Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan: Season By Season Fg%

Ike MontalboCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2010

Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan: Season By Season Fg%

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    The Lakers are 16-6 and making a run for the 70 win mark...ok, maybe not, but Kobe Bryant is in his 15th season, and his shooting has been a point of discussion lately.

    MJ played 15 total seasons, so let's compare the two by their season by season fg%, for the fun of it.

    In his career Kobe has now played 1043 regular season games, and MJ totaled 1072; so this is an awesome time to compare careers, right?

Rookie Year

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    In his rookie year, Jordan played all 82 games and was so talented coming off a national title and two college player of the year awards that he was the needed element from the beginning.

    Jordan took 1625 shots and made 837 of them for 51.5% shooting from the field. He averaged 28.2 ppg. 

    Kobe was not as polished as MJ coming in and he was 18, so the Lakers held his minutes, but he did play in 71 games. Kobe took 422 shots and made 177 of them for 41.7% from the field. He averaged 7.6 ppg.  

    Advantage: MJ

Second Season

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    Kobe improved big time by his second season and scored 15.4 ppg. He made 391 of 913 shots for a 42.8% shooting mark.

    Jordan broke his foot and missed 64 games. He took 328 shots and made 150 of them in his 18 games. He shot 45.7%. His average was 22.7 pts in only 25.1 minutes per night.  

    Advantage: MJ

Third Season

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    MJ astonished the world in his third season. The year before he missed 64 games but still scored 63 in the playoffs. He continued that trend here with 37.1 points per game and over 3,000 points in the season. He made 1098 of 2279 shots which = 48.2% from the field. 

    Kobe still improved in his third season by scoring 19.9 ppg. He played 50 games in the shortened season and made 362 out of 779 shots for 46.5% shooting. 

    Advantage: MJ

Fourth Season

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    In his fourth season Jordan improved his shot for an awesome 53.5% shooting from the field. He was named defensive player of the year and MVP and averaged 35.0 ppg. 

    Kobe won his first title in his fourth season. His teammate was league MVP and leading scorer Shaq. Kobe did good at scoring too with 554 shots made out of 1183 attempts for 22.5 points per game. He shot 46.8% from the field. 

    Advantage: MJ

Fifth Season

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    In his fifth season Jordan made 966 of 1795 shots and averaged 32.5 ppg, and 8 reb and 8 assists. He shot 53.8% from the field. 

    In Kobe's fifth season he won another title, with Shaq as Finals MVP, but Kobe did take his scoring to a higher level again. He made 701 of 1510 shots for 46.4% shooting and 28.5 ppg. 

    Advantage: MJ

Sixth Season

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    MJ scored a total of 33.6 points per game and made 1034 of 1964 field goals. He shot 52.6% on the season. 

    Shaq, Finals MVP again, had more scoring help from Kobe as Kobe made 749 of 1597 shots for 46.9% shooting, which is still his career high. He averaged 25.2 ppg. 

    Advantage: MJ

Seventh Season

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    Jordan got his first ring in this season. He made 990 out of 1837 shots for a career high 53.9% from the field. He was even more awesome in the Finals, averaging over 10 assists and 30 points on Magic and Co. 

    KB switched to main scorer for the Lakers and made 868 of 1924 shots for 45.1% shooting. They did not make it to the Finals as S.A. beat them in the WCF. He averaged 30 ppg for the first time though. 


Eighth Season

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    Jordan wowed the league by averaging 30.1 ppg on 943 of 1818 shots, for 51.9% shooting and another title and Finals MVP.

    KB was part of a unit that included GP, K. Malone and Shaq so he took less shots and made 516 of 1178 shots taken for 43.8% shooting. The Lakers lost in the Finals. Kobe averaged 24.0 ppg on the season.

    Advantage: MJ 

Ninth Season

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    Jordan threepeat. He made 992 of 2003 shots for 49.5% shooting and 32.6 points per game and a seventh straight scoring title. He then proceeded to retire. 

    Kobe had the team all to himself and took 1324 shots but only made 573 of them for 43.3% shooting. The team did not make the playoffs but KB averaged 27.6 ppg. 

    Advantage: MJ

10th Season

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    Jordan's 10th season was only 17 games long. He missed all of 1993-94 and then came back with 17 games left in 1995. He made only 166 of 404 shots in those 17 games for 41.1% shooting. He averaged 26.9 and the team went 13-4 with MJ. 

    KB had his highest scoring season in his 10th year by making 978 out of 2173 shots for 45.0% shooting. He was hot sometimes and cold sometimes but he kept shooting. He even scored 81 in a game against the Raptors. Lakers lost in first round. 

    Advantage: KB

11th Season

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    Jordan was finally back for a full season and he took his team to 72-10 and an eighth scoring title by making 916 of 1850 shots. He shot 49.5 % on the season and averaged 30.4 pts at age 33. 

    Kobe scored 31.6 ppg on 813 of 1757 shots made for 46.3% shooting. He led the league for the second time. 

    Advantage: MJ

12th Season

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    MJ scored 29.6 ppg at age 34 by making 920 out of 1892 shots for 48.6% shooting. He took his team to 69-13 and another title and Finals MVP. Great scoring for an old man.

    KB was 29 years old in his 12 season and he made 775 of 1690 shots on 45.9% shooting. He averaged 28.3 ppg but they lost to the Celtics in the finals. 

    Advantage: MJ

13th Season

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    Jordan won his 10th scoring title in 1998 at age 35, the oldest player to ever lead the league in scoring. His shooting started to dip finally and me made 28.7 ppg on 881 of 1893 shots for 46.5% shooting. He was named 6 time Finals MVP and then he retired again. He never lost in the finals which is amazing. 

    KB won his fourth title this season, along with a new big man Gasol. KB made 800 out of 1712 shots taken for 46.7% shooting and 26.8 ppg. Kobe was finally finals mvp.  

    Advantage: KB

14th Season

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    Jordan was 39 and he led Washington in scoring. He averaged 22.9 ppg on 551 of 1324 shots and 41.6% shooting. He missed 22 games due to injury and old age!

    KB was again a champion at age 31. He made 716 of 1569 shots for 45.6% shooting. He averaged 27.0 ppg.   

    Advantage: KB

15th Season

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    In his last season at age 40 Jordan scored 20.0 ppg, his lowest ever, but a record for a 40 year old. He improved his shot over the season before and was the only Wizard to play all 82 games. He made 679 of 1527 shots for 44.5% shooting. 

    Kobe is in his 15th season and shooting 44.1%, almost the same as Jordan at age 40 - almost. KB is second in the scoring race and has made 201 of 456 shots for 26.6 ppg. 

    Advantage: MJ


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    Kobe is said to have come close to MJ in some way but as I looked over these stats, Jordan never shot bad until he was old 38-40 or injured (1985-86) or during his 17 game comeback (1995). 

    These year by year comparisons really show alot about efficiency and title wins and how little things here and there really make a big difference when you compare two players who both played 15 seasons. 

    In conclusion......well, it's obvious isn't it?

    And this is just shooting....more to come........

    Advantage: MJ