New Orleans Hornets: Why The Franchise Is Destined to Fail In New Orleans

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2010

New Orleans Hornets: Why The Franchise Is Destined to Fail In New Orleans

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    The New Orleans Hornets are in big time financial trouble. In fact, the NBA is currently in the process of trying to buy the franchise as it is so deep in debt, and serious financial trouble.

    They just aren't drawing in a crowd for some strange reason.  The franchise is somewhat competitive and it's an embarrassment to think that they can't even sell out their own arena.

    Once this season, the crowd was announced at being 10,823, in a stadium that holds 18,500 people. 

    The franchise is just destined to fail in the city, here are a few reasons why.

Football Town

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    New Orleans has quickly turned into a football town.  

    Following the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl victory in 2010 many people have forgotten they even have a basketball team.

    With all the success the Hornets have to live up to, it will be hard for the franchise to ever be successful in New Orleans.


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    The New Orleans economy is still trying to drastically recover from the economic sanctions that were placed on them by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

    It isn't ready to support a football franchise and basketball franchise yet.

Not Enough Money to Sign Great Players

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    It's tough for a franchise that is losing money annually to sign great talent. This has lately been a problem as they have had trouble signing many big time players to long term contracts.

    They have some stars on their team already, but more stars would help them win, and allow them to draw more people into the building.

    Who wouldn't want to see a Chris Paul-Carmelo Anthony duo on the court?

They Need to Make The Playoffs Every Year

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    To be successful the Hornets need to be making and winning the playoffs consistently. One winning playoff series could result in a spike in the attendance at games and would surely boost the franchise's revenue.

    If they continue to make the playoffs or losing in the first round, the city won't support them, and it will be an ultimate failure for the New Orleans area.

If Chris Paul Can't Fill Seats Who Can?

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    Chris Paul is one of the most exciting players in the NBA.  He is explosive and electrifying at the point guard position.

    It's phenomenal that people don't come to the games just to watch him play.

    To me, this is the tell tale sign of why the franchise will never be able to survive in New Orleans.  They just don't have the crowds that are willing to pay an NBA price for a basketball game.