10 Reasons Why John Wall Will Have a Better Rookie Season Than Derrick Rose Had

Kevon Robinson@@Kevon_RobbbCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2010

10 Reasons Why John Wall Will Have a Better Rookie Season Than Derrick Rose Had

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    The No.1 overall pick in this year's NBA Draft, John Wall, has superstar potential, and we know that.  In other terms, we don't know how his rookie season will fare up to, his most common comparison, Derrick Rose's rookie season.  I have a gut-feeling that John Wall will take the NBA by storm and the Wizards' organization.

    I even predicted John Wall taking over the Southeast Division.

    For all you that are still uncertain about how Wall will do this year, whether he is a bust like Kwame Brown, or a late-bloomer like Jameer Nelson; I will tell you right now that...

    John Wall's rookie season WILL be better than Derrick Rose's previous rookie season.

    While many may turn your head as soon as your eyes meant this bold statement, please hear me out and take a look at my reasons.

10. Leadership Abilities

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    John Wall is a "natural-born leader" according to Kyle Weidie, of TruthAboutIt.Net; in the picture you can see that Wall talks to Wizards' Center JaVale McGee about missing his rebounding assignment.  Now this is a 19 year old talking to a 22 year old going on his 3rd year in the NBA.

    Over the offseason, it has been discussed about Derrick Rose having to become a leader in order for the Chicago Bulls to get better as a team and get further than the first round of the playoffs.  Seeing that John Wall already possesses this intangible is impressive and shows how quickly Wall is maturing to the NBA style of play.

    NBA supposedly means "No Boys Allowed"...well if you have a player that is one year removed from high school directing a team of grown men and dropping buckets and dimes like it's nothing then we need to find whoever made up that acronym and show him what John Wall is about.

9. "Pass First" But Score at Will

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    Here’s a guy who’s was fourth in the NCAA in assists per 40. The guy averaged a tick under 13 shots per 40PA – far from being a player who ball-hogs' level. Unless the game is on the line, you don’t see him forcing the issue. When Wall brings the ball up the court, there’s no worry about whether or not the point guard’s going to go into 1-on-5 mode.

    Derrick Rose on the other hand, is more of a SG in a PG's body with his score first mentality; I'm not going to bash Derrick Rose and say that he isn't a good PG, I'm just saying that John Wall has a better mental standpoint than Rose when it comes to getting your teammates involved.

    For right now as preseason goes on, Rose averages 3.5 apg in 28 minutes a game while Wall averages 8.0 apg in 35 minutes a game...I know its just preseason but John Wall is looking like the better "Point Guard" than Derrick Rose is.  

    It's kind of difficult to compare the two guards so early, so we will just have to wait and see which PG becomes a "pure" PG; but right now, it looks like John Wall has the edge.

8. The Centers

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    John Wall lucked out this season; unlike Rose, he has a very athletic center that can run with him on fast breaks to flush it down when Wall lobs it up.  JaVale McGee is arguably one of the most athletic big men in the NBA, who has built some chemistry with John Wall during the summer league and has seemed to carry that over into the preseason.

    Even though Derrick Rose has a more established Center than John Wall, it would still be nice for that Center to be able to keep up with the PG all the way down the court on fastbreaks.  I would say that right now in half-court situations, Joakim Noah is better than JaVale McGee; which should be obvious.  With John Wall's style of fastbreak play, a player like JaVale McGee would be a better fit.

7. Flip Saunders

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    For a head coach that has coached the likes of Chauncey Billups and Sam Cassell, I'm pretty sure he knows how to make a PG a leader for the team.  Wall has a big weight on his shoulders seeing the past PGs Flip Saunders has coached, but with his maturity, he should be fine.

    When Derrick Rose was a rookie in the league, he started out with a coach that has a website named after him, to encouraged people to fire him.


    With a team trying to develop a "pure PG", I would try and take Flip Saunders over Del Negro because of Saunders' incredible offensive mind.

6. Defense

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    One thing that is very underrated with John Wall's total game, is his defense.  John Wall averages 0.5 bpg, thats pretty good for a PG in 6 games played and is 3rd in the NBA in steals at 2.2 spg.  Wall's 6'9 wingspan is part of the reason why his defense is so outstanding, and his peskiness on the court when guarding PGs doesn't give any guards any breaks when defending them.

    I'm not saying that Derrick Rose is a poor defender, I'm just saying that John Wall is a better on-ball and off-ball defender than him.  Derrick Rose might actually be quicker on his feet than John Wall.

5. Jumpshot

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    John Wall and Derrick Rose are very similar in the way they play basketball, they both are fast, but they both need to improve greatly on their jumpshot.  I would give John Wall a slight edge in his jumpshot because although he hasn't really improve his 3-point shot, his elbow jumpshot is starting to get very consistent. 

    Wall could use more elevation while Rose could've used less strength and more touch on his shot his rookie year, the new generation of PGs seem to rely on athleticism than shooting, which isn't really a bad thing, but it makes them one-dimensional which can take time to open into more ways of scoring.

    Here is a quote from Mike D'Antoni on John Wall:

    “I hope he never learns to shoot real well, because then, he would be unguardable.”

4. Owner Dedication

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    Ted Leonsis, the new Wizards' owner after former owner Abe Pollin passed away, is bringing new energy to this Wizards' organization.  The owner that, is also the owner of the Washington Capitals, loves John Wall and even got the major of Washington D.C. to propose a "John Wall" Day.

    Many people may look at this as too much hype, but I look at it as somewhat a form of support.  I feel that you can never have too much hope, no matter where your career may take you.  As far as hype goes, John Wall has been living with hype since day one of his senior year at Word of God Christian Academy.

3. College Stats

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    Although college stats don't really mean much about how a player will do in the NBA, it still lets you give a good estimation on how the player will translate in their first year.

    Here on John Wall and Derrick Rose's stats.

    Derrick Rose – 14.9 ppg, 4.7 apg, 4.5 rpg, 47.7 FG%, 1.2 spg in 29.2 mpg in one year


    John Wall – 16.6 ppg, 6.5 apg, 4.3 rpg, 46.1 FG%, 1.8 spg in 34.8 mpg in one year.

    As far as numbers look, John Wall has the edge although he did play more minutes than Rose, he still looks like a player that is unselfish and still gets his buckets.  So far in the NBA it still remains to be the case with Wall.

2. Gilbert Arenas and Kirk Hinrich

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    One thing that Derrick Rose definitely didn't have was an all-star guard by his side, which John Wall does.  Gilbert Arenas may not be the best influence to John Wall but he can teach him a thing or two about shooting the basketball.  Gilbert can now come off many screens and do what he loves to do best, score...but now it can benefit John Wall for racking up some assists.

    What Derrick Rose did have was Kirk Hinrich to help mentor him, and it seem to have worked out pretty well in Rose's rookie season.  Luckily John Wall can experience the same thing as Rose, but with a slightly better team.  

    John Wall will certainly learn a lot from Kirk Hinrich, since both of them have now been declared as team captains, which isn't really a surprise.

1. Pure PGs Are Always Better

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    Naming the top 5 PGs off the top of my head (no specific order):

    1. Deron Williams

    2. Chris Paul

    3. Rajon Rondo

    4. Steve Nash

    5. Chauncey Billups

    *These are based on getting teammates involved and scoring when their team needs it.

    The first thing that stands out among this group of players is that none of them are "scoring" guards, but rather "pass first" guards.  I'm not indicating that Derrick Rose won't be in the top 5, I'm just saying that John Wall will definitely have an edge on racing to be the top PG in the league because he already has that "pass-first" mentality.

    As of now, Derrick Rose IS better than John Wall; but John Wall will have a better ROOKIE SEASON than Derrick Rose.