Allen Iverson Could Play for the Knicks If They Acquire Carmelo Anthony

Dwayne MontellCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2010

We are nearing September and teams are getting ready for training camp. Players across the league are working out and getting their bodies ready for an 82 game season, one of those players being Allen Iverson. But sadly, it is really starting to look like AI won't be playing for a team next year. As hard as he is working this off season, he has probably lost all hope that someone will sign him. Last season Iverson ended up signing with the Grizzlies in September but he had offers and interests all off season, this season he has had no interest at all and a team hasn't even thought about signing him. But an opportunity for Iverson to play next year could soon open up.

The Denver Nuggets and the face of their franchise Carmelo Anthony are getting ready to part ways. By not signing the $65 million extension the Nuggets offered him, Melo has made it clear that he does not want to be in Denver next season. Anthony. who averaged 28.2 PPG last season, is saying he wants to go play for the New York Knicks—though he says he also has interest in playing for the Rockets, Nets, and Magic, his eyes are set on the Big Apple. Carmelo wants to play in the bright lights of New York and he wants to win, and in New York he will have that chance. Not only does he have Amare Stoudemire, it is being reported that if Carmelo lands in New York, Chris Paul will join them either this season or next season.

Carmelo seems like a perfect fit for New York, he would still be playing in a run and gun system like he did in Denver and would still be able to get as many shots as he wants. The Knicks with Carmelo and Amare could be a deadly team in the East and if Raymond Felton breaks through in D'Antoni's fast paced system then the Knicks could be a serious contender. It is looking like the Nuggets will trade Carmelo before the season starts because if they kept him they would have to wait till the trade deadline and by then the situation could get nasty. It was reported that the Knicks are offering Danilo Gallinari and Eddy Currey for Melo, the Knicks would still need a shooting guard and this is where Allen Iverson comes in.

Allen Iverson has a very good relationship with Carmelo Anthony, the two were teammates in Denver for two seasons and although they didn't have any playoff success they were still a 50 win a team. The two actually meshed together very well, had that Denver team played some defense they could have done some big things. In the 06/07 season the Nuggets lost to the San Antonio Spurs in the first round 4-1, the Spurs went onto win the NBA Championship that year, in 07-08 the Nuggets won 50 games in an amazing Western Conference they grabbed the 8th seed and were swept by the Lakers in the first round, the Lakers went onto the Finals that year. Iverson was traded for Billups at the start of the 08-09 season and it has been all downhill for him since then. 

Iverson went from averaging 26.4 ppg and 7.2 apg alongside Melo in Denver just two seasons ago to not being in the NBA. One person who understands Iverson's frustration and has stood up for him in his hard times more then anyone is Carmelo Anthony. Anthony has stated many times in the past two seasons that Iverson is still an elite player and he just needs to be respected and put in the right situation. Melo has so much love for AI that he may even ask the Knicks management to bring Iverson in, or at least a workout and let the Knicks decide if they should sign him or not. Many players across the league are saying that AI is training harder then ever, Larry Hughes said now that Iverson's injuries are cured and he has been working out this hard he is in amazing shape.

The Knicks still need a solid shooting guard, with all due respect to Roger Mason Jr. he is no Allen Iverson. Last season when the Grizzlies waived Iverson the Knicks were ready to sign him, the meeting was set up all AI had to do was come in and sign the contract but at the last minute James Dolan backed out because he thought Iverson would destroy the 2-11 Knicks "chemistry" and become a distraction for the young guys on the team. But now they wouldn't have to worry about that, if the Knicks acquired Melo they would be about winning now and bringing in AI for the veterans minimum wouldn't hurt anybody, AI never caused any problems with Melo in Denver so why would he do it in New York especially now that he knows he isn't the first or even second option every night.

Iverson would be the perfect fit for D'Antoni's offense and in about 35 mpg Iverson could give 20 ppg and 8-10 apg in his sleep. He would have so much help, the problem in Denver was Iverson and Melo didn't know their roles, now Iverson would know this is Carmelo's and Amare's team. The Knicks could be more high scoring then the Phoenix Suns were when D'Antoni was coaching there, AI is only asking for the minimum and he would sell tickets, jerseys and other merchandise. The Knicks would be one of the most exciting teams in the league and one of the best teams in the league.

The only way AI can end up in New York is if Carmelo is there before the season starts, there is no way that Melo wouldn't mention AI to the Knicks. He wants to see AI prove people wrong and he would help him do that. There close friends so AI would have no problem asking Melo to help him get on the Knicks, so don't be surprised if Iverson's name is mentioned with the team if Antony lands there before the season starts.  

Iverson would be a perfect fit for this New York team, it is very sad to see AI left out in the cold like this. The league may very well be black listing Allen Iverson, how can a player of Iverson's caliber and player as accomplished as him not be signed to a team by now let alone not get any interest? Something has to be going on behind closed doors if AI isn't signed by the time the season starts.

As of right now Iverson should continue working out and he should be praying that Carmelo Anthony ends up in New York because that is the only team that would take him. As of right now I think its safe to say that Carmelo Anthony just may be "The Answer's", Answer.