Do We Have to Play There? The Top Five Places NBA Players Dread to Play

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Do We Have to Play There? The Top Five Places NBA Players Dread to Play
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Welcome to the list that Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls would appreciate.

Noah, as many of you know, decided to have a war of words with the city of Cleveland after proclaiming that he hates the city because there is nothing going on there, during the playoffs.

Noah is just one of many athletes to discuss their displeasure of having to play games in certain cities in the NBA.

Whether they don't like the long plane ride, the atmosphere, the nightlife, the food, the culture, or just don't like the state: athletes all have different reasons for not wanting to play in different cities.

With that said, I made it my personal job to find out which cities were really the top five worst places to play for NBA players.

I started out by looking at message boards and player interviews to narrow my list to 12 NBA cities/teams.

The 12 teams and their corresponding cities that were chosen are as follows: Utah, Cleveland, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Denver, Toronto, Indiana, Sacramento, Charlotte, Milwaukee, Golden State, and Memphis.

After choosing the 12 teams that will be evaluated, I decided to implement the Bob Evans formula that I have used in many rankings in the past.

For those of you that are not familiar with the formula, allow me to explain.

For this evaluation I took the 12 teams and ranked them from 1 to 12 based on five statistical categories.

The higher their score, the worse they performed in the category.

In order to evaluate the teams/cities, I chose the following categories: Attendance, Weather, Nightlife, Free Agent Signings, and Free Agents Leaving.

All of these were based on the 2009-2010 season and 2010 off-season.  And the weather was based on a mid-season average in each city.

After ranking each of the 12 teams in each category, I added them up, and the highest five totals designated the worst cities to play.

The free agent signing and leaving category was based on impact players leaving versus impact players signing.  I also took into account whether a team had cap room, or the need to sign a player in this market.

After evaluating all of the categories, I finally came up with a real top five for NBA players to dread during the NBA season.

So as usual....sit back, relax, and don't forget to comment with your most hated cities and experiences!

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