Memphis Grizzlies' Time To Trade O.J. Mayo? 12 Scenarios That Better the Team

Tyler Ward@twardyyyAnalyst INovember 30, 2010

PHOENIX - NOVEMBER 05:  O.J. Mayo #32 of the Memphis Grizzlies puts up a shot during the NBA game against the Phoenix Suns at US Airways Center on November 5, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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With Grizzlies guard O.J. Mayo the subject of trade rumors, there have been many deals that I’ve worked on ESPN’s trade machine – and I think these deals work in the Grizzlies’ favor.

I have really not been a fan of Mayo since he got traded, but I respect him as a player. While he’s young, he’s still got a lot of potential to become an All-Star, but at this point, I would rather see him go than see him in a Grizzlies uniform.

So, with that being said, here’s 12 trade scenarios that work out in the Grizzlies' favor.

NOTE: Many of you may wonder what the "Hollinger's Analysis" is - well it's ESPN writer John Hollinger bases the wins and losses on for each team.

Here is a link that explains it in further detail:

Los Angeles Clippers trade SG Eric Gordon and C DeAndre Jordan to the Memphis Grizzlies for G O.J. Mayo, cash considerations, and a future 2nd round pick

Personally, this is perhaps my favorite deal out of all 10. Gordon is a very good young player that has a lot of potential and I can definitely see him making an All-Star game in the near future. He would add a lot to the Grizzlies, who already have a young corps of players surrounding him.

Gordon also would provide a winning pedigree to the Grizzlies, after he won the Gold medal in the Summer Olympics. He is a very good player is potentially a 20-point per game scorer.

Jordan, like Gordon, also has potential and would be a valuable back-up to Marc Gasol – the Grizzlies are definitely lacking a back-up big man presence, as Hasheem Thabeet and Hamed Haddadi haven’t gotten the job done.

Hollinger’s Analysis: Grizzlies (+8), Clippers (-13)

Golden State Warriors trade SG Monta Ellis, PF Brandan Wright, and SF Reggie Williams to the Memphis Grizzlies for SG O.J. Mayo, C Hasheem Thabeet, C Hamed Haddadi, F DeMarre Carroll, and a future 2nd round pick

This trade was talked about last season, but a deal was never worked out – talks had been Ellis for Mayo straight up, with Thabeet thrown in there, but if this deal had to get done, more players would have to be added to take care of the salaries.

The Grizzlies would get Ellis, one of the top young players in the league. Ellis is currently averaging 24.9 points per game this season and has averaged at least 20 points per game for two of his four full NBA seasons – if continues at this pace, it will be his third.

Brandan Wright, a former lottery pick, has been hampered with injuries over his career, but if he gets healthy, he could definitely be a force in the paint. His athleticism and length are two very important needs for a big man and the Grizzlies desperately need both, especially if they are giving up Haddadi and Thabeet in the deal.

Williams, a combo guard-forward, is now in his second season and is a very good scorer and deep-threat option. A rookie last season, Williams played in 24 games and averaged 15.2 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 2.8 assists. In 17 games this season, Williams’ role has diminished, as he has only averaged 9.6 points, 2.3 rebounds, and 1.5 assists.

This trade would definitely help the Grizzlies, as it gives them another scorer (Ellis) and legitimate threat every time he steps on the court. The addition of Wright would give them a valuable back-up asset down low and would help Darrell Arthur in the paint. Williams is a very good player off the bench, in which the Grizzlies have desperately needed over the past few seasons – if Williams were a part of the deal, he would make a very good duo with defensive stud Tony Allen.

Hollinger’s Analysis: Grizzlies (+8), Warriors (-8)

Minnesota Timberwolves trade SG Corey Brewer, PG Jonny Flynn, and C Kosta Koufos to the Memphis Grizzlies for SG O.J. Mayo, C Hamed Haddadi, and F DeMarre Carroll

The Grizzlies would pretty much be swapping Mayo for Corey Brewer and even though he’s not a typical shooting guard, Brewer would be a good addition to the young Grizzlies squad. His athleticism is very hard to find, as he is a very good rebounder for a shooting guard. Brewer is also a very talented scorer and could at least put up 15 points per game, somewhere around the averages of O.J. Mayo.

It may end up in a downgrade at shooting guard, but the addition of Jonny Flynn helps them a lot. The Grizzlies may be the weakest at point guard, with former lottery pick Acie Law primarily filling the back-up point guard role. Flynn could be a starter on quite a few teams, but would definitely be one of the top back-up point guards in the league. Flynn could also play shooting guard if needed, but if Brewer was involved, he wouldn’t be needed.

Koufos, who came over to Minnesota in the Al Jefferson trade, would be a key option in the trade as well. If the deal went through, it would be like swapping Haddadi for Koufos, which in this case, is an upgrade. The former Ohio State star would be a good back-up presence and would add a great defensive ability to the bench, which the Grizzlies need.

Hollinger’s Analysis: Grizzlies (+1), Timberwolves (-1)

Charlotte Bobcats trade SG Stephen Jackson and PF Derrick Brown to the Memphis Grizzlies for SG O.J. Mayo, C Hamed Haddadi, and F DeMarre Carroll

This is also one of my favorite deals, simply because Jackson would add so much to the Grizzlies.

He would provide veteran leadership and versatility to the team, two things that the Grizzlies need to fulfill. Jackson, one of the NBA’s best all-around players, is a great player on offense and could also lock down a player on defense. He’s a very good player that is a very capable 20+ point scorer.

Jackson has been one of the best players in Bobcats history, although he hasn’t played there very long, and he would be able to bring his game to the Memphis area. He’s likely to average at least 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists almost every game and would be a valuable asset to the team. Jackson would also be able to mentor young Rudy Gay and I would definitely consider him one of the best mentors in the game.

Since the 2003-04 season, Jackson has averaged at least 16 points in each season. For his career, Jackson has averaged 16.1 points, 4 rebounds, and 3.2 assists. I would definitely consider Jackson to be one of the top 25 players in the league.

Although he’s small for his position, Derrick Brown is still a young player with a lot of potential – he would be able to play small forward or power forward and would possibly be good at both. As stated above, Brown has a lot of potential and I can see him becoming a very good bench player and that’s what the Grizzlies need.

Hollinger’s Analysis: Grizzlies (+4), Bobcats (-6)

Denver Nuggets trade SG J.R. Smith and a future 1st round pick to the Memphis Grizzlies for SG O.J. Mayo and C Hamed Haddadi

Memphis would receive J.R. Smith in the deal, a streaky sharpshooter that can turn it on at any second. Smith may not be a starter on most teams, but he puts up good enough numbers that most starters can’t even do.

He may not do much in the rebounding or assisting department, but neither has Mayo over his young career. Smith and Mayo, statistically, are about even and the Grizzlies wouldn’t really lose much with the addition of Smith.

Smith hasn’t done as well as many expected, but is still putting up suitable numbers. In Denver’s last game, Smith put up a season-high 30 points as he is now averaging 10 points per game for the season. He has been Denver’s best bench player over the last few seasons and he could be a starter on most teams.

Denver would also send a first-round pick to Memphis as part of the deal, but since the Nuggets have played well over the last few years, it would likely be a late-round selection. But, still, a first-round pick is a first-round pick and the Grizzlies could definitely use that to their advantage.

Hollinger’s Analysis: Grizzlies (-1), Nuggets (+2)

New Orleans Hornets trade SG Marcus Thornton, SG Marco Belinelli, and SF Quincy Pondexter to the Memphis Grizzlies for SG O.J. Mayo, SG Sam Young, and a future 2nd round pick

New Orleans would send Marcus Thornton, which can be considered the centerpiece of the players the Grizzlies would receive. Thornton played exceedingly well in his rookie season last year and surprised many people with his scoring abilities.

Thornton’s minutes have decreased this season with the additions of Trevor Ariza, Marco Belinelli, and Willie Green – the Hornets have even gone as far to say that Thornton is on the trading block, so that’s why I put this deal up here.

Thornton started for the Hornets last season and I think he could become an All-Star at some point during his career.

Marco Belinelli, a former lottery selection, has come out of nowhere this season and has been among the Hornets’ best players.

Primarily known as a shooter, Belinelli would give the Grizzlies a shooter that they need, especially off the bench.

Pondexter, a rookie out of Washington, has potential to be a good player, albeit a back-up and not a starter. I think that he can become a good player at some point, although it may not be now.

Hollinger’s Analysis: Grizzlies (-3), Hornets (+1)

New Jersey Nets trade SG/SF Terrence Williams and PF Kris Humphries to the Memphis Grizzlies for SG O.J. Mayo and a future 2nd round pick

The Nets seem like they have given up on Williams and it may be time for a change of scenery for the young player – he was sent down to the NBDL last week after having a fairly rough start to his second season. That’s where the Grizzlies step in.

I think Williams has a lot of potential and could be a star someday in the NBA. He can be considered a combo guard-forward and I think he could be a valuable starter for the Grizzlies. Even though star Rudy Gay is young, I believe that he can mentor Williams and hopefully, he could become that star that people thought he would be after coming out of Louisville last year.

Humphries has rejuvenated his career since arriving in New Jersey at the trade deadline in 2009 – he had previous stints in Utah, Toronto, and Dallas.

He would be a great addition to the Grizzlies and a very good player off the bench – one that can primarily rebound, which is one of the things the Grizzlies have been lacking off the bench.

Hollinger’s Analysis: Grizzlies (+2), Nets (-3)

Cleveland Cavaliers trade PF J.J. Hickson, PG Daniel Gibson, and a future 2nd round pick to the Memphis Grizzlies for SG O.J. Mayo and F DeMarre Carroll

In this deal, Cleveland would be sending power forward J.J. Hickson and point guard Daniel Gibson to the Grizzlies.

Hickson, in my opinion, is one of the most poised players to break out in the NBA. He is a star-in-the-making and I can see him becoming an All-Star someday. I think he would be a great addition to the Grizzlies and with veteran Zach Randolph as his mentor, Hickson could become a great player. Teaming him up with Randolph and Marc Gasol would give the Grizzlies one of the best frontcourts in the NBA.

With this deal, they may be short at shooting guard, but it would give a great opportunity for Hickson, especially since Randolph’s contract ends after this season – it is unclear whether the Grizzlies will re-sign the All-Star, but it would help them in the end if they could somehow get Hickson.

If he starts, I could definitely see Hickson becoming a double-double guy.

Getting Gibson in the deal would give the Grizzlies a sharpshooter that they are currently lacking. Gibson, like J.R. Smith, is a lights-out shooter that could catch fire any minute.

Personally, I really don’t see him as a “true” point guard, so he could play at both point guard and shooting guard.

The Grizzlies would also receive a second round pick in the trade, which could very well end up in being an early second round selection, since the Cavs are now in the rebuilding phase after LeBron James left for the Miami Heat in the offseason.

Hollinger’s Analysis: Grizzlies (+3), Cavaliers (-3)

Philadelphia 76ers trade SG Andre Iguodala and SG Jodie Meeks to the Memphis Grizzlies; Memphis Grizzlies trade SG O.J. Mayo and C Hasheem Thabeet to the Oklahoma City Thunder and F DeMarre Carroll and C Hamed Haddadi to the Philadelphia 76ers; Oklahoma City Thunder trade SG James Harden, C Nenad Krstic, and a protected future 1st round pick to the Philadelphia 76ers and PF D.J. White, a future 2nd round pick, and cash considerations to the Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzlies would receive Andre Iguodala in the trade from Philadelphia, which is definitely an upgrade for the Grizzlies. With Zach Randolph by his side, he and Iguodala would add great veteran leadership to the young Grizzlies.

Iguodala, a perennial All-Star nominee, is a very good player than can go out on the court every night and put up 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists. He is a very good player all around and he and Rudy Gay would be a force to be reckoned with in the NBA – and also perhaps one of the best duos in the league.

Iguodala, although he is having one of the worst seasons of his career, is still a very good player than can get the job done any time he steps out on the hardwood. He is also a legitimate threat at the three-point line and is also one of the most electrifying dunkers in the NBA.

Memphis would also receive second-year sharpshooter Jodie Meeks in the deal, who can be compared to the aforementioned J.R. Smith. He is a lights-out shooter that can turn it on at any point during the game. Meeks could be a very valuable back-up, although he hasn’t gotten a chance to really play throughout his young career.

Power Forward D.J. White would be sent to Memphis in the deal, too and would be a very good back-up to Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. White has a lot of potential and I would consider him one of the NBA’s top 25 best young players.

The Grizzlies would also receive a future second-round pick and cash considerations from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Hollinger’s Analysis: Grizzlies (+5), 76ers (-13), Thunder (+2)

Detroit Pistons trade SG Ben Gordon to the Memphis Grizzlies; Houston Rockets trade PF Jared Jeffries to the Detroit Pistons; Memphis Grizzlies trade SG O.J. Mayo and a future 2nd round pick to the Detroit Pistons and C Hasheem Thabeet to the Houston Rockets

In this scenario, the Grizzlies would receive Ben Gordon, who signed with the Pistons prior to the start of last season.

Gordon, throughout his career, has primarily played off the bench, but if this deal went down, he would more than likely receive the starting nod in place of MayoI like this deal because it gives the Grizzlies the sharpshooter they need and he could potentially be an All-Star if he set his mind to it. Gordon could also be a 20-point per game scorer for the Grizzlies, even though they already have Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph.

He would be a great addition to the Grizzlies, simply because he could keep them in games and with a corps consisting of Mike Conley, Gay, Randolph, and Gasol, they could be a darkhorse in making the playoffs.

And that’s what we’ve all wanted in Memphis over the last few seasons – a playoff appearance. I think that Gordon could provide that for the squad and they could possibly earn their first playoff victory.

Hollinger’s Analysis: Grizzlies (+4), Pistons (-3), Rockets (0)

Atlanta Hawks trade SG Jamal Crawford and a future 1st round pick to the Memphis Grizzlies for SG O.J. Mayo and C Hasheem Thabeet

This is one of my least favorite deals, simply because of Crawford’s contract, even though it is up after this season.

Like Gordon, Crawford is a prototypical shooter that could catch fire any minute. He really doesn’t do anything in the rebounding and assisting department and is mainly just a shooter – and that’s it.

During his career, Crawford has been more of a sixth man than anything else, so it’s hard to imagine him in a starting role.

He’s a great player, irregardless, but I don’t know how he would fare in a starting role for the Grizzlies. He is a legitimate threat to average 20 points per game, but he could be a ballhog sometimes, which is something the Grizzlies do not need at this point.

In my opinion, Crawford seems to be an older version of Mayo – however, that is a good thing as Crawford is a true veteran and has a little playoff experience to go on his resume.

Hollinger’s Analysis: Grizzlies (0), Hawks (0)

Toronto Raptors trade SG DeMar Derozan and SF Julian Wright to the Memphis Grizzlies for SG O.J. Mayo

Like the Crawford deal, this is also one of my least favorite deals simply because the addition of DeRozan may be a downgrade to that of Mayo.

DeRozan has all the capabilities in the world to become a great player, but he is still young and learning how to play at the NBA level.

I like him as a player, but I just don’t think at this point that he is a quality starter. He would start if this deal happened, but I can’t really see him putting up better numbers than Mayo (more like 12-14 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists per game).

This trade would help the Grizzlies, however, because they get two players in the trade and only give up one.

Julian Wright may not be the best player in the world, but he is a quality bench player and could help the Grizzlies off the bench – with Sam Young, Xavier Henry, Tony Allen, and Darrell Arthur joining him off the bench, it may be hard for the young player to get a good amount of minutes, but when he does play, he would be able to fit in just right.

Hollinger’s Analysis: Grizzlies (-1), Raptors (+1)


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