Shaquille O'Neal: His 10 Craziest Side Jobs

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistDecember 23, 2010

Shaquille O'Neal: His 10 Craziest Side Jobs

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    Shaquille O'Neal has been a dominant force in the NBA since coming into the league as rookie with the Orlando Magic in 1992. 

    He's awed us with his presence on the basketball court, and he's also entertained us with his activities off of it.

    The Big Diesel is a man with many talents and will presumably have no problems in lining up a second career once his time playing basketball is over.

    But even as an active player, The Big Aristotle has found the time to pursue other career paths.

    Here are 10 of Shaq's craziest side jobs.

10. Law Enforcement: The Big Law Enforcer

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    He's made no secret of his desire to work as a law enforcement officer once his NBA career is over.

    In fact, he was a reserve officer with the L.A. Port Police during his time with the Lakers and became a Miami Beach reserve officer after he was traded to the Heat.

9. Actor: The Big Genie

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    It's no secret the big man is very charismatic.  During his younger years, he was featured on the big screen, acting in Hollywood movies Blue Chips and Kazaam.

    What's there not to like about a 7'0" genie?

8. Rapper: The Big Musician

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    In between winning four NBA title, he found the time to release six studio albums.

    One of his biggest rap hits ever became a YouTube sensation.

    After winning a title with the Miami Heat, Shaq went on stage to freestyle and diss former teammate Kobe Bryant.

7. Dancer: The Big Breakdancer

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    Athleticism.  He has it.

    Most seven-footers are not coordinated.  Shaq's a rare exception.

    He's light on on his feet and has plenty of dance moves that would shame many big men.

    Or, little 16-year-old named Justin Bieber in this instance.

6. The Big Wrestler

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    He's a big man with a talent for acting and a knack for attracting attention.

    No wonder wrestling has been listed in his line of work.

    Shaq's been on the wrestling ring on more than one occasion.

    And coming soon, we just might see him in an MMA bout.

5. Beyonce Impersonator: The Big Comedian

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    That's really him doing Beyonce.

    He's big, personable and hilarious.  If you stuck him on a stage with a microphone, he could probably make a living as a stand-up comedian.

    The tallest stand-up comedian we've ever known.

4. Reality TV Show Star

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    After taking on the big screen earlier in his career, Shaq's settled for small screen starring roles of late.

    His most recent work has been a reality television show called Shaq vs.

    Where he takes on other athletes and professionals, trying to beat them in their line of work.

    In this video, Shaq tries to beat Michael Phelps swimming. 

3. Statue: The Big Work of Art

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    When unhappy, Shaq has the power to alienate teammates, coaches and split up an NBA locker.

    But when he's in a good mood and trying to be in his best behavior, Shaq can draw crowds from all over.

    Playing the role of a statue sitting in the middle of Harvard Square, the Big Shamrock drew plenty of Bostonians who were eager to take plenty of photos and sit next to him.

2. The Big Conductor

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    Here's his latest side job: conductor of the Boston Pops.

    Don't laugh, he can go from a hip hop rapper to a symphony conductor in no time.

    This is Shaq we're talking about, after all. 

    There's nothing left but to watch and be entertained.

1. The Big Shaq-a-Claus

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    One thing that Shaq's been very good about has been giving back to the community.

    Wherever he's played, Orlando, Los Angeles, Miami, Cleveland and Boston, Shaq has taken the time to help out anyway he can. 

    During the holiday season, in a town where he's playing, you'll hear about a 7'0" man pretending to be Santa Claus.

    Or, Shaq-a-Claus to be exact.