Boston Celtics' Kevin Garnett Shows His Ignorance With 'Cancer Patient' Remark

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Boston Celtics' Kevin Garnett Shows His Ignorance With 'Cancer Patient' Remark
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Recently during a game between the Celtics and Pistons, Kevin Garnett allegedly referred to Charlie Villanueva as a "cancer patient" during a trash-talking exchange.

Garnett is known for his emotionally fueled rants and colorful language, but that is no excuse. He was clearly in the wrong on this one.

Many articles have been accusing Villanueva of doing something wrong by tweeting about the incident. They have claimed that Villanueva is breaking some sort of code when it comes to keeping trash talk on the court only.

This attitude, whether the opinion of NBA players, or just regular people in general, is absolutely ridiculous in every way.

As someone who has dealt with cancer in his own family, I have to say that I am highly offended that Garnett would even use "cancer patient" as an insult to someone. I personally have never enjoyed Garnett's emotional outbursts because even though they show passion for the game, they also manifest themselves into absolutely idiotic comments like this one.

The insults toward Villanueva are hiding the fact about how horrible of a thing Garnett said. He always seems to get a pass for things like this, and he too often allows his passion to come out as anger.

As someone who has played basketball for their entire life, I know what trash talk is all about. I've dealt with it firsthand on several occasions. I have to say that I do not believe there is any sort of "code" pertaining to keeping trash talk between the players.

These kind of self-imposed "codes" only serve as catalysts, which keep this kind of childish and uneducated behavior occurring.

Players like Garnett who choose to insult instead of just play disgust me. They are the kind of players that give the NBA a bad name.

The media needs to stop focusing on the fact that Charlie Villanueva told, because every media member who is blaming him knows for a fact that if they would of gotten the information themselves, they would have reported it.

Giving Garnett a pass is accepting this behavior as okay. He needs to grow up and understand that there are certain ways to conduct yourself  that go a long way in how you treat other people.

I have to say that if I were in Villanueva's shoe, Garnett would not have made it out of that incident unscathed.

Sometimes players like Garnett who are fueled by being ignorant on the basketball court when it comes to passion, need to be put in their place to teach them a lesson.

I'm not going to pretend that I respected Garnett before this article, because I did not. But this portrayal of insensitivity and stupidity on his part only confirm my feelings about him.

He should take a second to think about the millions of people suffering and dying from cancer, some of whom are probably fans of his, before he goes around using "cancer patient" as an insult.

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