Kobe Bryant: 10 Reasons He’s Still More Hated Than LeBron James

Bailey Brautigan@BBrautiganFeatured ColumnistSeptember 16, 2010

Kobe Bryant: 10 Reasons He’s Still More Hated Than LeBron James

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    No matter what other NBA stars do, Kobe Bryant still remains the most hated. Even hero-turned-villain LeBron James is still better liked than Kobe.

    Recently, CNBC investigated the Q Scores of both athletes, and even after LeBron James made his "Decision," Kobe is the No. 5 most hated professional athlete. James is No. 6.

    What exactly is a Q Score?

    A Q Score measures the popularity and appeal of a person or company, according to public opinion. The higher your Q Score, the more positive your public perception.

    So why is Kobe still more hated than LeBron?

    Here are 10 reasons that Kobe remains higher on the list than LeBron James.

10. He's Older

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    Kobe Bryant has been around long enough for us to grow to hate him.

    LeBron James is still relatively new to the world of professional sports, so perhaps in time he will become more hated than Bryant.

9. He Has a Hot Wife

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    There is a fine line between envy and hate, isn't there?

    Vanessa is definitely one of reasons that men hate Kobe Bryant.

8. He's Cockier

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    Cockier than LeBron James? Is that even possible?

    James was cocky before his "Decision," and we didn't have a problem with it. He was cocky in a more playful, youthful way.

    Kobe is cocky in a way that completely turns off many fans, and he seems to like it that way.

7. He Doesn't Make Friends

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    This is another aspect of Kobe's personality that makes him really hard to like. When LeBron James plays a game, we can tell that he is genuinely friends with his teammates as well as his opponents. He shakes their hands, he hugs them, he even let some opponents (like Dwyane Wade) stay at his house in Cleveland when they traveled to play the Cavs.

    Kobe doesn't seem to have any friends (on the Lakers or any other team) when he steps onto the court. While this makes for an interesting game, Kobe alienates himself from many other players in the league.

6. We're Sick Of Seeing His Jersey

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    Kobe Bryant's Lakers jersey is one of the top-selling jerseys in the NBA, and perhaps we're all a little sick of seeing Lakers jerseys in say...Boston?

    We don't have to worry about being overwhelmed with LeBron James jerseys. Cleveland burned all of them!

5. LeBron Had Love To Begin With

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    Ever since LeBron James left Cleveland, it is hard for us to remember that he used to be a beloved sports figure. The entire state of Ohio adored him, and even the rest of the country bought into his "hometown hero" image.

    Kobe never had such a luxury. He plays for an NBA dynasty, and outside of L.A. Kobe has never been well-liked.

4. LeBron Can Share The Hate

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    When analyzing these Q Scores, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh also took hits to their popularity after this summer. Perhaps the hate for the Miami Heat has been more evenly distributed amongst the "Big Three."

    Who is Kobe going to share the hate with? Lamar Odom?

3. He Didn't Just Mess With One City

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    LeBron James ticked off the city of Cleveland.

    Kobe has been making enemies all over the country. Unless you live in L.A., you probably don't like the Lakers, and since Kobe is the most recognizable player on the team, you probably don't like Kobe.

2. Sex Scandal

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    Even though Kobe Bryant wasn't necessarily a beloved athlete to begin with, sexual assault allegations in 2003 certainly didn't help matters.

    Kobe was never convicted (he settled with his accuser in a civil suit), but most of us remained skeptical.

    Especially after he purchased a ridiculously enormous diamond ring for Vanessa.

1. He Wins!

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    Speaking of rings, Kobe has five.

    LeBron James has none.

    It's hard to hate a guy that has never won a championship.