10 Reasons Why Kobe Bryant is Better Than Dwyane Wade

Matt RavidaCorrespondent IAugust 22, 2010

10 Reasons Why Kobe Bryant is Better Than Dwyane Wade

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    Recently, in many articles written on Bleacher Report, as well as many other websites, people are actually putting Dwyane Wade ahead of Kobe Bryant as the best shooting guard in the game.

    Are you kidding me?

    Kobe is by far the superior player, the greater winner, a more polished leader, and simply, one of the best finishers the game has ever seen.

    So why does Wade get all this credit for being the top shooting guard over Kobe?

    I do not know, but please, do tell me.

    For all those Wade-biased fans out there, here are 10 reasons why Kobe is not only a better player than Wade, but the best shooting guard in the NBA today.

He Isn't Called "The Black Mamba" for No Reason

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    Kobe did indeed proclaim himself the "Black Mamba." But it is a nickname that has stuck with him, and it’s perfect.

    The black mamba is the world's largest venomous snake in Africa; it is regarded as one of the deadliest snakes on the planet. It is one of the most feared snakes because of its potent attack, strong venom, and quick movements.

    Does the description of the snake sound like Kobe?

    He is the world's best player, and is feared by many opponents who have to guard him. His offensive game is arguably second-to-none in this league because of his ability to shoot the three and blow past defenders with ease.

    As for the strong and deadly venom, the venom refers to Kobe's closing abilities.

Kobe Does Not Have Two Perennial All-Stars on his Team

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    No LeBron James or Chris Bosh to take the easy way out and try and win a NBA Championship.

    Wade has realized that after seven seasons, he cannot win another championship on his own, that he needs top-notch players around him to win. He wants to have the team that he did in the days of Shaq and Posey.

    When the Miami Thrice was announced a month ago, the NBA went through many feelings. 

    Surprise, shock, utter disbelief.

    But most of all, speculation on what is to come for the Heat in the upcoming season.

    Everybody saw the Vegas predictions when LeBron was finishing his interview. They were predicted to win 64 games with just Wade, Bosh, LeBron, and Chalmers on their roster, as well as being NBA Champion pre-favorites.

    Do not get me wrong here.

    The Lakers also have a trio lurking on their roster as well with Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.

    But it was not much of a trio since Bynum was never really healthy enough for a 10-game stretch. So basically, Kobe was able to conquer the world for a fifth NBA Championship without a LeBron and Bosh on his team.

    Something that Wade will never accomplish if he is to win any more rings.

    I am not saying that the Lakers' trio is not as good as the Heat's. The Lakers still do have the better chemistry of the two trios. And if Bynum is able to stay healthy, they will have the better trio.

Kobe Is More Clutch

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    We have all seen it a million times.

    The game is either tied or the Lakers are losing. There is about 10 seconds on the clock.

    The ball is in Kobe's hands. He does a through the legs, crossover dribble. Then he dribbles to the elbow and elevates there for the jumper, or he does the patented turnaround fade-away from a ridiculous angle in the corner. You scream in glory or you scream in agony once you see him work his magic.

    Just type in "Kobe game winners" on Google, and you will see at least 20 different pictures on different occasions showing Kobe hitting last second shots to win games.

    An example of a game-winner is none other than the one displayed in the slide with Mr. Flash on December 4, 2009.

    For some reason, I do not see why people are questioning this point because he had one bad game in Game Seven vs. the Celtics.

    To put it bluntly, Kobe is not a robot. So he does not have a perfect clutch game every single time he hits the floor.

Kobe Is Enemies With Everyone in the League

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    As you can see in this picture, Kobe is not the best of friends with his fellow co-workers.

    He just goes out there and does his own thing, whether it goes well with his fellow NBA players or not.

    The Raja Bell vs. Kobe Bryant battle is one of the most interesting one-on-one matchups. Bell is the defensive stopper and Kobe is the offensive magician. But that is what is interesting about the two.

    It is also their hatred for one another on the basketball court. Both Kobe and Bell have called one another out on national television, along with roughhousing and throwing each other around on the court.

    These are the kind of matchups that you want a player to have. It gives you that take no prisoners, winners mentality that you need to do business on the floor.

    But Wade is different, he is more of the talkative guy who laughs on the court while playing, and is always chatting it up with fans, opposing players, and what not.

    It is the winner’s mentality that Kobe has night in and night out and where they differentiate. 

A True Leader

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    Kobe has been the leader of this Lakers team for nearly 10 seasons now.

    He is the perfect player that can coach, whose teammates would want running their team. 

    He is vocal leader who always makes sure that his team is staying on track and ahead of everyone else. It is all about winning, you cannot relax until that final whistle blows, and you're crowned NBA Champions.

    Some say his leadership is nonexistent?

    I guess the five rings and seven title chances he has helped lead his team to mean nothing towards being the leader of the team.

    Sure, Wade led his team to an NBA title in 2006, but if you look back on it, it was more Shaq and the other veterans who were the leaders. I am not saying that Wade did not produce. He had one of the best single performances of the NBA Finals. But when it comes to the leadership role, it was Shaq and the other veterans who played the biggest part in leading the Heat to a ring.

Everybody Hates Him

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    He is a media spokesperson's worst nightmare because he is so unpredictable. 

    If you are talking to Kobe before a game, his answers are "Yes," "No," "Next question," or my personal favorite, "That is irrelevant to the topic."

    After the game...well, it all depends. If they lose, have fun getting a few words, if any at all.

    But if the Lakers win, especially a championship, he is all smiles and talk.

    Opposing coaches and fans despise the Lakers, and fans hate people who bandwagon on the Lakers. All hate Kobe.

    Even though deep down, they know Kobe is better, they will never admit it.

Kobe Knows He Is the Best Player in the World

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    Kobe is the best player on the planet right now. And boy, don't you ever think that he does not know that. He may not say it directly to your face or the media. But he just walks around with the swagger that both he and the NBA know he is the best player.

    People will either hate Kobe for this, or love him for being like this. Simply, I love that he is like this because he is just letting everyone know that this is my game, my court.

    He knows that everyone is after him, that everyone is chasing his five NBA Championships. He knows about all this nonsense about people saying that LeBron or Wade are better than him.

    This is what motivates him to work even harder than the next player, and even harder than that next player. If people are trying to catch up, he knows he has to step up his game and add more weapons so he can be that much better then Wade and other improving players.

Has Overcome Adversity on Many Occasions

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    It was a few years back when Kobe suffered many blows to his reputation when he was accused of raping a teenager in Colorado.

    He lost a lot of his sponsorships, and some of his commercials were taken off air until his case was closed. And though the courts never proved that he was guilty because the alleged victim failed to take certain tests, his image was tarnished for quite some time. But like always, when he hits that floor, nothing else matters except playing his heart out and winning basketball games.

    Another steppingstone in his career came when Shaquille O'Neal was sent packing to the Miami Heat for Caron Butler, Lamar Odom, and company.

    No one thought he could win a ring again without Shaq. Though those statements were partially true, since Kobe was never able to win a ring again until Pau and Bynum came along, it was just another distraction he had to shoo away.

    Kobe's third occasion of adversity came in the summer of 2007 when he demanded a trade out of Los Angeles. He felt if the Lakers were not going to put a team out there to win, that he wanted out. 

    That did not go over very well with Lakers' faithful.

    Though all three instances have landed pretty big blows to his career, he was always able to come out through adversity and just play the game he was born to play, at the best of his abilities.

He Plays for One of the Most Publicized Sports Franchises

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    To many, this may not seem like a reason for Kobe to be better than Wade. But just hear me out.

    The Los Angeles Lakers, along with the Boston Celtics, are the two most celebrated franchises in NBA history. The Lakers have had some of the greatest NBA players to ever touch the hardwood. They were a franchise that won 11 NBA titles before Kobe was brought in.

    So when this little-known high school player was brought into the Lakers organization and declared the next Michael Jordan, that comparison coupled with the spotlight of playing for the Lakers just made pressure that much worse for him.

    Every move, every breath he took would be publicized and overanalyzed to the max. If he didn't start winning, the Lakers organization, fans, and teammates would have been finished with Bryant a long time ago.

    But thanks to the addition of Shaquille O'Neal, the Lakers were able to win three straight NBA titles in the early 2000s. The rest of his career was history. He went on to win two more titles, win league MVP, score 81 points in a game, and lastly, tally a total of 25,790 points to date.

    Whereas Wade is playing for a less publicized team in the Heat, who until this offseason have had no real expectations since the 90s when the team consisted of Mourning, Rice, and Hardaway.

    No disrespect to the Heat franchise, but when you guys were an expansion team in 1988, the Lakers already had 11 NBA titles.

    When Wade came into the league back in 2003, he did not have the big expectations on his back like Kobe had.

Kobe Has the Rings

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    This point right here is so obvious that you cannot ignore it. Wade is not even close to the amount of rings that Kobe has won. And as long as Kobe is still playing for the Lakers, Wade will continue to fall behind him in this already David vs. Goliath comparison.

    Kobe has a total of five NBA Championships, and has made seven Finals appearances in his 14-year career.

    Whereas Wade has only won once, and made it to the Finals one time as well.

    Sure, Kobe's record isn't 100 percent in the Finals, but going five for seven is not that bad, is it?

    There is only one thing that Wade may surpass Bryant when it comes to championships, and that's the amount of times as runner-up. And if the Heat are going to face the Lakers in the Finals for at least three seasons, Wade will pass Bryant in that number.

    If everyone can just grasp this for a second, Wade has made the Finals once out of his seven-year career.

    Kobe has made it seven times in his 14-year career. So 50 percent of the time, he has a shot at a ring. 

    Until Kobe retires, Wade is not going to win a ring.