devin Harris to end first half, trail Mavs 48-40

  17. Devin Harris is 1 of 5 from the field with 4 pts in 19 minutes. But the #Mavs are a plus 26 with him on the court. Talk about a crazy stat.

  18. Devin Harris redeems himself with a three from the wing, but Kobe answers with a trey of his own. #DALvsLAL

  19. Lou Williams first shoves Devin Harris into the scorer's table, then gets a tech for arguing with the refs. Mavs lead 79-74 with 3:40 left.

  20. The Mavs have Devin Harris at +23 in a a 79-74 game. In many ways he's been the key in this one. 5 deflections and a drawn charge on D.

  21. Devin Harris missed a 3 and a 2. Now the #Lakers trail 81-78 with 2:13 left.

  22. #Mavs guard Devin Harris: "We didn't get off to a great start. But I thought we brought a lot of energy when we needed it."

  23. Devin Harris wight he pull-up J, and the @dallasmavs take a 24-13 lead. #DALatHOU

  24. Devin Harris then drives for a score, and the Rockets call timeout. @dallasmavs lead 26-15 with 2:51 in the 1st. #DALatHOU

  25. Devin Harris has made an immediate impact off the bench, and water is wet.

  26. Devin Harris with the and-one over his old teammate, Jason Eugene Terry, and the @dallasmavs lead 32-20. #DALatHOU

  27. Devin Harris defense on James Harden... 

  28. Devin Harris up HIGH for Jeremy Evans for the oop to open the 2nd. #DALatHOU

  29. Devin Harris with he steal and score. Harris has 11 pts off the bench. #DALatHOU

  30. At the half, the @dallasmavs lead 57-34. 12 pts for Charlie Villanueva. 11 pts for Devin Harris. Harden is 0 for 10. #DALatHOU

  31. At the half Mavs lead the @HoustonRockets 57-34. 12 pts from CV and 11 from Devin Harris. #DALatHOU https://t.co/yVFjfRgjE0

  32. Sweet pass right there from Dwight Powell to Devin Harris. Nice play.

  33. 8:37 left to play and the @dallasmavs lead 87-75. 17 pts for Charlie Villanueva. 15 pts for Devin Harris off the bench. #DALatHOU

  34. #Mavs guard Devin Harris on Saturday's 110-98 win in Houston: "You could see when we warmed up. Guys were ready to play."

  35. Devin Harris: "We just continue to be aggressive and build -- slowly but surely -- the things that we do well and correct the mistakes."

  36. What a tough finish by Devin Harris... #DALatPHI

  37. Nice pass from Parsons inside to Powell on a drive. Devin Harris then draws a charge inside. #DALatPHI

  38. Devin Harris with 2 FTs after a clear-path foul and the @dallasmavs lead 60-55 with 4:12 in the 3rd. #DALatPHI

  39. Devin Harris was getting his legs stretched out by athletic trainer Casey Smith when he came off the court.