Memphis Grizzlies: Watch Out They're Sleepers!

Roy FryeContributor IIAugust 5, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - MARCH 03:  Zach Randolph #50, Mike Conley #11, Marc Gasol #33 congratulate Rudy Gay #22 of the Memphis Grizzlies after picking up a loose ball against the New Orleans Hornets at the New Orleans Arena on March 3, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The Memphis Grizzlies did not make the postseason last year. They haven't made it in the last four years. This franchise has never eyed passed the first round. They aren't in that big of a market compared to other NBA cities.

Yet, they have a whole lot to be excited about.

Over the last couple of years, this team has created an amazingly talented core of Mayo, Gay, Randolph, and Gasol. Pretty good there, huh?

It shows that the Grizzlies have excellent management because all of them have been acquired by trade. Sure they have made mistakes, like drafting Thabeet, but the good done by the team overshadows the bad.

Let's take a deeper look into this team's starting lineup last season. The point guard, Mike Conley, is an excellent three point shooter. O.J Mayo, is a very dynamic guard that can perform at high level.

Rudy Gay, is among the league's best small forward and is apparently worth a max contract. Zach "Zeebo" Randolph, is a 20-10 player and an all-star. Marc Gasol, is a 7'1 big that can be very good if he stays healthy.

This summer they continued to improve, by adding rookies Xavier Henry and Greivis Vasquez. The Grizzlies also signed defensive marksman Tony Allen.

So what's been holding them back?

They are a pretty young team. Their starting lineup includes four players in their early 20s. The team will begin to mesh better next season. At the rate this team is rising, don't be surprised if they sneak into the playoffs.

Grizz Nation has a lot to excited about.



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