Sweet Kicks: Ranking Today's NBA Stars by Their Signature Shoes

Ryan VirginCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2010

Sweet Kicks: Ranking Today's NBA Stars by Their Signature Shoes

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    This article courtesy of Rip City Report.

    The modern day NBA athlete buys the best footwear money can buy. Whether they are just for wearing around town or throwing it down on the court, there is an option for you.

    But when you score 20 points or more a night and are the face of an NBA franchise, your shoes get just a little bit better.

    Here is a list outlining the shoes the best players in the world wear.

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No. 25—Chauncey Billups: Adidas Cut Creator Billups

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    These kind of look like knockoff D-Wade Jordan's with the big hole in the side. Maybe it's just the colors that don't work.

    Nah, it's that the entire shoe just isn't doing it for me.

    Chauncey Billups needs to get a new shoe deal.

No. 24—Deron Williams: Nike Zoom Flip'n DW

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    Deron Williams lives in Salt Lake City eight months out of the year. Maybe he needs to start getting out more.

    These shoes definitely look like they're from Salt Lake (even if they are designed in Portland, Oregon, produced in China, and distributed out of New York/ California).

    Doesn't it look like a late '80s, early '90s design? Really not a big fan of these shoes.

    But I am a fan of Deron Williams' game.

No. 23—John Wall: Reebok Wall

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    You always have to start somewhere, right?

    John Wall will have all eyes on him throughout his rookie season...good thing, right?

    It's a good thing because they will be looking at him and not his shoes.

    Hope his game is better than his kicks.

No. 22—Chris Paul: Jordan Mardi Gras CP3

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    Are those turquoise gemstones in the soles of CP3's kicks?

    I hope not...that would explain why Chris Paul had both a knee injury and a groin injury in the same season.

    I mean those things have to weigh like five pounds each.

    Another player looking to implement the 1990s into his gear.

No. 21—Brandon Jennings: Under Armour Young Money

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    As the sole representative for the Under Armour brand, the second-year player has done well with his first pair of signature shoes.

    Notice that I didn't say I liked them. Actually, I think they are ugly as hell, but in your rookie contract you don't go looking to be the face of a brand.

    Brandon Jennings is now the face of Under Armour Basketball and he has given himself but a stepping stone to better looking shoes and more money.

    Although I believe that Brandon Jennings will find himself in a sophomore slump next season, there is no disputing that he will be carrying the torch for the next generation of point guards in this league.

    Let's just hope the next generation has better taste in shoes.

Number 20- Gilbert Arenas- Adidas Agent Zero

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    The Stars and Stripes are cool. 

    And I could understand him showing his Stars and Stripes in support for the second amendment of our constitution (The Right to Bear Arms).

    But as would I.

    Maybe it's just that I don't like most Adidas basketball shoes anymore.

    That must be it.

    Let me know what you think.

Number 19- Dwight Howard- Adidas TS Supernatural

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    At first I loved em'.

    Then I hated them.

    And then I kind of liked them.

    And now...well I'm not sure.

    I kind of think they look kinda funny with the soles shaped they way they are.

    Maybe it's just how the white blends in with the backdrop.

Number 18- Pau Gasol- Nike Hypermax Pau

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    Pau wears Nike Hypermax for all things basketball related. He also had the colors of Spain in another pair of Hypermax's for the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Number 17- Chris Bosh- Nike Air Max CB4

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    These shoes are just Air Max's with cb4 on the front.

    Maybe we will see new kicks from Chris Bosh within the next couple of months because of the scenery change, but until then Chris Bosh is still going to be driving this entry model.

Number 16- Carmelo Anthony- Jordan Melo M4

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    I'm on the fence.

    Like the shape and the fit but I hate the high ankle strap and the weird design on the shoelace cover.

    Again, I'm on the fence.

Number 15- Tim Duncan- TS Commander Duncan

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    Tim Duncan's shoes fit him perfectly.

    They are nothing flashy and nothing out of the ordinary, they just work and they work well.

    From what I've heard, these shoes last forever too.

    Let's just hope Tim Duncan will stay young as well.

Number 14- Tony Parker- Zoom Flip'n Supreme

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    I like these a lot.

    Basically they are just a Nike Blue Chip shoe, but with a little extra flair integrated into the design.

    Notice the T P on the side of the ankle support.

Number 13- Dwayne Wade- Air Jordan 2010

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    These D Wade shoes are a TON better than his old ones. The switch from Converse to the Jordan brand was a good one.

    Not only do the shoes look good, I'm guessing that being on Team Jordan brings in more dough that being on Team Converse.

    Just a guess.

Number 12- Monta Ellis- And 1 Disciple ME8

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    The more I look at these, the less I like them.

    So I'm going to make this quick.

    You just don't see players wearing And 1 shoes anymore.

    I mean really, name one other player that wears And 1 shoes in the NBA.

Number 11- Kevin Garnett- TS Bounce Commander III KG

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    These shoes are definitely something that would be awesome to get autographed by Kevin Garnett.

    Not that I wouldn't allow Kevin Garnett to sign any other pair of shoes, but this would be a great collector's item for any NBA fan.

    But as for the style, I like it.

    The pictures on the side may be a little bit over the top, but they are fairly simple.

    Nothing really exciting, just basketball shoes.

Number 10- Joe Johnson- Jordan 2010 PE ATL

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    Team Jordan is most definitely becoming more popular than it was 10 years ago.

    But does Joe Johnson really belong? Does he fit in with the likes of Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul, and...well, Michael Jordan.

    He's no scrub and his shoes look good, but he isn't really an elite player.

    Even if he does have an elite contract.

Number Nine- Brandon Roy- Nike Blue Chip B Roy

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    I love these, But I wouldn't buy them with my own money due to quality issues.

    Even Brandon Roy himself had troubles with these shoes. Every other game it seemed that he would blow out the side of the shoe by the toe.

    Although Nike says it fixed the issue by replacing the thread used in these shoes with stronger thread, I'm not completely sold.

    I would wait until the next generation just to be sure.

Number Eight- Kevin Durant- Nike KD3

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    The highest-scoring player in the NBA also has some pretty nice shoes as well (go figure).

    I usually don't really like flash or flair, but in this case I'll accept it.

    The blue and orange match the team colors so I'll give him a break with that. But I'd probably buy any pair of KD3's.

    Here's an article Thunder Fans might enjoy. Thunder 3rd best in the West?

Number Seven- Rajon Rondo- Nike Hyperfuse Rondo

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    Love Rajon Rondo's game and love the mid-low tops he's wearing.

    I'm not sure what the base shoe is for this design, but it looks like it could be some kind of Hyperdunk, Hypermax, or Airmax.

    I'm not really sure.

Number Six- LeBron- Nike Air Max LeBron VII

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    As much as I dislike LeBron James and his decision, I can't help but love his kicks.

    I've always liked the Hypermax's but these add something else to the foundation of those high tops.

    I'm pretty sure that one of the other styles of this shoe has a 23 on the front and back, so I'm curious how Nike will change that to fit his new number (6) and team, the Miami Heat.

    Look for Nike to release something in a hurry.

Number Five- Derrick Rose- TS Cut Creator D Rose

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    Adidas really did well here. For the first time (at least on this list) I like an Adidas shoe.

    They kind of go back to the old Nikes that Jordan wore for Chicago in his prime. Except that they are Adidas and they are for a different Chicago star (albeit, not at Jordan's level), Derrick Rose.

Number Four- Steve Nash- Hyper Dunk Low Nash

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    Steve Nash and Nike did well with these low tops. Especially since they fit Nash's game very well.

    A low cut was the perfect choice for a player like Nash. Those bulky ankle supports cut down on your mobility and rarely do you any good if you grew up playing soccer and have built up the ankle strength to not roll your ankle every time you step on the floor.

    What can I say? The soccer training really pays off for basketball All-Stars.

Number Three- Paul Pierce- Nike Air Legacy The Truth

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    The Truth has a good pair of shoes and the truth is that these shoes look pretty darn good as well.

    First of all, I would recommend these shoes to anyone who is looking for a good street shoe that can also be used to throw it down on the court.

    But even if you are just looking for a good street shoe, these are pretty solid.

Number Two- Amar'e Stoudemire- Nike Skyposite

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    Amar'e decided to switch from his old signature Nike STAT shoes (Thank God—please Google those and tell me if they are fakes) to the new lightweight Skyposites.

    And overall I think that is a good change.

    They look good at first glance and they will allow him good mobility without taking away too much support.

    Probably should have chosen a better team to switch to though...while we are on the topic of switching.

Number One- Kobe - Zoom Kobe V

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    Kobe Bryant is one of the few players that has gone against the grain and opted for low tops.

    and I like that.

    The Zoom Kobes have been around for five years, starting out as high tops and developing over the years into low tops.

    But this is about Kobe's newest shoes, the Zoom Kobe V's.

    And for styling, I think they look good.

    Whether or not you like the purple and gold is not an issue. You can get these in virtually any color (as you can with any other Nike shoe).

    Personally, these are my favorite shoes out of all the NBA stars in this league.

    What do you think?

    Let me know in the comments section.

    Thanks for reading.

    This article courtesy of Rip City Report

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    This Article Courtesy Of Rip City Report

    Thank You For Reading.

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