The Great Wall's Nightmares: John Wall vs. The Southeast

Kevon Robinson@@Kevon_RobbbCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2016

The Great Wall's Nightmares: John Wall vs. The Southeast

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    If you've ever seen the TV show Shaq Vs., then you know what to expect out of this article.  One of the most hyped up NBA draft prospects since LeBron James, will be compared to four starting point guards and a ranking of them at the end based on their effectiveness this season.

    Now, let's introduce the one and only...

John Wall

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    J-Wall.  Jimmy Wall.  The Great Wall.  Dice.

    No matter what John Wall always seems to make a name for himself.  Unless you have been on Mars for the past two years or so, then you have heard of John Wall and what he is capable of.

    Speed, dunks, quickness, crossovers and the ability to find an open man.

    The pros and the cons to his game:


    • Elbow jump shot
    • Passing ability
    • Blocking ability
    • Ball handling
    • Defense


    • Free-throw line and beyond jump shot
    • Could get stronger


    *John Wall was turnover prone in the beginning of the Summer League, but corrected it...and has carried that over to the preseason, where he only averages three a game, which is below average but about average to a rookie's standpoint.


    Now for his matchups:

1. Mario Chalmers

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    I feel that Mario Chalmers has a great shot at times and is very inconsistent with it. 

    He's fast, skilled and a pure PG at heart.  He has an excellent transition game on the fast break and creates his own fastbreaks by snatching steals himself.


    • Good shooter
    • Clutch shooter at times
    • Good transition offense and defense
    • Solid range on jumper


    • Sometimes inconsistent when scoring
    • Undersized
    • Poor rebounder

    Chalmers has good potential but I doubt he will be able to display it in Miami with LeBron and Dwyane playing the point most of the time.

2. D.J. Augustin

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    This man is very underrated on the offensive side of the court, he knocks down the occasional jumper and is quick and agile.  He is great at weaving in and out of traffic to get a if only he got enough minutes to be very productive.


    • Solid outside stroke
    • Excellent dribble
    • Known as a "pesky" defender
    • Good shooter


    • Small size
    • Not an explosive athlete
    • Doesn't always make the best decisions when passing
    • Slightly Inconsistent

    One of the most skilled PGs in the Southeast Division but his size makes him only useful in half-court offense situations.

3. Mike Bibby

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    Mike Bibby is a 32-year-old veteran PG that still hangs in with the young guys even though his skill set has declined over the years.


    • Smooth playmaker
    • Still finds a way to find teammates
    • Solid 3-point shooter
    • Hits shots when the team needs him


    • On-Ball defense
    • Sluggish (yes I know he is getting old)

    When it comes down to it, Bibby will retire anytime now.  He is still an above-average PG but in today's NBA, you need more than just above average.

4. Jameer Nelson

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    This bulky PG stood out in the Orlando Magic's playoff run last year and hit very key shots when needed, he may be competing for his spot but I'm pretty sure he has it locked up already.


    • Nice shooting touch
    • Speed
    • Skilled
    • Solid distributor


    • Lacks size
    • Very streaky with 3-point shot
    • Strong defender

    Nelson is a valuable asset to Dwight Howard's post game when double teamed.  Howard being able to throw the ball out whenever he is trapped has won a lot of game for the Magic.  Hopefully this late bloomer can still get better as the season goes on.

The Verdict

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    John Wall is the best PG in the Southeast Division and will remain as one in the next years to come.

    It's a strong statement, but it might be true.

    John Wall has a God-given ability to be a pass-first PG that can score almost at will when going to the basket.


    Thanks for the read and please comment.